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10 Best Water Filters To Remove Calcium And Lime Reviewed (2023)

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Tim Rhodes

Water filtration systems designed to eliminate calcium and lime deposits play a crucial role in eliminating particles that cling to surfaces, ultimately leading to blockages in pipes and showerheads over time.

Additionally, they can prevent unsightly calcium and lime buildup on your faucets and various household appliances.

By eradicating these particular ions from your water supply, you not only ensure the production of clean and safe drinking water but also extend the lifespan of your home’s plumbing and appliances.

Fortunately, innovative solutions are available to address both of these issues.


10 Best Water Filters To Remove Calcium And Lime

Below you’ll find the 10 best water filters to remove calcium and lime.

Each of the items listed covered comes with a product description, detailed features and a rating.

1. TAPP2 Click

TAPP Water TAPP 2 - Set of 2 Refills for The TAPP Water TAPP 2 filters

The TAPP2 is a faucet attached filter, which means that it only starts working at the ending line of your water sourcing systems at home, nonetheless, it can solve some issues regarding limescale.

The focus of the TAPP2 is put on drinking water, and they do a great job taking away all of the unpleasant or dangerous elements found in tap water.

The TAPP2 also eliminates bad smell and taste and does this without adding any other elements to your water that some other filter puts in it.

How does the TAPP2 do the filtering?

Just like most common filters, the TAPP2 works with GPA which stands for Granulated Activated Carbon.

The TAPP2 comes in two versions, one in which you simply set the date of change manually, and one that comes with a Bluetooth button that connects with an app both letting you know when the filter needs a change.

And there are more benefits to the TAPP2 mainly how convenient it is due to the filter’s extremely easy installation and recharge process with which you only need to twist the device into your faucet and twist in and out the filter to renew them.

Also, TAPP2 has a reasonable price of 79€ (89 for the Bluetooth one) for the main device and four filters which are said to last for a year and thereafter a price of 59€ for extra filters.

These are a lot of promises, why should I put so much trust in this device?

Well, beyond how convenient the product is the main reason why it ranks here even when it just takes calcium and limescale out of tapped water, is because of the credibility of its claims and the institutional support it has.

In other words, the TAPP2 is trustworthy because it is supported and approved by the Spanish Government, co-founded by the Horizon Programme of the European Union, and is labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation just as it has excellent client attention services.

Given all that, if your main problem with limescale comes from your dislike of it in your tap water or because the appliances in which you use tap water, like kettles, get stuck or ruined by calcium accumulations then the TAPP2 is the best option in the market right now.

Just one little extra thing, the filters in TAPP2 use organic GAC which is said to be made entirely out of coconuts and that’s just the cutest thing.

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2. APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage WQA Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis...

The APEC 5-stage is one of the most popular systems for filtering water, which is something that will only do the job of providing you with clean drinking water, not saving you from much trouble regarding limescale in pipelines and washing machines.

The APEC is an under-sink system with better durability and a more complex system of filtration which combines both activated carbon and reverse osmosis.

This should get you some better results than the TAPP2 at eliminating limescale since it will prevent accumulations in your faucet and end-line pipes.

Anyway, in regards to the work that it does, cleaning taped water, this keeps being one of the better options.

It has WQA and FDA certifications as well as more than two decades of credibility from the APEC brand.

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3. Home Master Standard Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Home Master TM Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, Fast 4.5s Fill Rate, 8.5” of...

The Home Master line of Reverse Osmosis filters is one of the most trustworthy systems in the market.

Any of the Home Master versions will do the work you need at purifying water and all are quite easy systems to install as they don’t come in a linear formation, but with a tank and flexible tubes easy to place under the sink.

Some of the nice things about the Home Master include its good durability, having filters that should be changed only once a year and the good water flow it allows said to be at least two times greater than standard filters.

The great added benefit of the Home Master systems is how many options available there are as you can select between ten versions of this filter system depending on the specific needs you might have.

The Home Master keeps being a system limited to the sink, not being effective for cleaning your whole house out of limescale.

All versions of the system are a bit expensive.

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4. The ScaleBlaster SB-75

SCALE BLASTER SB-75 ScaleBlaster, Black

This doesn’t look like a filter so why put it in here?

The ScaleBlaster is a kind of filter is one that acts in a slightly different way from usual filters.

Instead of directly acting as a net that separates what we want (the water) from what we don’t want (the calcium, magnesium, and other elements) which is how we usually think about a filter, the ScaleBlaster emits electromagnetic waves that turn calcium ions into calcium particles, which are just too big to get stuck and accumulate in pipelines and other places.

The ScaleBlaster is something more like an electric filter.

This type of electric filter is called DeScalers and the ScaleBlaster is one of the more reliable.

The ScaleBlaster can be installed in the main pipelines in your home so they get to do the job of getting your house free from limescale and calcium accumulation.

The ScaleBlaster doesn’t get rid of the calcium it just makes it into chunks too big to cause accumulations and those might still get into the water you drink and use for other purposes.

So, the ScaleBlaster might still need to be used along with other filtering devices.

Another thing to have in mind is that this product might not do a great job with water that is too hard as customer reviews from people with really hard water tell that the ScaleBlaster barely shows any sign of stopping limescale formation.

Also, the ScaleBlaster comes with no warranty if bought on Amazon or eBay, something that’s just really not too convenient.

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5. iSpring ED2000

iSpring ED2000 Whole House Water Descaler, Alternative Electronic Salt-Free Hard Water Conditioner,...

The iSpring just like the ScaleBlaster is another electronic DeScaler but with some better reviews.

Just like the previous DeScaler, the iSpring uses electromagnetic waves to bond the little calcium and magnesium particles in water so they get carried away instead of getting stuck.

As we said, the main difference between this and the ScaleBlaster mainly lies in the larger and better amount of reviews the iSpring has although they are usually qualified equally.

In any case, it seems like both could do the work and the iSpring does come with a warranty.

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6. SoftPro Elite High-Efficiency With Upflow Regeneration Technology

SoftPro Elite Plus High Efficiency 32,000 Grain Water Softener and Filter Whole House System Using...

With SoftPro we start getting into the really big systems of water filtering that start solving your general problems with limescale although there are some things that you could not like about it.

SoftPro is a water softener that is quite different from a water conditioner.

Things like the DeScalers are called water conditioners as they change the composition of the molecules inside water but they don’t take the minerals away from it.

Water softeners, on the other hand, actually get rid of the elements like magnesium and calcium that you don’t want in your water softening it (taking the heavy part in it).

The problem is that water softeners use sodium or salt to filter and replace the unwanted elements in water and the salt might only count as another unwanted element.

Even if that’s the case, if the problem we deal with comes from limescale appearing in our entire house and clogging pipes, then a water softener is the best solution.

This won’t exactly solve the problem you might have with getting free from calcium drinkable water from your tap and it will also be a bit more expensive.

Beyond all those details the Soft Pro is one of the best options out there when it comes to water softening.

The equipment has automatic settings that make maintenance and use super easy and comes with this thing called UpFlow technology which is supposed to increase the efficiency of the filtering, saving both salt and water.

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7. Aquios fs-234

Aquios® AQFS234 Jumbo Salt Free Full House Water Softener and Filter System - New Model

The Aquios is another water softener device but not like the SoftPro, the Aquios fs-234 doesn’t come with much fancy stuff.

This is no more than a basic filter for water softening and there’s not much more to say about it.

A basic and simple yet pretty useful way to get rid of hard water and calcium accumulation in an entire house.

Although the price might be a bit high compared to other options, it keeps being around a reasonable price and it is an immediate solution for the one who simply gets things done.

Given its simplicity, we think that Aquios is a slightly better general option than SoftPro.

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8. GE 40,200 Grain Water Softener

GE Water Softener System | 40,000 Grain | Reduce Hard Mineral Levels at Water Source | Reduce Salt...

The 40200 is called a Smart Softener, something that we already know tells us that the equipment has some modern electronic system of operation.

The 40200 makes modulation and control easy thanks to the fact that it lets you know when it needs to be recharged and automatically adjusts to water usage.

The most important thing about its automatic adjustment is that it allows for greater water consumption efficiency and less wasted water.

The Smart features in the 40,200 are somewhat simpler than those in the SoftPro and they automatize the process of adjusting pressure instead of just providing information about it, which translates into better water usage.

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9. Fleck 5600 SXT Metered

AFWFilters Built Fleck 48,000 Water Softener System with 5600sxt Digital metered Valve 1' Yoke

The Fleck 5600 is yet another water softener so why should you consider it better than the rest?

We think that some of the important things you should consider when it comes to appliances like this are their credibility, and credibility is achieved through a proven time of effectiveness.

The Fleck 5600 is the most popular and effective system for water softening something that already tells you that this is a device that will generally solve your problems.

Sure, we should try out different products and give the chance to other brands and devices to build credibility also knowing that most of them do the job they promise, but if you ask about what can be proved as the most trustworthy option that’s the one here.

The 5600 is not only a market staple but a renewed product that comes with most of the things you can ask for in modern water softeners.

The product is straightforward with a simple installation process, it has a built-in computer to measure use and softener remaining also it can be programmed for meter regeneration.

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10. The Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Rhino

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System - Carbon & KDF Home Water Filtration - Filters Sediment &...

This is a big and expensive water filtering system but it might be your best option in the long run.

This equipment gets to do everything that can be done to filter and purify the water that comes into your house.

It aims so strongly at doing everything that can be done that it has four different filtering stages and two optional ones to include if you want so.

The system includes a first filter to catch big sediments of things like rust and silt, a second filter which is a water conditioner, a third filter for unhealthy components, a fourth one that uses activated carbon, and two optional ones for little particles and bacteria.

Appliances that constantly use water should last longer, cooking should be slightly more effective because of the softer water, pipelines shouldn’t need constant de-clogging, and you wouldn’t be spending on any other type of filter, all of this for the next 10 years.

Such extensive benefits make the Aquasana the best option available for all problems related to limescale and water contaminants.

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What Filter Options Do You Have To Deal With Calcium and Lime Accumulation?

The obvious answer is that you can filter these annoying compounds and many products do the work.

When it comes to filters there’s a myriad of options each aiming at something different.

The smaller version is found in water bottles with small filters in it there are also countertop tanks with filters, faucet attachments, under-sink systems, water softeners, electric water softeners, water conditioners, and other complex combinations.

There are also different ways in which these filters can act, many of them now using what’s called granulated activated carbon, some older versions using reverse osmosis.

Also, water softeners using salt to replace unwanted elements, electric conditioners using electromagnetic waves, other devices using salt-free softening, and many systems using more than one of these.

Just remember, there are many different types of devices and products that help you filter and treat the water that gets into your home.

They work in several different ways and for different purposes, so always be sure about what you search for so you can find the device that better fits your needs.

Final Thoughts

After taking a look at the different options you have for filtering your water you may conclude that water problems can come in all kinds of shape.

Some things that you should carry as key ideas when it comes to choosing one filtering system is that solutions could be arranged in three different categories; tap water, house water, and combined solutions.

You should identify which one you need, and you should try to find with precision what are the water conditions you face, how you can improve your water quality, the efficiency of your water use, and what problems in your life might come from the condition of your water.

Taking the work of identifying these problems should lead you to a good money investment with which you should avoid spending on more equipment than needed and also get to choose the best option for you in the long run.

A good investment should also lead you to good life enhancement improving the quality of the many activities and elements in your life related to water, like your skincare, your health, and your cooking times.

If you have water that’s just slightly heavy, one that only leaves residues of minerals in your kettles and coffee machines, or unwanted little strange pieces of minerals in your drinking water, then you might have enough of a solution with faucet filters, under-sink filters, or even with some cheaper countertop tank filter.

Finally, if you face all of these problems and you want complete water filters to remove calcium and lime from your entire life but also gives you the best water to drink, cook, and clean your skin a compound system or a combination of different devices should be the best option for you.

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