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10 Best Washing Machine Water Filters Reviewed (2023)

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Tim Rhodes

Do you need a washing machine water filter?

Most of us are familiar with the handful of problems that come with the use of hard water, from an unpleasant taste of drinking water to unsightly stains on faucets and sinks, it leaves its mark on everything it touches.

Are you tired of hard water taking the color and freshness of your new clothes?

Unfortunately, washed clothes aren’t spared either.

It’s not just hard water that’s a nuisance to our dresses, but also dust, dirt, and mud that’s present in nearly all water supplies and leaves washed clothes dirtier than they were before you tossed them in the washer.

It’s not just your clothes that are in trouble if the water composition isn’t ideal, your washing machine is also at risk.


10 Best Washing Machine Water Filters Reviewed

If the dull, worn-out clothes seem like a problem you can relate to, it’s about time you invest in a washing machine water filter.

Below you’ll find the top 10 along with product information, features and ratings for each one.

1. Pure Water Products Cold Water Washing Machine Filter

Glacier Fresh Water Filter 3 Pack

Pure Water Products is another worthy choice if you want to protect your washing machine and clothes from hard water.

This works by purifying water before letting it into your washing machine filter system.

The water filter makes sure that limescale deposits don’t settle on the parts of the device.

Futhermore, this water filter includes a sediment cartridge that prevents the formation of crystals and scaling inside the machine.

By preventing scaling, it extends the life of your machine and ensures optimal performance.

When the machine performs at its best, and the water quality inside the machine is ideal.

You’ll instantly notice cleaner, and softer washed clothes with all their original colors intact as they were when you bought them.

Other than that, the water filter is quite simple to install and won’t require any assistance or special tools to do so.

However, take note that this product is only for cold water applications; the water temperature needs to be maintained below 100 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal operation.

It installs on most standard washing machines and can easily be mounted on a wall behind the machine once installed.

You can also place it on a stand if you plan on relocating the washer often.

Robust brass hose fittings are long-lasting and will not give you trouble even after years of use.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the washer hose and Teflon tape aren’t included; they’ll be needed during installation.

Keep in mind that this filter is best for cold water but can work for hot water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Greater versatility with compatibility with most types of washing machines
  • The water filter allows an enhanced washing quality with faster and better results
  • Installation is simple
  • Water flow to the machine’s drum isn’t obstructed
  • Universal connections allow a secure fit and installation on most standard washing machines
  • Best for cold water but also works with hot water

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2. PURIFIT Washing Machine Filter

PURIFIT Washing Machine Filter Protects from Hard Water & Chlorine

Designed for automatic washing machines, Purifit Washing Machine Filter protects your clothes and the machine hardware from harmful chemicals in hard water.

The water filter is reinforced with top-quality polyphosphate crystals that prevent the deposit of limescale on the walls of your machine.

Not only this, but the water filter ensures a cleaner water supply for your clothes, so they retain their colors, shine, and softness for much longer than before.

Installation is much more straightforward than you would expect.

If you still have trouble, follow the installation video link provided in the user manual and it will walk you through it.

No tools are required to get the thing installed; it will barely take you minutes to get it in place and running.

Besides the washing filter, you’ll find silicone rings and Teflon tape in the package to make the installation even simpler for you.

Once it’s ready for action, the operation of the unit isn’t a problem at all.

Just use your washing machine as you did before installing it. The water filter will not obstruct water and no leakages were noticed either.

If you’re using the machine to the maximum of its capacity thrice a week.

You can expect the filter to last optimally for 4 to 6 months in the case of a top load washing machine and 6 to 9 months in the case of a front load washing machine.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Enhances the life of the washing machine filter system
  • The addition of the water filter does not obstruct water flow
  • Clothes will retain their softness and shine
  • Installation isn’t time-consuming at all, installation video makes it even simpler

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3. Inline Water Filters Washing Machine

Inline Water Filters 85470 Washing Machine Inline Water Filter

Standing among the best selling washing machine water filters, the Washing Machine Inline Water filter 85470 is easy to install.

It protects its parts from sediment build up as the filtration process is able to get rid of 98% of the solids that are larger than 25 microns in size.

This saves you from the trouble of cleaning the inlet valve screen on your washing machine every few days due to scaling.

Once you’ve secured it in place on the inlet water pipe, the water filter will prevent most solids from passing through.

It uses a unique 5-stage filtration process compared to the standard filters available.

Besides protecting your machine from the damage of sediment build-up, it also keeps your clothes bright and soft for longer.

Additionally, you won’t find any trouble installing or replacing the water filter on the inlet pipe.

The installation and replacement process are quick and simple.

Given the multitude of benefits that the water filter adds to your washing experience, a small 10% reduction in the water flow rate shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • traps 98% of solids larger than 25 microns
  • Valve screen easily installs
  • No need to clean the inlet valve screen on your washing machine
  • Keeps your machine operating optimally for longer
  • Filter change outs are quick
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compatible with most standard washing machines
  • 10% reduction in flow rate
  • One of the few inline water filters on this list
  • Protection from sediment build-up

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4. DEWBELL Washing Machine Filter

[DEWBELL]세탁기용 F15 정수 필터 시스템 (알뜰 타입) / 물 필터/녹 제거, 잔류...

Simple in design and ready to be installed, there are hardly any chances that you would go wrong with your choice to choose Dewbell for the water filtration of your machine.

Without the requirement of any tools, it fits quickly onto any standard washing machine and begins its action as soon as you start using it.

Keep in mind that the inner filter of Dewbell will need to be changed once it changes color to brown by trapping water contaminations.

Installations and replacements are effortless and a detailed pictorial chart will guide you through the process.

Don’t worry; you’ll only need to replace the water filter once it turns too dingy, it should take about 2 to 3 months for it to come to this stage.

With the harmful substances removed from the water entering your washing machine, it will perform optimally and won’t find much reason to break down.

As for the results, they’re as amazing as it gets!

Not only does it enhance the wash quality, keep the colors and texture of your clothes intact, but protects your washing machine from any water damage.

With the use of Dewbell with your washing machine, you can enjoy a much longer full-functional life of your washing machine.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Simple installation and doesn’t require any special tools
  • Change outs are quick with the inner filter and easy to find in the market
  • It’s compatible with several washing machine brands including automatic and semi-automatic
  • All the connector parts for the machine are included in the package with a detailed guide on installation
  • Protects washing machine from sediment build damage

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5. Pure Water Products Hot Water Washing Machine Filter

Pure Water Products - Hot Water Washing Machine Filter

We’ve already reviewed the cold-water counterpart of this model.

It’s time to take a look at Pure Water Product’s Hot Water Washing Machine Filter.

At an amazingly low price, this filter won’t just save your washing machine from scaling.

Still, it will prevent other elements such as iron, algae, and bacteria from entering your wash cycle.

Water filtration is brought about by the multi-layer filtration process designed to handle high temperatures and pressures.

The sediment filtration unit that’s included is perfect for controlling and blocking harmful components in the hot water stream and allows only clean, soft water into the machine’s drum.

This sediment filtration assembly prevents scaling, contaminations, and foul smells from reaching the machine and your clothes.

The clean water supply that results in the inlet pipe after you’ve installed a hot water filter will ensure that the clothes retain their original beauty and extends the life of your machine.

With a cleaner supply of water, also effectively reduces your detergent consumption, saving money in the long run.

The water filter connections are universally making it suitable for installation on all washing machine brands and varieties, whether top loading or front loading.

All you’ll need for installation is an additional hose for the washer and Teflon tape.

Everything else that you’ll need to put the pieces together is already there in the package including screws, wrench, and a mounting bracket.

When replacement is finally required, you’ll find it rather quick and simple to do so.

No special tools or expertise is required to install or replace the Pure Water washing machine filter.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It uses food-grade filter media to turn hard water into soft water
  • Water flow isn’t obstructed
  • Removes mud, dirt, and scale from the water before letting it enter the drum
  • Helps wash clothes faster
  • Keeps clothes fresh and nice-smelling

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6. Household Bathroom Washing Machine Water Filter

Reusable Sediment Spin Down Replacement Water Pre Filter 10Micron,10GPM,1/2'MNPT,for Hot Water...

Here’s another excellent washing machine filter if you feel that machine wash is affecting the quality of your clothes.

The pure product is compatible with all washing machines and works well for both top loading and front loading varieties.

You can install it by hand and won’t find any problems doing so; a detailed instructions manual is also present in the package if there’s still any confusion.

Maintenance is just as simple as its installation, replace the water filter every six months or so, and you’ll find it performing optimally every time you wash clothes.

Once you’ve put it in place, the water filter will begin its work, and you’ll notice a much better wash quality right away.

It will remove the dirt and harmful chemicals from water and treat it to allow only soft water into the drum.

Clean water will allow thorough cleaning of your clothes, restoring their long lost charm.

When the clean water manages to wash clothes thoroughly, the detergent consumption will also be reduced.

Besides saving up on detergent and effective cleaning, the water filter also protects your appliance from damage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a multi-layer filter that effectively removes most impurities from water
  • Prevents the machine from corrosion
  • The cartridge will last long even when used frequently
  • Compatible with all models of washing machines
  • It lowers your detergent consumption and saves money

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7. Elegant Casa Washing Machine Pre Filter

Elegant Casa Washing Machine Pre Filter Water and Softener Filter for Hard Water Protection

Elegant Casa Pre Filter is specifically designed to deliver a clean supply of water to your washing machine.

The design is simple, with a universal inlet and outlet that can easily fit most washing machine models, both automatic and semi-automatic.

You can install it to the water inlet pipe of your machine by hand and reaping the benefits immediately.

The threading design makes it even easier to install, and also to pull it out when it’s time for a replacement.

Once the transparent alum inside the water filter assembly turns brownish, you will need to replace it so that the water filter continues operating optimally.

It will take about 2 to 3 months before you need a replacement, and when you do, replace the alum, not the entire filter.

Alum is readily available in the market; you can also order it online.

The composition of the Pre Filter includes alum which effectively blocks magnesium, calcium, and other hard components so that your clothes receive a clean supply of soft water supply for an efficient wash cycle.

The water filter also protects your expensive machine from the damage of hard water by filtering out the impurities.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fabric retains its color and freshness
  • Your washing machine is protected from scaling and corrosion
  • Extends the life of your washing machine
  • Quick and easy to install and to replace
  • Easy to figure out the time for a replacement
  • Water flow isn’t reduced

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8. Whole House Reusable Washing Machine Water Filter

Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter. Prefilter Removes Sediment, Rust, Sand from...

The Whole House Reusable Washing Machine Filter by Aqua Filter is another worthy choice for improving the wash quality and increasing your machine’s life.

At a comparatively low price, the unit comes with multiple sediment filtration layers that will do an adequate job of removing impurities from the water supply to your machine.

As long as your washing machine uses cold water for the wash cycle, it will perform optimally and guarantee a clean supply to your clothes.

Continued exposure to impure water affects the activity of the machine’s mechanism and drum; the effects are even quicker if you get hard water in your area.

These effects on the machine components cause frequent breakdowns and repairs, decreasing the overall life of your investment.

Instead of troubling yourself with complex repairs to the washing machine, investing in this simple filter is a much better solution.

Other than filtering sediments, the unit also keeps bacteria, worms, parasites, and rust from entering the machine’s water supply and keeps your clothes and device safe.

The clothes will turn out soft and retain their original colors even after multiple washes in the machine.

It works for both top and front load washers and offers much better durability as compared to most other washing machine filters available in the market.

If you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it to the buyer within the first 30 days of its delivery.

One of the few filters on this list that works for the whole house.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lasts much longer than an average washing machine water filter
  • Prevents contaminants from settling on your machine or fabric
  • Compatible with most washing machine brands
  • Clean water supply improves wash quality
  • 30-day return policy backs the purchase
  • Great for the whole house

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9. SCALEX Reusable Washing Machine Antiscale Water Filter

Water Softening Filter Cartridge | 4.5' x 20' to fit 20' Housing | Ion Exchange Filter Softens Water...

Invest in this inexpensive, simple tool to prevent your washing machine from corrosion and damage and to regain the freshness of your dull and dingy clothes.

You can install it on any top or front load washing machine without using any extra tools and enjoy much more efficient wash cycles.

Once installed, the water stream will be as steady as before the installation.

The water flows into the drum won’t be reduced either.

This simple filter purifies the water supply to your washing machine and prevents crystal growth, as long as you replace it at least once every six months.

With a pure and clean water supply reaching the components of the machine.

It will perform to its utmost capacity and survive for a much longer time.

Scaling on the heater coil of the machine’s drum is reduced to a great extent.

This means you’ll be wasting less time and effort in servicing your appliance.

Besides reducing scale formation, it also eliminates bacteria and pathogens that are usually present in most water streams.

With a hygienic wash, free from rust, bacteria, algae, and other components, you can be confident that your health isn’t at risk.

Other than that, you can expect much cleaner and softer clothes, even with a smaller consumption of detergent.

In the long run, you’ll save money on detergents, and enjoy cleaner, brighter, nice-smelling clothes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Reduces crystal formation
  • Protects the washer against corrosion and scaling
  • Maintains the color and texture of the fabric
  • Can handle around 400 wash cycles
  • Enhances the life of your washing machine
  • Installation is simple on all varieties of washing machines

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10. Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean CPR

Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean CPR World’s No.1 Environmentally Friendly Physical Water Softener for...

Eco Crystal Fresh N Clean CPR is a universal water filtration system that isn’t just an excellent addition to your washing machine.

Also compatible with most water purifiers, kitchen sinks, geysers, vending machines, and dishwashers.

The ultimate goal of the Eco Crystal water purifier is to filter and purify the water supply to your appliances to enhance their lives and optimize their performance.

When connected to the inlet pipe of your washing machine, it removes dust, dirt, and unwanted salts and minerals from the water supply before it reaches the drum.

This step makes the water cleaner and softer for a hygienic wash cycle.

The washed clothes are softer, show no signs of discoloration, and have much fewer detergent traces compared to the usual wash cycle.

With efficient washing of fabric, you’ll also save loads on detergent.

Besides the perks of cleaner clothes with a smaller use of detergents, you’ll also enjoy a much longer life of your washing machine.

As the water filter reduces scaling on the heating coil, it will perform much more efficiently, heating water much quicker and saving time and electricity when washing clothes.

Other than the heating coil, it also protects other components of the machine from damage.

Since installation is simple, you can pull it out any time and attach it to your dishwasher or geyser for a pure supply of water for these appliances.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A versatile water filter that’s compatible with plenty of other appliances besides the washing machine
  • The package includes all the essential components together with a user-friendly manual
  • Washed clothes are soft and clean
  • The heating coil is scale-free and so is the rest of the machine
  • Saves up on detergent
  • Electricity consumption is lowered

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Water Filter Necessary For A Washing Machine?

While a water filter isn’t necessary for a washing machine, it can help prevent your clothes from being washed with hard water and other contaminants.

This will result in cleaner and softer clothes that are void of dirt and grit.

How Do I Clean The Water Inlet Valve On A Washing Machine?

You can clean the water inlet valve screen easily on a washing machine by first removing the screen with needle-nose pliers or your fingers.

Scrap off any grit, dirt, or other noticeable particles.

Afterward you can soak the inlet valve screen in a solution of water and vinegar for about 30 minutes.

How Do You Clean A Washing Machine Filter?

You can clean a washing machine filter by opening the water filter cover on the front of the washing machine.

Pull out the emergency drain hose and remove its cap.

Water should begin to flow into your dish.

This should be done every 6 weeks.

How Do I Clean The Sediment Out Of My Washing Machine?

You can clean the heavy sediment out of your washing machine by pouring about 1 cup of baking soda and 1 liter of vinegar into the wash drum.

Run a wash cycle at the highest possible temperature with your baking soda and vinegar solution.

Make sure you’re running an empty load.

Final Thoughts

No matter which brand of washing machine you are using and what budget you have in mind.

There is a bundle of unique water filters that can solve your problems and cater to your specific requirements.

Currently, these are the ten best washing machine water filters that you’ll find out there.

No matter which one you pick from the list, some essential benefits are guaranteed: a much more efficient wash cycle and longer life of your washing machine.

Did you come across a product that’s not on our list but worthy enough for a spot?

Make suggestions in the comment section and we’ll be quick to review them and include them on our list.

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