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10 Most Common Water Filter O Rings For Use

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Tim Rhodes

Have you ever thought about checking the water filter O ring to stop the water leakage?

There might be just a minor need for lubrication or maybe it is time to replace those rubber seals lying in between your filter sump and a head cap.

These rubber seals called O-rings are a trivial part of a huge system.

These are very important in making your fittings waterproof.

In the case of water filters, O-ring should be changed with every second or third cartridge replacement.



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10 Most Common Water Filter O Rings For Use Reviewed

There are various options in the market according to the size and types of materials used.

Following is a comprehensive list of common water filter O ring you can check out.

1. APEC System O-Ring For ROES-50

APEC Water Systems Replacement ORing for ROES-50 3.5' OD Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Housings,...

If you’re looking for a durable product, speaks for its quality, and is a perfect fit, APEC has its name on top.

APEC reverse osmosis Essence series filters are engineered to purify water by eliminating contaminants to a significant level.

They have to make their products marked with excellence to justify their experience in the market.

They provide high-quality O-rings that are flexible to prevent damage from pressure closure.

The high-quality rubber material makes it a durable option.

APEC water system filters, appliances, and plumbing accessories are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified for safety, quality of products, and standardized performance.

This is commonly used o-ring as it is easy to install with its lightweight build design.

This o-ring has a diameter of 3.5”.

This is an ideal size for under the sink water filtration options.

That’s why manufacturers have recommended this set of 3 o-rings of two versions for both Essence and Ultimate Series according to the dates of installation.

They are specific to APEC systems but can be installed in other systems with a standard size of 10” housings.

They also offer to provide 6 grams of 111 compound silicone lubricant from Molykote dow corning for efficient installing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works with any food grade lubricant
  • Can be installed to other filters
  • Long-lasting and durable material
  • lightweight and easy to handle
  • NSF certified

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No products found.

Pentek, Inc. is a widespread brand that deals with filtration accessories and supplies in a variety of sizes and types of fittings desired by the consumer.

Pentair products work under the Pentek trademark to provide quality filtration accessories.

They franchised various brands that provide water filtration solutions.

Pentair products have ISO certification of quality assurance for each item they sell to keep their market reputation up to the mark.

They Provide BUNA-N Nitrile rubber material o-rings for countertop portable water filters o ring to under the sink and whole house filtration systems.

Most whole house filtration systems have a standard of 10” to 20” housings but this particular gasket is the most commonly used O-ring specified for Big Blue housings.

These o-rings are measured 3/8” inlet and outlet diameter.

It is lightweight and provides a perfect seal to a system.

It is custom made for Pentek 151121 but can be fitted in other American Plumber W38-OR, 152031; Ametek 151121; Campbell 10800-034; Culligan OR 38 systems which also have the same fit.

It can be installed in all 10” Slim Line housings irrespective of the size of sump inlet and outlet holes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • BUNA-N material for flexibility
  • Resistant to abrasion and tearing
  • Fits on all 10” slim line filter housings
  • ISO certified for quality assurance

3. Pentek 151122 / OR 100 O Ring

Captain O-Ring - Replacement 151122 O-Rings Compatible with Pentair Pentek Big Blue Water Filters...

High-Pressure Water flow heavy-duty housing filtration systems are not an easy deal when it comes to managing its operation.

The smooth working of such large bodies needs proper care and regular observation for leakage, water temperature, and low pressures.

If you’re looking for an o-ring that fits your Big Blue whole house filter unit that is used for a 100 gallon per day production which is approximately 10 liters per hour, then you might need this kind of o-ring.

An o-ring for this huge water pressure must have the right size of o-ring.

Otherwise, your system will be a leaking mess.

This particular o-ring size is approximately 5.5” in diameter.

It has a cross-sectional diameter or thickness of 0.165” that makes it a durable option in the long run.

This is made of BUNA-N material which has a synthetic unsaturated copolymer of acrylonitrile butadiene.

This material is more resistant than natural rubber thus providing excessive flexibility and resistance to tearing.

With good lubrication, this can provide a perfect fit to the filter unit with no leakage.

This o-ring is suitable for Pentek 151122, Culligan OR 100, American Plumber, Large GE housings, Ace hardware, Ametek and US Filter.

The package comes with a specification sheet to refer to the model numbers of the system.

Pros & Benefits:

  • BUNA-N material for flexibility
  • Abrasion or tear-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • compatible with a large number of models
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

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4. Culligan OR 250 O-Ring

Captain O-Ring - Culligan Compatible OR-250 (OR250) Replacement Filter Housing O-Ring Buna-N ORing...

Heavy-Duty filters have time and again proved to be comparatively a good option for a large unit whole house system.

Like the previous option, OR 250 units require an even greater deal of careful observation of its operations and management.

Higher the pressure flow, the higher is the need for a bigger system.

Culligan Waters has its name upfront when it comes to referencing the o-ring sizes.

Its huge range of OR filters from countertop instant filters to whole house heavy-duty sediment filters.

Their heavy-duty filters selectively remove all the suspended particles, rust, bad chlorine taste, and odor (depending on filter cartridge) from the tap water.

Thus, making it essential to opt for the quality assured replacement accessories for proper outsourcing of water.

This particular product is for those looking for an o-ring gasket seal for large whole house filtration units.

Commonly, this o-ring is used for Culligan WH-HD200-C clear heavy-duty sediment water filters.

But with a little adjustment, it might fit other big water filtration systems.

This o-ring has the size of 5.5” inner x 5-⅞” outer diameter.

Its cross-sectional diameter or thickness is 3/16”.

This o-ring is thicker and slightly larger in diameter than 151122.

What else to expect from a heavy-duty filter o-ring.

It is made of BUNA-N synthetic rubber which has superior mechanical properties for providing flexibility and ease of installation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works for heavy-duty filtration housings
  • Nitrile rubber for flexibility
  • Abrasion and tear-resistant
  • Thicker than 151122 O-ring
  • Prevent damage from pressure closures

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5. Pentek 151120 O-Ring

Captain O-Ring - Replacement 151120 O-Ring compatible with Pentek Water Filter Housing (3 Pack)...

Coming to plumbing essentials, it is important to have spare appliances of standardized sizes.

It sometimes occurs that a replacement fit is more compatible with the system closure than an originally sized o-ring.

This O-ring is another commonly used filtration spare part that has a standardized size that comes in many other models and thus can be used for replacement in several other brands.

This ensures not only a perfect fit but also a good bargain on quality.

This seal gasket measures 3-7/8” inside diameter.

This particular o-ring has a cross-sectional diameter or thickness of 1/8”.

This water filter O ringis a direct replacement for Ace Hardware 46766, American Plumber 152030, W34-OR, Ametek Kleen-Plus 151120-03, OR-34, Culligan 01019184, 151120-27, DuPont WFAO150, Hydrotech 151120, Pentek 151120, Omnifilter 151120, OR-34, Pura 151120, US Filter OR-34.

This o-ring is also compatible with all 10”, 12” and 20” housings measuring 3.4” inlet and outlet connections.

Various models of Culligan, Omnifilter, KleenPlus, US Filter, and Ace Hardware can have this o-ring fitted in them.

A detailed specification guide is enclosed with the product.

This o-ring fits both Pentek standard and 3G standard housings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Nitrile rubber for flexibility
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Compatible to all 3.4” housing models
  • Comes in a pack of 3

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6. Captain O-Ring 3M Aqua-Pure Replacement O-Ring

(3 Pack) Captain O-Ring - Replacement 63597174C / 63597174P / WP252235 / AO-WH-STD-OR-2 Orings for...

Aqua-Pure provides 3 in 1 technology in its water filtration systems.

That’s why their 3M models have magnetic properties to attract and filter out impurities.

These systems provide odorless and tasteless water and provide a double-flow technique to achieve quality.

Such tech-savvy systems call for a custom made o-ring seal gaskets to prevent leakage and high endurance of the system.

Aqua-Pure has made such o-rings that can provide a perfect fit for some of their other filter products as well.

This particular o-ring is in a standardized size that measures about 3.5” inner connection diameter x 3.75” outer connection diameter.

Therefore it is compatible as a brand’s filtration spare for standard-sized housing models.

It has the thickness or cross-sectional diameter of 0.14” which is also optimal thickness for working in housing fittings.

This water filter O ring provides compatibility with other Aqua-Pure and some of the WATTS filtration models as well.

These include 3M AP11S, AP11T, AP12S, AP12T, AP26T, AP51T, AP101S, AP101T, AP102S, AP102T, AP110, FHO-34, FHT-34; and Watts 500222, 500223.

Manufacturers recommend replacing seal gaskets with every 3rd filter cartridge change.

With proper lubing, these o-rings provide great durability.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Flexible rubber for a perfect fit
  • Comes with a user guide
  • Custom made o-rings for AP models
  • A pack of 3

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GE Replacement O-Ring for at-Home Water Filtration System | Prevents Liquid from Leaking from Sink &...

General Electric water filters have their name upfront for having top-notch filter products ranging from its door refrigerator filter, under the sink or whole house filtration system.

GE provides dual flow specifications for making pure water available for drinking water as well as cooking in the kitchen.

General Electric whole house filtration systems are certified to minimize the suspended sediment like sand, dirt, and rust significantly from incoming water as well as appliances and plumbing parts.

These products are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified for safety, quality, and performance.

They have their custom made o-rings for GE whole house as well as drinking water filter models.

This Particular o-ring is made for the whole house filters.

This o-ring has an inside diameter of 5.5”.

It is made of BUNA-N nitrile rubber material which provides the necessary flexibility for ease in installation and resistance to tearing and abrasion.

It gives the perfect fix with proper lubrication.

It works perfectly even under high water pressure.

It is advisable to use food-grade silicone grease to prevent leaks.

This product comes with a lube that is meant for its installation.

It provides direct replacement o-rings for gxwh30c, gxwh35f, gxwh38s, and gxwh40l models.

Pros & Benefits:

  • BUNA-N rubber for flexibility
  • Works smoothly under high water pressure
  • unique in its quality and products
  • NSF certified
  • Packaging comes with a food-grade lubricant

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8. Captain O-Ring 68898-32 Replacement O-Rings

Captain O-Ring - 68898-32 Replacement O-Rings for 3M AP801, AP801-C, AP802, KemFlo 5000 & 10,000...

When looking into heavy-duty water filters, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it will provide quality assured performance or make a huge leaking mess.

At that point, Aqua-Pure comes in with its 3M models which provide 3 in 1 technology for magnetically filtering out impurities.

That too on a large scale with its heavy-duty models.

The 3M Aqua-Pure 800 Series are custom built for the pressure flow rate of 20 gallons per minute.

This flow rate is more than convenient for managing and outsourcing whole house water.

These models filter out suspended sediments and remove chlorinated taste and odor from incoming water.

This water filter O ring is the largest-sized o-ring option available on this list.

It is a specifically built o-ring for a heavy-duty unit for meeting requirements of a high flow filter housings.

This is a large o-ring that measures 5.6” inside diameter.

It has a cross-sectional diameter or thickness of 0.215” that makes it durable.

It is made of Nitrile rubber that makes it flexible and easy to install.

This o-ring is a direct replacement for housing fits of 3M AP801, 3M AP801-C, 3M AP802, and other KemFlo heavy-duty filters including KemFlo 5000 Series, KemFlo 10,000 Series.

Proper greasing when installing can prevent long term leakage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Specific to 3M AP 800 Series
  • Large-sized heavy-duty o-ring
  • Greater thickness to achieve optimum durability
  • Works with a high-pressure flow rate
  • One year warrantied

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9. TORK 152030 O-Ring

TORK Distributors Compatible with 5 Pack American Plumber W34-OR, 152030 Filter O'ring Replacements

American Plumber is a sponsored brand of Pentair products.

It means that it already promises for its high-performance accessories and quality assured services.

American plumber has a trusted name among solution providers of drinking and whole house water filtration and plumbing concerns.

American plumber W34 provides a standard housing for water filtration units.

This brand from Pentair provides quality products and accessories to meet household plumbing needs.

This particular product is compatible with American Plumber W34-OR.

It has a cross-sectional diameter or thickness of 0.14” and measures 3.4” Inner and outer diameter for standard housings.

It is made of Nitrile (BUNA-N) rubber that makes it flexible and easy to install.

This standard-sized o-ring can fit in all 3.4” inlet/outlet connections.

Due to its standard size, this o-ring can fit Pentek 151120 housings.

It is a direct replacement for Ace Hardware 46766, Ametek Kleen-Plus 151120-03, OR-34, Pura 151120.

This o-ring additionally fits other housings like HF-360, PVHCL-S1, HF-160 except for the WH34 model.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable and flexible
  • Good bargain for the quality
  • Compatible with various models
  • Comes in a pack of 5

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10. Culligan OR 34 A/B O-Rings

Culligan OR-34A/OR-34 Filter Housing O-Ring Set, 1-Pack

Culligan Waters has hit the mark again with its quality provisions and performance assured reviews.

In the range of standard filters, Culligan has made its reputation by providing the most efficient and widescale products and accessories.

As the name promises this time around too it has made its impression by meeting the consumer needs even before the complaints.

This particular product comes with two types of o-rings.

OR 34 and OR 34 A has slightly different specifications relating to sizing and fittings only.

Version A for OR 34A and Version B for OR 34.

Version A has approximately 4″ Outer Diameter with a 3/16″ cross-sectional diameter.

OR 34 A is slightly smaller.

It is also compatible with the fitting of the housing models HF-150A, HF-360A, and Ace 45025.

O-ring tagged B has approximately 4″ Outer Diameter and a 1/8″ cross-sectional diameter or thickness.

According to size and thickness, this o-ring version is similar to Pentek 151120 thus provides a fit for that.

This version is also compatible with the housing models HF-150, HF-360, Ace 45025, 46764, and 49560.

This water filter O ring is made of Nitrile BUNA-N material which provides flexibility and resistance to tearing.

With good lubrication, this can provide a perfect fit to the filter unit with no leakage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes in two sizes
  • Durable and genuine product
  • OEM product
  • Flexible and abrasion-resistant

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Good To Know

Most likely after buying o-rings, the first thing that comes up in mind is to do a little DIY and install them on our own.

Of course, we can, saving some bucks from a plumbing job is not that bad.

There are some things you should know about o-rings that come in handy when installing water filtration systems on your own.

Doing it the wrong way can end up spending extra money on buying new o-rings.

For example, putting on a tough grease while installing or pinching a little too hard on the gasket can damage it.

The main purpose of greasing it with a recommended food grade lubricant (like Haynes) or a silicon grease (like Dow corning Molykote 111 compound) is to minimize the risk of damaging the seal.

The recommended advice is to coat an o-ring sparingly with a specifically made lubricant.

And remember, do not put vaseline on it as petroleum and rubber are not good friends.

Another important thing to remember is to not over tighten your housing.

A recommendation is to not exceed your stretch above 5%.

Because overstretching can deform the o-ring by reducing the cross-section.

So don’t feel the urge to over-utilize that filter wrench which came with your filtration unit nor be compelled to over tighten the sumps by showing off your bicep strength, thinking that it might reduce leakage.

It is going to get the wrong way.

Here is the right way to replace an o-ring.

Turn The Water Off

First, turn off the water to the water filter.

Unscrew The Filter

Unscrew the water filter O ring housing from the head carefully, use a sump wrench (if you have) or do it by hand.

Don’t worry about water leaking at this stage as your filter is filled with that grimy rusty water.

Grab a pale for minimizing the mess up.

Now is the time to replace the cartridge also, if you want to.

Remove The Old O-Ring

Remove the old o-ring and swipe clean the groove with a clean wipe.

Lubricate The New O-Ring

Lubricate the new o-ring with silicone grease.

Many o-rings come with a sample.

Sometimes an o-ring is so flexible that only wetting it with water is enough for a good fix.

A lubricant can increase the age of a gasket in the long run.

Screw Back The Housing

Screw back the housing into the head or cap until it is close enough.

Remember to not over tighten.

Resume Water Into Filter

Resume the water into the filter.

Look closely for any leaks.

There you have it, the successful installation of a new o-ring.

If these instructions can’t do the job perfectly, don’t hesitate to give a call to manufacturers and follow as said.

You might have ordered the wrong size and need to order instant replacements.

Final Thoughts

A perfect water filter O ring is like a perfectly fitted shoe.

You can’t be comfortable with your wobbling feet and end up face down on a busy marketplace.

There’s a wide variety of sizes and gauges available online to choose from.

Knowing a specific model and size for your system is significant in having the right product for you.

All in all, fretting about your package not arriving in time and an overly priced water filter O ring doesn’t seem to hurt if it is the right match for your filtration housing unit.

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