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Kube Water Filter Review 2021: Find Out The Facts Before You Buy

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Tim Rhodes

Over the years thousands of brands have manufactured water filters of different qualities, sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, but today we have the Kube water filter review.

However, when it comes to the production of cost-saving, effective, and durable water filters, nobody does it like the Kube.

Kube is a world producer of water treatment systems for OEM, commercial as well as residential markets. 

This brand has all sorts of options to provide you with clean and healthy water for your family with filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and saltless systems, whole house filters, and water softeners. 

For over 50 years this brand has been recognized as one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. 

Kube products are among the most recommended water filters on the market today, these units are eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and reliable. 

In this post, we have a Kube water filter review.


Product Overview

The article entails the pros and cons as well as the basic features of the device. 

One of the most amazing qualities of Kube water filters is that it is space-saving. 

Most of the units manufactured by Kube are compact and lightweight. 

You would have no difficulties moving this water filter from one place to another.

Likewise, you don’t need a lot of space to install the water filter. 

You can easily mount this model under your sink thereby providing space for other kitchen materials and utensils. 

Intelligent monitoring is another fantastic feature of the Kube Advanced Water Filtration System

With intelligent monitoring, you can be sure that this water filter will last for a lifetime. 

The indicator measures usage to maximize filter life. 

Kube Water Filter comes with a Bypass Knob that enables you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. 

With this knob, you don’t have to shut off the main water supply while switching between the filtered and unfiltered water. 

The Dual-Flow Twist and the Lock Filters also make these products from Kube among the most effective water filters on the shelves. 

With the dual-flow twist, you can easily control the strong water flow throughout the water filter’s lifetime. 

Kube water filters are also easy to install.

Do you know that you can put this in place in less than 15 minutes? 

If you are replacing your existing water filter with a new one you can do that in less than 15 minutes. 

Many products from Kube come with a manufacturer’s manual that contains step-by-step instructions on how to fix the water filter within a short period. 

Kube water filters are durable as well as sturdy.

According to reviews, Kube water filters last between six months to one year. 

However, the durability of your water filter depends on how much you use your device. 

The Water Quality Association (WQA) has certified Kube’s replacement filters to NSF/ANSI standards to eliminate 1,665 US gallons or 6,300 liters. 

So, if you search for a water filter to provide clean and healthy water for a large household look no further than these products from Kube. 

For users who are always on the run and are tired of waiting for the pitcher to fill you can benefit by taking a look at Kube. 

It is also an excellent choice for users looking for an alternative device to replace their reverse osmosis system. 

No matter the variety of contaminants in your water Kube water filters can remove up to 99% of lead from your water. 

It is known to be much more useful than faucet-mount systems and filter pitchers. 

Aside from the fact that Kube products improve the smell, they also taste as well as the quality of your drinking water. 

Kube water is unique for all cooking and drinking needs.

It produces around 4 cents per gallon of water. 

Unlike other manufacturers on the market, Kube water filters feature Filter Life Indicator which shows the remaining filter capacity. 

The indicator also gives you a notification when your water filter is due for replacement.

Kube water filters are also fast and straightforward to change. 

The units come with a twist and lock design to make the changes easy and quick. 

Kube water filters are effective when it comes to removing tests and odor like chlorine. 

Aside from that, the products also eliminate heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and other elements. 

The water filter also removes pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, tranquilizers, pain killers, birth control, and many more. 

Gasoline additives such as Ethyl Benzene Xylene, Toluene, Benzene, and MTBE are also reduced in your drinking water by water filters from Kube. 

Quick Spec:

  • Brand name: Kube
  • Brand: Kube
  • Item model number: Kube14
  • Type: Water Filter
  • Filter type: Specialty Carbon Media Composite
  • Filter life: 1,665 gallons
  • Filter stages: 1
  • Numbers of filters: 2 (included)
  • Max feed pressure: 125 psi
  • Min feed pressure: 35 psi
  • Max feed temp: 120Fs
  • Width: 6.2 in
  • Height: 13.1 in
  • Fitting Size: 375 in
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs 
  • Product dimensions: 10.25 x 17.5 x 14.25 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White

After Unpacking

I ordered this Kube water filter on Amazon a few weeks ago. 

Immediately after doing that I was sent my delivery date and location. 

To my surprise, the device was delivered just at my doorstep. 

After unpacking the unit I discovered that the Kube water filter comes as a complete device. 

Neither do I also find any damages or scratches on any part of the water filter. 

After opening it and looking at the quality of the filter I was impressed. 

I was already contemplating on returning the water filter until I found out it had quick plastic connectors as well as plastic tubing. 

Brought out the device, cut it perfectly, and pressed hard when seating the hose and it seems to have the dealer just fine. 

I can easily move the filter a bit if I need to, I left the tubing the factory length. 

I left the house intact as I have read through different reviews stating how important it could be for easy service in the future. 

You will also find the serial number as well as other essential info of the water filter at the bottom of the package. 

Make sure you take a picture of the water filter’s bottom as soon as you inbox the product. 

You might find it difficult to reach the area it is located after you have installed the water filter. 

I also discovered that the brands include a user’s manual with the package. 

The manual contains some certain sets of instructions as well as a step-by-step guide on how to put the water filter in place. 

For instance, I got to know by reading the user manual that it is essential to change the filter cartridges every month even if the indicator is not showing red as many users brag about the indicator still being blue one and a half year in. 


Installing the Kube water filter system is as easy as purchasing it.

It requires less than 15 minutes to put the unit in place. 

Users who are replacing their existing device can do that in less than 15 minutes. 

The product is very easy to put in place.

Sometimes, the process might require you to install a dedicated faucet that you may not like.

 However, it did take me a while to complete the installation. 

There was a water leak around the female adapter to the cold water shut off valve.

I had to put some Teflon tape and tighten the adapter using a wrench. 

Meanwhile, it is important to know that you must press the black tubing all the way in to seal. 

The black tubing needs to be pressed in until you feel it often stop about ¼”. 

Then, you press a bit more and it will slide past the seal and tube grippers that hold it in place. 


Like other water filters on the market today the Kube water filter comes with a few benefits. 

Let’s check out some major advantages that come with using a Kube water filter. 

1. Superior Contaminant Removal

One of the major advantages of using a Kube water filter is that it is effective at removing any form of contaminants in your drinking water. 

It reduces almost all the contaminants that may be in your tap water. 

The device makes your water clean, fresh, and healthy for drinking. 

With a Kube water filter, you can be assured that your drinking water will be odor-free. 

The device can remove chlorine that causes an unpleasant taste to the water. 

It also eliminates pesticides & herbicides contaminants such as Alachlor, Atrazine, Carbofuran, Endrin, Lindane, Methoxychlor, Simazine, and DEET.

Kube water filter removes industrial pollutants like Styrene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Chlorobenzene, Tetrachloroethylene (TCE), and Ethylene Dibromide, and lots more.

Disinfection By-products such as TTHMs (Total Trihalomethanes), Chloroform, Bromoform, Bromodichloromethan, Dibromochloromethan, Tribromoacetic Acid, and particulates like sand, silt, and rust are not left behind in your drinking water. 

2. Compact System

Another significant benefit that comes with using a Kube water filter is the design of the unit. 

Kube water filters are built to fit into any space. 

You don’t have to remove other items of materials in your kitchen to put the filter in place. 

No matter how small your kitchen is you can easily mount your water filter under your sink. 

With this model, you can have as many other essential cooking materials as you want to be installed in your kitchen. 

Apart from the compact design, Kube water filters are also lightweight and portable.

You can easily move this unit from one part of the house to another without any challenges. 

For campers or van lifers who search for water filters to provide healthy water while on the road, look no further than Kube water filters. 

You can easily carry this device from any part of your camp to the beach for a picnic party. 

The compact design of this unit also makes the installation process easy and fast. 

3. Quick and Easy Installation

Aside from superior contaminant removal and compact system quick and easy installation processes is one of the significant advantages with Kube water filters. 

You don’t have to spend all day putting the device in place. 

Kube water filters are easy to install. 

You can effortlessly do the simple DIY installation in approximately 15 minutes. 

Even if you haven’t used the device before you would have no challenges mounting the water filter. 

With the step-by-step guide and instructions contained in the user manual, installing the water filter will be hassle-free. 

All you need to do is to follow the instructions entailed in the manual. 

However, if you discover that any of the tools required for installation is missing, you should contact Kube customer care for quick help and you can be sure that replacement will be sent down to your doorstep in a jiffy. 

However, don’t over-tighten the adapter while installing the water filter because it is plastic after all. 

4. Unique Features And Superior Performances

For users who search for a water filter that combines amazing features with superior performances, look no further than Kube water filters. 

This model comes with everything you are looking for in any water filter. 

One of the fantastic features of this unit is that it has intelligent monitoring. 

Kube’s Filter Life Indicator measures usage to maximize filter life. 

You can be sure that your device will last for years with intelligent monitoring. 

Besides intelligent monitoring, Bypass Knob is an exceptional feature, and you would love to have it in your water filter. 

The bypass knob enables you to change between filtered and unfiltered water without shutting off the main water supply. 

You can easily maintain the strong flow throughout your filter’s entire life with the dual-flow twist and lock filters that come with the device. 

When it comes to superior performance it would be very difficult to choose any other water filter over the Kube water filter. 

For instance, this model provides you with more water volume for washing dishes, drinking as well as cooking. 

The product also improves the quality, taste, and smell of your drinking water. 

It reduces the risk of contracting diseases from dirty or unhealthy water thereby enabling you and your family to be safe. 

5. Quick And Easy Filter Changes With Great Kinetico Support

Like installation, changing the filter is also easy and fast. 

The twist and lock design for Kube filters make filter changes simple and quick. 

So, you don’t need to spend extra bucks changing this device. 

Likewise, you won’t need a third hand if you replace your old filter with a new one. 

Many users have rated the Kinetico support as one of the best on the market. 

Aside from the fact they respond very fast to issues they also provide long-lasting solutions to any problem you call them for. 

For instance, when I received my water filter one of the filter housings was cracked. It looked just cosmetic so I duct-taped it together but still called the manufacturer. 

It was after hours, so I left a message. 

A rep called me back the next morning! 

He was super nice and sent me a whole new replacement filter set free of charge.

Even the replacement arrived earlier than the first water filter and I was super amazed. 


Human creation wasn’t perfect; neither was the Kube water filter.

There are still some downsides with the product. Let’s consider the few flaws of the device. 

1. Costly

One of the major downsides of Kube water filters is that they are expensive. 

You need to have a lot of bucks to buy any model from the brand. 

Low-income earners and people with a small budget often find it difficult to purchase the water filter. 

Most of the units are sold to people who search for luxury water filters that would last them for years. 

So, if you are searching for a water filter to invest in a Kube water filter can be a great choice for you. 

But you need to be ready to pay more for the unit. 

However, you can be sure that the device will satisfy all your needs. 

2. No Warranty

Another disadvantage that comes with the Kube water filter is that the device doesn’t come with a warranty or guarantee. 

So, you can’t easily predict if the water filter will last forever or not. 

If it doesn’t, you can’t return it for a refund or any money-back policy. 

You can easily request a replacement if you find any part of the water filter damaged or cracked while unpacking it. 

3. Reduced Dissolved Solids By Less Than 10% 

I bought this exact filter at one of the big home improvement stores and mounted it with a dedicated drinking water faucet in my kitchen. 

I faced no challenges during the installation processes and the filter was leak-free.

It also flowed a good amount of water. 

Unfortunately, the water tasted the same and the filter reduced the dissolved solids from 520 ppm to 485 ppm. 

With the expensive rate of the filter, I expected a significant improvement but was disappointed. 

4. Leaks 

Some users have complained about the Kube water filter leaking. 

One of the users narrated his experience of having installed the device halfway and later figured out that they did not include the elbow fittings needed to connect the filter to the water supply tubes. 

The installation was attempted the following day with everything connected and then 3 of the four fittings promptly. 

Unfortunately, the water leaked everywhere in the kitchen immediately; the water supply was turned on. 

Each connection was jiggled at least to reduce the leakage level and was left with a slow dripping leak from the main water supply line fitting. 

5. Taste like Tap

Even though the water filter cleans your unhealthy water and erases the awful smell in it, many users still believe the water filter tastes like a tap. 

However, it doesn’t mean the water taste is too bad, but if you care about the taste of your water you might consider going for another model.

Does Kube Water Filter Last for Years? 

If you have ever searched Kube Water Filter, you would know that this question is one of the frequently asked questions on google. 

One of the essential factors to consider before opting for any product today is the durability of the unit. 

Apart from the fact that durable products prevent you from always changing your existing unit, it also spares you the stress you have to go through during the replacement. 

Kube water filter Is one of the most durable and sturdy water filters on the market.

This model is built with superior-quality materials which makes it last for a lifetime.

It is a perfect investment for users who are to pay more for the product.

Kube water filters last between six months to one year. 

So, after this period don’t hesitate to replace it with another unit. 

To make the replacement processes easy the filter also an indicator that notifies you the right time to replace your model. 

However, if you are buying the water filter for a large household you can buy as many as possible to avoid relying on only one device for the whole house. 

What Others Are Saying

Of the 60 reviews earned by Kube water filter on Amazon, more than 80% of the reviews are positive. 

Even though the unit’s price is high, it comes with amazing features that make it worth its price. 

A Kube water filter is all that your family wants. 

While the unit has won the heart of thousands of users with its sleek design, others have chosen it because of its easy installation processes. 

Some users have also chosen this model over others because it is easy to operate as well as maintain. 

The product also has better water flow compared to other units on the market today.

It can provide enough water for drinking, washing dishes, and cooking for an average household of four. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a water filter that provides you and your family enough healthy water for drinking and cooking, then we hope that this Kube water filter review helped you choose the best filter for you and your family.

It is also durable as well as effective, Kube water filter is a great choice for you. 

This model is built with the interest of all families in mind. 

For an adequate supply of clean and fresh water, you can never go wrong with this model. 

We hope we helped you make up your mind with this review, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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