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Top 10 Dangers Of Not Changing Your Refreigerator Water Filter

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Tim Rhodes

Having clear refrigerator water at home seems to be normal for most of us but there are some dangers of not changing the refrigerator water filter.

Nothing is better than a cold glass of water after a long day at work.

Not being aware of the dangers of not changing your refrigerator water filter, we often forget that the refrigerator water filter has to be changed every six months.

But is it really necessary to change it regularly?

We invested so much money into this refrigerator and the filter still needs to be changed?

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Top 10 Dangers Of Not Changing Your Water Filter

What will happen if you don’t change your refrigerator water filter? Let’s find out!

1. Accumulation Of Bacteria

First and foremost, a water filter at its maximum capacity will not be able to filter out several substances that you don’t want in your drinking water.

Therefore, drinking dirty refrigerator water can make you sick.

If you don’t clean your water filter, bacteria will settle down in your water supply.

The bacteria will start to multiply more as your water filter becomes ineffective.

Consuming the accumulated bacteria will increase the chance of getting sick.

People who drink water that went through a dirty water filter often experience flu-like symptoms.

No one wants to get sick because of the water at their own home!

This is easily avoidable and the No. 1 reason you should change your refrigerator water filter regularly.

Are There Many Types Of Bacteria In The Dirty Water Supply?

It is nearly impossible to count all the bacteria that live in this world.

The problem with bacteria is that it can spread easily and fast at the same time.

No matter what kind of bacteria finds its way through your dirty water filter – it will probably harm you.

2. Unusual Smell And Taste

The first and very obvious problem you will notice when you don’t change your water filter is an unpleasant and strange taste in the water. 

This phenomenon can reach its peak with yellow or even green water coming out of the refrigerator!

Not pleasing to look at at all!


It is embarrassing when your guests notice a weird and unappealing taste in your refrigerator water.

As many people are quite sensitive when it comes to the taste of water, differences are usually noticed quickly.

Listen to your gut!

Drinking water should make you feel healthy and empowered!

If you feel like you’re drinking something bad for you, you should change your water filter!

Water should clean your body instead of damaging it from the inside!


Along with a metallic or sulfuric taste, the smell of badly filtered water will be unappealing too due to bacteria.

You might not find it strange at first, but the unusual taste and smell of your water should be a red flag for you.

Who wants to drink water that unhealthy and dirty?

It is scientifically proven that a weird smell can even change the taste of the food you are eating.

So even if you don’t taste the nasty bacteria, you will smell it for sure!

The way your brain works is that it will instantly think that you are consuming something bad for you like rotten fruit or even poison.

The Consequences of this instinctive reaction are nausea or even emesis.

Why Does This Happen?

An old filter no longer filters out gross-tasting particles including chemicals and microbes.

Besides that, the accumulating bacteria will create a bad taste and smell.

So if you taste something weird in your water you should get your water filter changed as fast as possible!

It is just as important to change your refrigerator water filter to enjoy clean and pristine water as buying a high-quality water filter, to begin with.

Taste and smell tell you a lot about what is in your drink.

3. Reduced Water Flow

Usually, water filters remove chalk from our drinking water.

It is normal for most of us to get water out of our refrigerator as soon as we push a button.

But as your filter gets older it is more likely for the chalk to build up and clog the filter.

As a consequence, the water flow will slow down enormously.

This may not seem like that big of an issue but it is notable when you’re running out of time.

This gives the system of your refrigerator a harder time and makes it struggle even more to prevent you with pristine water.

To make your refrigerator live longer you should pay attention to that problem.

When it comes to this issue it is really easy to get this fixed:

Just change the filter!

Undoubtedly, you should change your water filter every six months to enjoy your clean drinking water as fast as possible.

Low Water Flow In Other Machines

Refrigerators aren’t the only household machines that can suffer from chalk obstruction.

This can also happen to your shower or your dishwasher.

Many products can help you remove the chalk from your refrigerator.

You can get them at your local drug store or even at the grocery store.

So don’t panic!

This is a very common issue and happens in almost every household.

Owning a Fridge Is a Privilege

Not everyone on this earth has easy access to water.

Having a refrigerator is not common in many poor Asian or African countries.

So take good care of your refrigerator!

You should be grateful for your fridge at any time!

So if you notice that your refrigerator doesn’t work at its usual level:

Check the water filter!

You should be grateful for your refrigerator at any time and that’s why you have to take care of it.

And if you are currently thinking about investing in one, you should make that decision carefully.

You need to invest in a refrigerator that fits you personally.

It is a great responsibility to own such a worthy object!

4. Unclear Ice

But water isn’t the only product that your refrigerator can provide for you at any time.

It can also freeze water to ice!

A point often overlooked is that a dirty or clogged water filter can not only affect your drinking water – it influences your ice supply too!

Imagine drinking a big glass of soda with tons of ice cubes to relax after a long day.

But suddenly you realize that the ice cubes are cloudy and extremely unclear!

Not tasty at all!

All of the bacteria, the chemicals, and the impurities will be frozen in those ice cubes that you put in your soda.

Therefore, if you see your ice cubes looking cloudy and unclear it is time to change your filter.

Or otherwise, cocktail nights at home won’t be enjoyable!


Furthermore, you need to realize that you put your ice and water in more than just Friday night cocktails.

There are thousands of different foods that you prepare with your refrigerator water.

It can be the salad dressing that you put on your delicious homemade caesar salad.

Or it can be the chocolate mousse that you prefer for your Christmas dessert!

Either way, you would want clean water in it.

If you don’t clean your refrigerator water filter you never know what is going to end up in your and your family’s food.


5. High Chemical Content

Another reason to change your refrigerator water filter is that chemicals will end up in your water supply.

You heard right:


And yes, it is as unhealthy as it sounds.

A working water filter can usually filter out 99 percent of those harmful chemicals that aren’t supposed to be in your drinking water.

Drinking those dangerous chemicals such as asbestos, mercury, pathogens, arsenic, radium, and chromium is not healthy for your body.

They are usually byproducts from different industries that find their way into our water system.

And after that, they find their way into your cocktail!

You should avoid further consequences or even illnesses such as cancer by just changing your refrigerator water filter every six months.

Knowing the substances that end up in our drinking water is useful!

It is good to be aware of how dangerous unfiltered water can be.


You have the responsibility to keep you and your family healthy.

Beyond that, you have the responsibility to keep everyone else healthy and safe.

So please don’t put dangerous fluids in your sink.

For instance, you should never put a toxic cleaning mixture in your sink or flush it down your toilet.

Please be responsible and behave how you want others to behave.


Now let’s get back to those gross chemicals that your clean water filter protects you from:

One of those bad boys is called Asbestos.

This material can cause serious respiratory issues such as lung cancer and mesothelioma!

It is mainly found in construction products and is not healthy for human health.

You definitely shouldn’t want this in your food or drinks.


But not only toxic chemicals like Asbestos can find their way through a water filter at its maximum capacity.

Even parasites and viruses can reach you through the water.

Getting in contact with Pathogens can be extremely uncomfortable.

Most of the time, it is even worse than infection with bacteria.

Especially in times of Corona, we wouldn’t even like to think about Pathogens infecting us through our water.

Your home should be a safe space for you.

In times like this, it is even more important to keep an eye on hygiene.

To stay healthy and keep Pathogens out of your water supply.

You should change the water filter right now!

You will be shocked when you find out what they can do to your body!

6. Damage To Your Refrigerator

You still don’t have enough reasons to change your water filter?

Too bad.

But there are plenty more issues that can be caused by an old water filter.

Firstly, all of these dangerous chemicals and bacteria can also affect your refrigerator.

You heard right, even your refrigerator’s health is in danger if you don’t change the water filter!

Deposit buildup and scaling can slow down the system of your refrigerator greatly.

You shouldn’t damage the refrigerator you invested in!

Instead of seriously damaging your expensive refrigerator you can just be careful and change the water filter time by time.

Your refrigerator will thank you dearly!


Be grateful for the refrigerator that you invested in.

Not everyone can afford one and that’s why you should take care of your refrigerator.

Further, you should find out if there is more that you can do to protect your refrigerator.

7. Chemical Waste

As if all of these dangers weren’t bad enough – there are still more.

Surprisingly, it’s likely for you to consume chemical waste if your water filter is at its maximum capacity.

If you didn’t own a refrigerator water filter you would consume them regularly.

Depending on where you live water can even contain radioactive contaminants from the production of nuclear weapons and energy.

You would never want to drink anything that has actual chemical waste in it, right?

It’s a literal waste!

Besides these very scary byproducts, badly filtered water can also have pharmaceutical and medical waste in it.

All of these products are not meant to be in your water supply.

You must keep an eye on your refrigerator water filter.

Drinking this chemical waste is extremely unhealthy and should be avoided at any cost.

You definitely shouldn’t want this in your food or drinks.

Children Or Elders

If you live in a household with children or elderly people you should feel responsible for their health.

They are more sensitive and endangered by Pathogens or bacteria.

Moreover, they are way more likely to get sick than an average and healthy adult!

You should be a trustworthy parent!

Please make sure that your water is clean and your water filter is still working properly.

As you might know, Coronavirus is also more dangerous to old people.

8. Herbicides And Pesticides 

Not only toxic chemicals find their way into your drinking water – compounds such as herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides can find their sneaky way into it.

If you didn’t know, most of these compounds are used for killing e.g. insects.

They contain extremely toxic substances that don’t want anywhere near your drinking water!

Imagine this:

If they are made to kill insects and small animals – what will they do to you?

You won’t die because of the small amounts of poison.

Nevertheless, it is really bad for your body!

It will be busy fighting these toxic substances and will not be able to protect you from other illnesses.

So please do yourself a favor and change your refrigerator water filter.

9. Lead

Here is another toxic substance that your water filter usually protects you from:


Lead is a common contaminant in unfiltered water which can cause health problems in adults and children.

It can cause problems with your brain and your hearing but also health problems like kidney or heart problems.

As you can see, this substance attacks your body in many different places.

Lead is often tested in old lead pipes and is unhealthy for both your children’s and your body.

A proper exchanged filter can reduce the amount of lead in your water supply and prevent you from consuming the toxic substance.

You definitely shouldn’t want this in your food or drinks.


The problems don’t stop here:

Once you visit your doctor because you are sick it will be really difficult to find the source of your problem.

In many cases, it is impossible.

Many people develop dangerous illnesses such as cancer and never find out how they got it in the first place.

Without knowing the cause it is challenging to fight illness.

If your doctor doesn’t know how you got sick he will not be able to protect you from illnesses in the future.

10. Carbon

Beyond that, there is another and final substance that needs to be pointed out: carbon.

This substance is usually filtered out by water filters but if not it has a huge effect on the taste and smell of the water – it doesn’t make it enjoyable at all.

As the carbon level inside the water raises the water from your water supply will start to danger your health.

Along with carbon and lead, thousands of harmful substances will get in your valuable drinking supply.

And the worst is:

You seldom see what you are confronting your body with.

The invisible substances find their way inside of you and start to damage your organs or mental health from inside out.

What a nightmare!

Making The Right Choices

When it comes to leading a household it is extremely important to make the right choices to protect your health and the health of others.

Taking care of your refrigerator, as well as the oven, the washing machine, the dishwasher, and the coffee machine, is so important!

We tend to think that all of these machines work perfectly and don’t need any support.

But that is not right!

You need to take care of every single machine you own.

As soon as you invest in expensive things like a refrigerator you should get your responsibility feeling leveled up!

It depends on you at what point in time you will have to buy a new one.

Finding The Right Refrigerator

If you are still debating whether you should get a cheap refrigerator or an expensive one, this will help you to decide.

Buying an expensive one will be the right choice.

Investing money always hurts, that’s true.

But buying an expensive and high-quality refrigerator has so many pros:

Firstly, it will protect your way better from all those harmful substances listed above.

It will have a water filter with improved techniques.

If you are ready to take responsibility and protect your family from chemical waste or bacteria – you should invest in an expensive refrigerator.

Moreover, most expensive refrigerators even remind you of changing the water filter every six months!

You just have to take a quick look and the display of your high-quality refrigerator and you will be reminded!

Many people feel like they would be wasting their money buying a high-quality refrigerator because it often doesn’t appear special.

We tend to rather invest money in barbeques or TVs.

But a good refrigerator is just as important for you.

And even more important to your health!

You should not feel like you are taking a huge risk!

As long as you take good care of your high-quality refrigerator it will last way longer than a cheap low-quality refrigerator.

Therefore, you will even make a profit at the end.

Your research on a high-quality refrigerator can start right now!

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Final Thoughts 

But if you’ve already found the perfect refrigerator, you should never take a risk by not changing the water filter.

Having to constantly remind yourself of changing the refrigerator water filter every six months can be challenging for sure.

But luckily, many refrigerators remind you of that task.

Knowing the dangers of not changing your refrigerator water filter can protect you from many illnesses but also make you save a lot of money.

Because if you take care of your refrigerator it will live longer.

We hope this article motivated you to change the water filter and enjoy clean water again.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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