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How To Install A Whole House Water Filter | 10 Step Guide

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Tim Rhodes

Water is a basic necessity for all of us, most of the human body contains it and also the food items we cook contains the water content in them in some quantities, that’s why it is important to be prepared and to know how to install a whole house water filter.

Not only by drinking the contaminated water will make a person sick, but even if we use the impure water for brushing our teeth, showering, and all other activities will also lead to health issues.

All these are due to the presence of contaminants in the water we use.

There are different types of purification processes we know so far, by using chlorination, using the water filters which run with the cartridges, etc.

The filtering of water is a must and should do things in our daily life.

To meet the requirements regarding the purification and filtration process of the water for various purposes in our houses, knowing how to install a whole house water filter is recommended.

As it will eliminate the contaminants present in the system.


Benefits Of Installing a Whole House Water Filter

The benefits of using the whole house water filter are:

  • It will make you feel safe and free from the bacterial contaminants
  • The whole house water supply system is always under monitoring, hence no need to worry about the impurities
  • The filtered water can be used in cooking, drinking, etc.
  • Saves money from buying clean water or RO water from the water plants
  • One can supply quality water to others and can create a disease-free environment

Either you can directly install the filter all by yourself or can approach an expert in installation.

Here, I would like to make your task easy for the installation on your own.

This will allow you to choose the right place in your house to fix the filter because nobody knows your house more than you do.

After identifying the place you can go for procuring the tools which are required for this installation.

This post will help you as a guide while installing the water filter in easy 10 steps you can easily carry out the tasks related to the installation of whole house water filter, from the selection of a place to place the water filter to drinking of pure and safe water from the tap.

Tools Required For Installation

  • Screwdriver sets
  • Drilling machine
  • Twisted drill bits
  • Tube cutting
  • Wrench (Adjustable)
  • Bucket

Materials Required

  • Whole House water filter kit (new)
  • Teflon tape
  • Stop Valves

Step 1: Selecting The Brand Of The Filter

Your choice and your taste must be treated as the major steps here, there are many brands out there in the market and they all provide you the basic, advanced, and customizable options for your filter.

It completely depends upon your selection, whether you are going to purchase a particular brand for its reputation or performance, your choice will play a crucial role.

I will provide you a few simple tips while choosing a brand that will serve all the needs of you:

  • The selected brand must be free of any controversies
  • It should clear all the norms of the basic goods act and other electronic related guidelines
  • A brand can be selected by approaching the customers who had already used it or still using it for some years, seeking their suggestion will provide you an insight into the product
  • Don’t go for a product due to the social media buzz or the ratings, visit the official company website and read thoroughly all the features and specifications and then go for a shot at it

Step 2: Choose The Filter Based On The Features Which Are Suitable For You

We have been introduced to the latest technologies and brands these days, there are numerous functionalities with advanced features and additional options are placed in the product.

The same basic product may be outdated to use currently hence note down all the requirements and tally those points with the features mentioned on the product if there is 60% or more match then you can go for it.

Take time to do some research on choosing the filter type since it will help you free of the regret of purchasing a bad product and ending up paying to the service.

It is also recommended to purchase a large water filter and it will be more durable and able to supply more quantity of water and also with longer service.

We cannot expect a filter which is less than an ideal size i.e. 4.5”x 20” could be able to withstand all the pressure of the water.

Do not compromise with the price, the filter is fitted at your home for your health and safety to ensure the purity of the water you consume, therefore, with all the best features choose a big filter.

Step 3: Identifying The Location Of The Filter

You need to locate the best place to place the water filter, the area must be spacious and it must be accessible easily by anyone.

This is where all the installation begins hence make sure to select a wall that is strong enough to hold the set up and extra space is required surrounding it as it will help you for free movement during changing the cartridges and cleaning process, etc.

Once the location is selected you need to follow some safety tips to ensure the uninterrupted working of the filter which is fitted.

Keep in mind the following few points while choosing the location of the whole house water filter:

  • Install the filter where there is no impact of direct sunlight since it will damage the cartridge sooner
  • Use a standard three (3) – valve plumbing by-pass so that the filter can be used for other high usage needs
  • Leaving at least 5 inches clearance beneath the unit is recommended since this is the place where you are going to utilize while changing your cartridge either by replacing with the new one or making necessary repairs to the existing one
  • Based on the area available, the mounting of the filter can be done in any direction, sideways, upside down, etc.
  • But, the risk involved in these any direction fitting is the changing of the cartridge will become a tough task to deal with

Step 4: Follow The User Guide

There is a user guide with instructions on how to install the filter and what care should be taken to do so.

Go through all the points mentioned in it and take all the precaution measures which are mentioned in the manual.

Ignoring the manual and doing all by ourselves might lead to ending up with some mess and something it can result in the termination of the warranty period.

So, never feel like going through the user guide/manual while installation.

It will assist you in how to handle the equipment.

Step 5: Draining Of The Water Supply System

The water supply system must be drained before the installation by turning off the water supply and release the pressure and drain the water.

These all should be done before installation.

The best method to drain the water is to turn on a faucet which will relieve the pressure.

Step 6: Cutting The Pipe

After the draining of the water supply, you need to move to the user guide provided with the filter kit to make some markings for accurate placement of the pipe.

Since there is a regular cartridge change is required the selection of location to fit the water filter (Step 3) holds well here.

Always remember to have a good space to allow yourself to move your hands freely.

The clearance should be on top, below, and also on both sides of the filter system.

With the help of a pipe cutter make two cuts and take out the marked section of the pipe which was made by you earlier.

Then rotate the cutter around the pipe using after tightening of the cutter onto the pipe so the blade lines up with the mark you made.

Rotations should be made tightly and repeatedly until it cuts everything.

Carrying a bucket will help you to carry the excess water released from the cut which you had made, this will allow you to have comfortable working surroundings otherwise the water will make you wet and uncomfortable to work, besides carrying a bucket also save the water from waste.

Make sure the cuttings are well finished without leaving any traces or iron leftovers accumulating on the edges of the pipe.

You can also cut using the mini cutter.

Some pipes which are too old to go through the cutting process needs extra support to prevent the leakages.

It depends on the type of material used to design the pipe and the rigidness of the pipe.

Step 7: Attaching The Fittings

Follow the instructions of the manual mentioned in the product guide/manual, using a compression nut you can attach the fittings and by using the Teflon tape seal between the fitting and the filter port.

Prevent over tights as this will make the entire system to hold on to the system hard and might not function well.

For different products there are different types of steps and precautions, ensure to read all the points carefully for avoiding the damage to the filter system.

It is recommended to have a family member, friend, or personnel who are aware of the fittings and assembling the water filter.

They will assist you better by giving you suggestions about the quality of the material you are using during the fitting etc.

Step 8: Positioning The Filter

The filter is now fitted on the water pipe and care should be taken that the setup is free from the errors, the inlet and outlet connections are made according to the water flow and the directions.

Do not shake the filter one attached to the pipe as this will loosen the tightening and will leak the water.

Allow the filter to hang on to the pipe and test its performance and check for any manual errors in the installation.

Remember that the cartridges inside and the filter itself must be in a straight position (90o).

If the filter is exactly perpendicular to the pipe, then the functioning of the filter will be without any disturbances.

Make sure to double-check the position of the filter which is fitted.

Step 9: Turing On The Water

The kit with the filter will have different valves and positions in it which are switched between the functionalities like ‘on’ ‘off’ ‘bypass’ etc.

After the positioning of the filter make sure that the valve on the filter is turned to off and then turn on the water back on the supply system at the main valve of the house.

Now it is the time to check the filter for any water leakages, then turn the valve of the filter to the filter position and you will observe that the tank will fill with the water and the setup will begin the filtration process.

If you detect any housing problems, leaks at compression, etc.

Tight the screws until the leak stops.

Step 10: Cleaning, Changing The Filter, etc.

As per the recommendations of the installation personnel or depending on the manual, there is a need to change the cartridge at regular intervals.

In any kind of filter cleaning and changing of the cartridges are common, when coming to the whole house water filter, extra care should be taken to keep an eye on any leakages or the loosened joints that may result in failing the unit altogether.

While changing the cartridge, always turn the valve position of the filter to off and carry out the process, wipe the inside of the filter with a clean dry cloth, and house another cartridge inside it.

This can be done by following the below steps:

  • The replacement of the cartridge is said to be done with an initial step of turning off the incoming water before the whole house water filter
  • The pressure can be relieved by pressing the pressure release button (usually in red color or depends upon the brand)
  • Or the alternative way to release the pressure is to open a downstream faucet
  • Apply some lubricant on the o-ring section while opening it, remove the filter sump with the help of a wrench, and then replace the filter cartridge
  • Note that there is no marking on the cartridge like mentioning the directions, make sure that depending on your fitting you have to fix the cartridge in the right position
  • After the replacement is done, turn on the water and check for any leaks, the same steps have to be followed each and every time you replace the cartridge

Final Thoughts

Water content in an adult human body is 60%, this shows how important it is in our lives.

Today we are living in a world which is contaminated by pollution and global warming.

Pure drinking water supply is still a dream for most of the countries; the municipalities are trying their level best to provide the water which is free of chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, lead, etc. but, the water we receive is still not as pure as they claim to be.

We need not compromise our health due to the impurities present in the water, either it is for drinking purposes or for daily use, we need to use clean water for better health. 

Not only we feel sick due to the intake of the contaminated water even if we shower with it but the same impact is also seen.

Here, knowing how to install a whole house water filter unit at your house comes to save time and money and reduces the risk of falling sick.

The whole house water filter will have more benefits it is the time saving, durable, and accurate water filter which filters the water flows in all the units.

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