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How To Unclog A Pur Water Filter | Complete 10 Step Guide

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Tim Rhodes

Every day, you pull over the curtains to look outside your window thinking how to unclog a Pur water filter.

You see the typical perfect and cheerful family, laughing while holding a glass of water – for absolutely no perfect reason.

You pull back the curtains thinking they have gone bonkers – you are wrong they haven’t. 

You go downstairs to get yourself a glass of water but you can’t because you don’t know how to unclog a Pur water filter.

And because you bought a filter, thinking it was the greatest blessing you possess.

Keep reading this detailed post and learn about the amazing tips and tricks that can help you use that filter for a longer period thus providing you and your family with fresh and clean drinking water, for as long as it can.


How To Clean The Pur Water Filter In a Pitcher?

When your water gets stuck in the pitcher and there is no way out. 

Side effects may include: your mom frantically rushing through the house looking for her purse, your dad is yelling while he’s trying to clean the filter and your brother starts acting as if he just came back from the Sahara. 

A hundred problems but one solution: take deep breaths and relax.

You will act in the most sensible way possible, search for our blog – because it’s awesome – click the first link and look for this blog post.

Read it till the end and follow everything that it says. 

We understand that a clogged filter can have a pretty weird impact on everyone’s behavior. 

Okay, we beg you not to put in any extra effort, time, or energy in cleaning a filter.

Trust me we can show you the shortcut that will help you reach the end result in no time.

Well, we have posted up all of the easy ways of unclogging your filter but do you choose to read this till the end of the post?

The choice is yours – but if you choose not to then we assure you that you will be missing on the main and essential instructions that could have assisted you.

We understand that it feels weird when your life becomes a bit easier but hey!

Why not grab that yellow cloud of happiness? – Don’t let go of it and please try to play it easy on yourself.

Those of you who have chosen to stick with me till the end.

They have rubbed their lamps to summon the genie who will fulfill your wishes – to learn how to unclog your Pur water filter.

What Is Actually Inside The Pur Water Filter?

Hold up, hero or heroine!

Before you start cleaning up the filter you need to learn about what is actually inside The Pur water filter.

If you do know about what’s inside you can skip to the next step.

For those who don’t know, stop right here.

We know you might be groaning, asking us to cut-to-the-chase but hey!

Getting things done on the first try and in the correct way is better than getting stuck in the kitchen with a filter.

Yes, it’s a small little filter but it can make your life worse in so many other ways but don’t worry when we are here to save your day!

Okay, so the Pur water filter is divided into three different sections and they are as follows:

  • Crude sediment filter – it physically filters the water by removing large particles present in it
  •  Carbon filter – it contains carbon granules and small Styrofoam balls
  • When water flows through this part of the filter, the carbon absorbs impurities and kills bacteria but the Styrofoam balls don’t help in purifying or filtering the water
  •  Pleated accordion-style filter – this also physical filters the water, by filtering out finely sized particles
  • The inner layer of this section is non-porous but the pleated surface has tiny holes in it, that’s where the Styrofoam balls get stuck when the water flows down from the second to the third section

Cleaning The Filter

You may act fascinated because now you know what’s inside a filter – it’s a big deal!

However, we suggest that you don’t rant about it to your friends, it’s a mundane topic to converse about.

Well, now we have made things clear, let’s get right into it!

Follow these cleaning instructions and then you may take a sigh of relief afterward:

Step One

Shake the filter, that will help dirt and debris stuck inside the carbon filter to move down to the third section of the filter.

This will help the water to flow through the filter more smoothly without carrying any dirt with it.

Step Two

Now take the filter and place the pleated end under your tap, rinse it with water.

Make sure that the water enters all the little openings or segments that you might see the lining at the bottom surface of the filter. 

Step Three

Reassemble the units of the filter.

Pass some water through the opening of the filter for five to eight minutes straight.

Do this before you start using it, this will ensure that you get pure drinking water that is safe to drink. 

Step Four

Let it air – dry before you reinstall it in your dispensers or pitchers.

Wash your pitchers with mild dishwashing soap as well. 

That’s it! Enjoy yourself as you watch your family laughing at their glasses of water for no perfect reason. 

If you want you can watch a tutorial so that you get a much clear idea of how to do it the right way.

How To Clean The Faucet Pur Water Filter?

When the slim line of water is streaming out of the tap – just like when you are running out of luck.

That’s not a good sign, my friend.

Oh, the good days have passed by!

When you used the faucet Pur filter without any worries but then the red light starts to blink.

You panicked, you rushed to shop for a new one.

You glared at the filter then you shift your glare towards the empty wallet.

You reinstall the filter after a hundred tries and you repeat these actions almost every month. 

Everything has its own lifetime, during which it functions properly but one day the objects or items you purchase will break, wear, or tear down.

That’s perfectly normal!

However, you can lengthen the life of the things you have shopped, and that honestly makes things so much easier.

You can stop searching for pennies in your piggy bank.

It hurts to see you wasting that money, you wasted your blood, sweat, and tears while earning it – We plead you not to waste your money when you can actually try saving it.

Don’t let the panic fog your senses, stay put, and act as a smart man or woman.

We will spill some tips and tricks that will act as a strong, magical jinx and will unclog your faucet Pur water filter in a jiffy!

Get To The Cleaning!

You have learned the magical ways of unclogging the Pur water filter in a pitcher.

Now, sensei shall teach you the hidden secrets and actions that you can act upon, in order to get that clean faucet filter.

If you do keep trusting me as you keep reading on – we swear that the filter will last longer than our relationships.

The cleaning methods are inexpensive and no, you don’t have to use any kind of techy instruments or materials to clean the filter.

I might have disappointed the gadget-user in your family.

There is one in every family isn’t there?

Without further ado, sensei-filter-washer hands you the golden scroll.

Open it and read the points that have been stated down below:

Step One

Remove the filter from the tap by pressing the two buttons that you will see on either side of its body.

Step Two

Twist the casing of the section of the filter, through which you get the purified water.

Take out the small filter box, after applying a small amount of force.

Yes, it is hard to take it out because it’s clogged but you don’t need to have that great power like Hercules.

Step Three

Place the filter under a tap of running water and clean it with fresh water for five to eight minutes.

You may use a tiny brush to remove any dirt lining the pleated ends or holes present on the surface of a filter.

You may also soak it in a solution containing ¾ water and ¼ vinegar.

This solution will kill any bacteria and will cleanse the filter properly.

Step Four

Wash the section of the filter through which the unpurified water passes through.

Use a brush to clean the layer of dirt lining the openings.

Step Five

Open the lever, that is on the right or left side of the section – this will allow water to pass through the opening.

Place this section underwater for about five to eight minutes.

Step Six

Reassemble the parts of the filter and reinstall it back on your tap.

Open the tap and allow the water to pass through it – of the light starts blinking green, that’s great.

However, do let the water run through it for eight minutes before use.

See we told you we would make your life easier than before.

Of course, we are wonderful people who have made you spend more leisure time than wasting it on a filter.

Yes, we also helped to save your bucks.


You saved enough money to go on a vacation to Hawaii – cool.

You can thank us later and let’s move on to cleaning another type of filter.

How To Clean The Pur Water Filter In Your Fridge

We see that some fancy people have a filter set in the tiny dispenser, fitted inside their fridge.

Fancy, as we say but it’s not fancy when it gets clogged enough it’s impossible for the water to enter your cup.

Drop, drop, drop … are you going to keep holding that mug and wait till it fills up?

Great, we are waiting here because we are eternally free and we do nothing but spend our days on our beach chair, drinking a Pina Colada.

Okay, stop, it’s not working and even if your cup does fill up – are you sure that it’s properly purified and safe to drink.

We don’t think anyone would risk getting infected by a disease.

Your life is valued and important and you are one of the reasons why our world looks so beautiful.

Our statements are dripping in cheese but believe it or not, it’s a pure truth.

You have purchased a filter now and if you won’t maintain and keep it in a good condition yourselves – then who will?

However, what’s even more important is what methods you use and imply in order to get the work done in the swiftest and easiest manner.

Like who wouldn’t? – Obviously, everyone would because we are the kind of people who like getting the easy way out of our problems.

That is not something you should be guilty about, it’s normal and everyone feels that way.

It doesn’t make you languorous or a layman.

You take the short cut, to save time and utilize it to get other chores done or maybe just run your errands.

They all get stuck when a clogged filter comes in the way and then we are left with a huge burden of tasks that we have to complete – by ourselves!

Let’s Unclog Your Filter!

We know that cleaning is no fun but don’t act languorous and let’s get right into it.

You are saving your time and your money.

The least you can do is buy yourself a Nutella treat. 

Yup, that made our mouths water.

A good treat while you rest yourself in your comfortable chair – that feeling is divine and you deserve to sense that feeling all the time.

Why? – Because you are special, plus, we all deserve to feel happy and good about ourselves.


See that’s the spirit and trust me, your filter will start working well in no time.

All you have to do is just follow these short, simple, and briefly stated steps, to clean up the filter inside your fridge (for the Nutella!):

Step One

After taking out the filter from the fridge.

You need to remove the dirt and debris, collected in it.

Throw the waste and impure materials away.

Remember, you have to unclog your filter properly, chances are that this dirt might come with your water when you reinstall.

Step Two

Soak the filter in water for five to eight minutes – just as I had prescribed you to do before.

Beware, please make sure that you don’t use any hazardous chemical cleaners to make some sort of cleaning solution.

Step Three

Properly clean the dispenser and the opening passage through which the water passes through – with mild dishwashing soap.

This will ensure that you attain pure water, with no germs or dirt in it.

Step Four

Pass some water through the filter for five to eight minutes – not more than that, I can’t stress this enough.

Make sure that you do this before you reinstall the filter back to the dispenser.

Why Should You Buy a Filter?

If you are living in an area where the water is impure or maybe you don’t trust the water companies selling bottles of water – you should buy the filter.

For safe and healthy drinking.

A filter helps remove all the dirt, debris, and exterminates all sorts of dangerous bacteria that may be the cause of numerous diseases.

Thus, it helps to make the water fit or suitable to drink and use.

As we also strongly believe that if you want to have a healthy lifestyle, everything that is essential should come in its purest form.

Well, don’t you think that everyone should live a healthy and happy life?

Filters also reduce the risk of one developing water-borne diseases and it maintains all the right TSD levels, without adding or taking something out of the water. 

Indeed, you have to change the filters every two or three months.

Like we said before, you can’t stop an object from breaking or not working anymore but you can try to lengthen its life so that you don’t waste your time and money when not necessary. 

The purpose of this blog post is to help you achieve this tiny portion of relief but are we asking you to not change the bulbs and go out to study under a street light? – Absolutely not.

Jokes aside, look around you and you will find people who don’t get water to drink.

They spend days, with parched throats and dry mouths.

Be grateful for what you have.

If you are fortunate enough to enjoy the facility and you don’t have to face any certain or major difficulties – then why act miserly?

What is best – Watching your children grow healthy and wealthy or lying on their beds like a sick and fragile patient?

The choice is yours and we have probably made things clear for you.

 Final Thoughts

If your filter has become worn and torn, after using it for 6 months.

Then you really have to replace it with a new one.

We can’t predict how long it’s going to work because it actually depends on how much you use it and how impure the water in your community or society is.

Finally, to attain pure drinking water you need to set up a filter in any water dispensing device present at your home.

In order, to use the filter in the most proper way to increase the time of its use.

See that the light is blinking or the filter is clogged? – All you have to do is relax and search for this particular blog post and you’ll know how to unclog a Pur water filter.

Thank you for gathering all the patience and reading this post till the end.

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