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What To Do When Your Brita Faucet Filter Is Leaking

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Tim Rhodes

Water is the most essential fluid our human body needs, so what do you do when your Brita faucet filter is leaking?

After a long and very tiring day at work, you sweat, breath and digest food.

As your body loses huge amounts of water on these, you must rehydrate.

So what does water do for our body and mind? It boosts alertness, removes body toxins, jumpstarts our metabolism, energizes our muscles and as we all know, it helps aid our digestion.

These are only a few of the reasons you’ll be needing to indulge with fresh and tasty water.


When Your Brita Faucet Filter Is Leaking

Leaking Faucet Filter

But what will you do if you hurriedly run to your faucet but your trusted tap water faucet filter is leaking?

One of the main functions of a faucet water filter system is to generally improve the quality of the water being filtered.

With that, it is very essential for a household to install one.

However, part of having this kind of system is its maintenance – particularly dealing with a leaking faucet filter.

What are the things to do when a faucet filter is leaking?

In this article, we will walk you through the leak sources and replacement guides.

Furthermore, this will also cover how to properly install the faucet filter, how to maintain a clean and long lasting filter and why it is important to have a faucet filter.

What is a Brita Faucet Filter?

We all know that water dispensed from faucets may not be fully suitable for drinking, consumption and cooking purposes.

Brita faucet filters aim to provide you a healthy, great tasting tap water at your home.

This is the product of eliminating over 60 contaminants including chlorine, asbestos, benzene, ibuprofen and Bisphenol A (BPA).

Also, it reduces 99% of lead present on your water.

Brita claims to be NSF/ANSI Standard 53 and 42 and 401 certified for the stated chemical reduction through filtration.

If this gets your interest, you may want to check its performance data.

They have different kinds of filters according to your needs.

Each will cater your clean water needs that comes with an easy to install set-up.

The latest version allows you to switch from filtered to unfiltered water based on your preference.

However, the reliability of these will also be depending on your usage.

Where is the Leak Coming From?

All leaks are unintended or undesired so it is very essential to check where the leak is coming from before proceeding on any repair works.

This is for you to know what steps you will take to repair the said leaks.

It will also save you from further damaging the system and will also save your claim for the item warranty.

You will have more time to do other chores after eliminating those impossible causes of leaks.

Water leaks or sprays may be from the connection of the system to the faucet or from the system itself.

Once the source of the leak is identified, you can now proceed with the repair.

Connection of the System to the Faucet

Improper installation of the faucet filter may lead to a probable cause of future leak.

The faucet filter must not be too loose or too tight which may cause bigger problems of losing the thread.

At this instance, carefully check the condition of the washer in between the faucet and adapter.

Always remember to put the washer in contact with the faucet and not in the mounting collar as it may cause water spray.

Every Brita water faucet filter will come with a handy instruction manual which will save you all the trouble.

Connecting the system to your faucet will be very easy but delicate.

Leaks Coming From the System Itself

Securing proper filter cartridge position will insure you of a long service ahead.

If not, this will surely cause water sprays.

Prior to installation, the quality of the material must be given attention.

Make sure that you get what you buy.

This time it is best described as “detection from early inspection is better than return”.

Leaks can also be from accumulated sediments trapped inside the system.

When this happens, the flow rate of the filtered water slows.

This may cause the system to be overfilled and subsequently enough, water will find its way out of the Brita water faucet filter system thus producing leaks in the system.

Once you notice that the flow rate of the filtered water is slow, you must immediately remove the Brita water faucet filter system and directly check the strainer from the mounting collar.

Re attached the Brita water faucet filter system and if the flow rate is still slow, you must replace the filter cartridge.

This may be caused by a very high sediment buildup that causes the Brita water faucet filter to clog prematurely before the typical end life of the filter.

It only means that the system is removing the sediments from the tap water.

When to Replace

The Brita water filters for faucets are smartly designed with color coded indicators that make it super easy for users to keep track of Brita water filter usage for faucets.

Here are the color indicators and what is meant by each.

GREEN – Indicates that the system has been installed completely and is working properly.

The GREEN color stage is the optimal color stage for best performance of the Brita Faucet Filtration System.

Half RED and GREEN – Indicates that the Brita Faucet Filtration System is getting ready for replacement of the Brita water filter soon.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind at this stage is that the Brita water filter cartridge that is being used has approximately two weeks of water filter life left.

Quantity wise, this may be equated to approximately 20 gallons of filtered water life to go.

RED – Indicates that the Brita faucet filter has reached the end of its life cycle and needs to be replaced immediately.

Brita water faucet filter replacement indicator is guaranteed to last up to 5 years depending on your usage.

How to Replace Brita Water Filters

Identification of leak sources will let you rectify the problem.

Most of the time, replacement of the filters will be most practicable.

Replacing the Brita water faucet filters will be as easy as installation procedure.

There will be no need for any fancy mechanical tools.

Before doing anything, make sure that the water valve is shut down.

Four Easy Steps

First, remove the old filter cartridge attached to the water faucet.

Press “Filter cartridge release button” at the back of the Brita water filter cup and pull up.

Dispose the old water filter cartridge.

Next, align the new water filter cartridge against the insert groove (see explanation on the next part).

Once the above steps are done, make sure that the Brita water faucet filter handle is turned to the Brita water setting.

Always remember that only the water from the filter port is filtered and all other water is unfiltered already.

After this, it is best advised that you let it run for about five minutes in order to properly flush out the newly installed Brita water faucet filter before fully using it.

In line with this, make sure whenever you want to remove the cartridge filter you will replace it.

Once you put back the old and used unit, the replacement warning period will automatically reset.

This will give you false guidance and warning.

Replacement of Cartridge Filter Only

If after your careful assessment that leak problem can be addressed by replacing the cartridge filter only, you don’t have to worry.

You just have to follow easy steps below:

For installing the new water filter cartridge, you must have a good grip.

Using one hand as support (tightly gripped) for the base of the Brita water filter cup, lift the new water filter cartridge and put it inside the filter cup until it “clicks”.

It will be the indication that you have successfully inserted the new Brita water filter cartridge.

This also means that the electronic Brita Filter replacement indicator for faucets have been automatically reset and re activated at the same time.

There will be instances that the BBrita RITA Filter replacement indicator will not reset upon the insertion of the new Brita water filter cartridge.

You will need to remove the filter from the base and press the metal pin (part of the Brita faucet filter) a few times until you see a solid green light in the indicator.

Then, re-insert the filter and this should be good to go.

After aligning, it should look like an extension coming out of the faucet with a Brita water filter cup facing upwards with an open mouth.

Removal of Filter for Cleaning Purpose

If you intend to clean the filter, rinse or wipe off, remember to insert back the cartridge filter within thirty second while the warning indicator light is still in green color.

This will prevent the system from automatic reset.

Importance of Regular Filter Replacement

Always take note that changing your filters on time will produce better results.

Primarily, continuous use of old filters will defeat its major purpose of securing your water is free of contaminants.

All the dirt will be accumulated on the system which you and your family use for water intake everyday.

The best identification of this scenario is when you suddenly notice that the smell and taste of water changes.

Fresh Filter

A fresh filter means fresher water.

A good, clean Brita water faucet filter will also lessen the impurities on the water.

Also, a newly replaced Brita water faucet filter will produce a better tasting water which means we will drink more, and we all know the endless benefits of drinking lots of water.

Money wise, Brita replacement filters are inexpensive.

They will require you to change it every 378 liters or approximately 3 to 4 months of use.

Choose Appropriate Faucet Mounts For You

If you feel that you are not satisfied with the performance of your faucet filter, you may want to re-visit and re-assess if you acquire the appropriate Brita water faucet filter for you.

They offer Brita Faucet Mount Filtration Complete system and Brita Faucet Mount Filtration basic system.

Brita Faucet Mount Filtration Complete system advances to the latter since this version gives three flow options.

You may want to have filtered water which can be used for cooking or drinking.

Also, you can have it as a spray or stream of water for dishes and cleaning.

In addition, this has also a built in LED filter change indicator while the basic filtration system has a standard filter indicator.

Both systems use the same cartridge filter which is the FR200.

How to Properly Install

Installing this system does not require hours or any advanced plumbing tools.

Brita water faucet filter is made for a quick and easy installation.

Five Easy Steps

Locate and remove the aerator from the faucet.

Clean the exposed area.

Water faucet aerator protects the water from flowing into one big stream thus, saving water.

It is often located at the tip of water faucets.

Examine the water faucet threads and determine if you need to use an adapter.

If your faucet has an outside thread, you will certainly not need an adapter.

If the Thread is Inside the Faucet

You might want to consider getting an appropriate washer and adapter.

This will help ensure the effective compatibility of the different parts of the Brita water faucet filter for installing.

Brita Water faucet filter always provides washers and adapters just in case it will be needed.

How to Install

Install the base system to your faucet.

Make sure that the filter replacement indicator is facing you.

It is very important that the two components are leveled and not forcefully twisted.

Over tightening is not recommendable.

This will just lead to losing your faucets thread which will cause fit issues.

While supporting and aligning the filter system, insert the filter cartridge.

Pull the filter slightly to make sure it is fitted well.

Ready to flush your filter with water.

The water to be used must be cold water.

Flush the system for up to five minutes.

It is normal to see carbon dust during this step.

The time allotted for flushing is critical and the 100-gallon /378-liter filter life begins.

The filter is now ready to use!

Take note that the Brita water faucet filter system cannot be installed in a faucet with built-in spray feature at the end.

How to Maintain a Clean and Long Lasting Filter

As stated above, there are several factors affecting the performance of the Brita faucet filter.

You can draw thoughts from there on how you can fully optimize the capability of your filter.


But, you can still do additional precautions listed below:

  • Brita filters are not designed to accommodate hot water flow.
  • Bear in mind that it is designed for only cold water not exceeding 38 degree Celsius.
  • Water hotter than this will surely cause filer damage and poor performance.
  • On the other hand, Brita water faucet filter system is built flexible to your desires.
  • You can use hot water provided that you switch the water flow mechanism to “unfiltered water”.
  • If your expectation is to have a purified water output, you are looking at the wrong product.
  • Brita filter is not designed for treating microbiologically unsafe water.
  • If unsure, contact your tap water provider.

More Tips

  • Just like any other machine, do not interfere while it’s doing its job.
  • Refrain from pushing the filter cartridge release button while filtering water.
  • After a long period of idle time, practice flushing the faucet filter for 30 seconds before use.
  • In addition, five second activation timing should be done.
  • Prior to every use, let water flow for five seconds.
  • Avoid including any parts of the equipment to the dishwasher.
  • Use only a soft sponge to clean the outside part.
  • Steel wipes or wool must not be used.

However, the ability of the Brita faucet filter will decrease over time as a proof of its function.

Thus, it is recommended to regularly replace it specially after the appearance of solid red on your replacement indicator.

On the other hand, there will be instances that you may be required to replace it earlier than it is supposed to be.

If you observe that the water flowing got slower and was reduced , replace the filter immediately.

Take note that only water coming out the water port is filtered.

Water from external parts is unfiltered.

How Valuable is Brita Water Faucet Filter?

After all our efforts in restoring, replacing and installing our Brita water faucet filter system, we ask ourselves, is this system even worth all that effort?

The answer is “yes!” and here are the reasons why:

Non-hassle Way of Obtaining Cleaner Water

The Brita water faucet filter was made to be an easy and convenient way to get healthier, great tasting water from our faucets.

As mentioned, it reduces the contaminants found in tap waters using its lightweight faucet filter systems.

The Brita water faucet filter will produce continuous clean and quality filtered water as long as it is used and maintained properly.

The Brita water faucet filter is a non hassle system because it will only take minutes for this system to set up.

Having access to tap water, cleaner water is always within grasp with this kind of water faucet filter system.

Less Waste Generated

Use of one Brita water faucet filter system with 5 replacement cartridge filters is equivalent to 3,566 plastic bottled water consumption of humans a year.

If clean water is easily accessible in every faucet, we can reduce the worst effect of very slow deterioration of plastic bottles.

In fact, each water bottle takes 1000 years to decompose.

Imagine reducing this number of disposable bottles to be thrown in landfill or worse into the sea.

The Brita water faucet filter system, being an eco friendly equipment, helps us generate less waste.

Aiding us in our commitment to reuse, reduce and recycle.

Succeedingly walking to a better world.

Cost Efficiency

Having a Brita water faucet filter at our household instantly means that we are already saving more money.

Although there is a one time cost for purchasing the Brita water faucet filter, you will see in the long run how cost effective this system is versus a single use water bottle.

In a year, imagine saving an approximate of 940 USD (47,000 Php) from the unrealized single used bottled water purchases.

This money could be used for other home improvement plans.

Design Compatibility

Not only does the Brita water faucet filter a good product in terms of its effectiveness, it can also suit your kitchen decor setup.

It will literally save space from your kitchen floor to your counter spaces.

The typical water dispenser unit can be replaced by the Brita water filter faucet.

Water bottles and pitchers may not be used as we can get clean filtered water directly at our faucets.

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Final Thoughts On A Leaking Brita Water Filter Faucet

Replacement of the filter will always be the simplest and most practicable thing to do when your Brita faucet filter leaks.

However, you can exercise proactive means and actions to avoid premature replacements.

You can even predict how long you can use it based on its shelf life.

As for the Brita water faucet filter system, on average use of each household, it can serve you for four months.

If you’re worried about the performance of your filter system, it is best to evaluate if you need to look at the Brita variety of faucet filter systems.

Our everyday life demands us to be healthy, fit and active.

Clean water is a vital need to keep up to the phase of life.

Thus, Brita Faucet filter is significantly useful for everybody.

Based on the above facts, we believe that Brita faucet filters will not only be a fancy thing to have but a future necessity for every household.

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