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10 Best Drainage Filters And Their Reviews For 2022

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Tim Rhodes

How about your drains having no drainage filters or filters with a very low-quality mark.

Well, the drainage system has a lot of importance as it prevents the accumulation of water.

If you have your drainage system flowing towards your fields, it is necessary to have good drainage filters.

Drainage filters are necessary to stop the pouring of unwanted materials into your field along with drain water.

Filtering is an important aspect when it comes to the safe removal of water through the drains.

There were times when there were large and heavy drainage filters for your drainage system.



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10 Best Drainage Filters Reviewed And Rated

Nowadays, there are very compact and practical products available in the marketplace.

Today in this article, we’re going to list out the 10 best drainage filters with their features.


NDS 900BKITRTL1PK Square Catch Basin Drain Kit with 2-Opening Catch Basin Drain, 2 Adapters, 1...

The first product on our list is NDS 900BKIT 9X9 CATCH BASIN.

Its dimensions are 9″ x 9″.

This product is totally UV resistant.

This drainage filtration systems can be best used in places where water build-up occurs more frequently.

NDS 900BKIT is rusting and fade resistant.

It can be best used for commercial and residential applications.

The maximum working pressure of this useful tool is 5 PSI(pound per square inch).

It is effortless in installation.

It has a one-piece injection with molded structural polypropylene construction to enhance its strength.

This tool is of great use if you look forward to diverting the water from the erosion-prone surface to a better place.

When properly installed, this can be used for light vehicular traffic.

It is quite useful if you want to prevent your drainage pipes from clogging.

Its weight is just 4.25 pounds.

It comes with 2 drainage pipe fittings.

4″ outside 3″ inside.

One comes with center closure.

It can also be used in a series or individually.

This product is not available for international shipping and is for the US only.

It is square and can be attached to gutters also.

If you are looking for the best drainage systems filtration solutions with easy installation and a more robust base, this is the best option.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Collects excess surface water from lawns
  • Best for light vehicular traffic
  • You can also cut and modify it

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2. NDS 11 Plastic Round Grate, 4-Inch, Black

NDS 11, 4 in. Round Grate Cover Connects to 4 Inch Drain Pipes & Fittings, for Small Lawns,...

The second best product on our list is NDS 11 plastic round grate.

Its dimensions are 12.88 x 12.88 x 11.63 inches.

The weight of this product is 2.39 ounces.

This can best be used to drain the excess water and direct it to a gutter or more suitable place.

This product is weatherproof and it lasts long.

This drainage systems filtration solutions can be used with a 4″ sewer and drainage pipe.

It is available only in black color.

You have to pin two screws to have their tight hold.

It would help in preventing frequent opening of filters unnecessarily.

The material of this NDS drainage filtration systems are nice sturdy plastic.

Its build quality makes it last longer.

It can be mainly used in lawn areas and large landscape areas.

This product is also recommended for pedestrians, bicycles, and wheelchair traffic.

The Thickness of the grate is half an inch.

It helps you keeping out rodents and some debris too.

The edges of the grill are rounded which allows the clog to flow smoothly.

It will keep out significant clog material only.

Small particles can pass through it.

This product is round in shape and best fits with a 4-inch sewer pipe.

Though the build material is plastic, it is strong enough to bear the weight of two-wheeler traffic.

The manufacturer has made no compromise with quality while making this product.

This product is best recommended for outdoor drains.

NDS also has good user reviews on ita all water managing products.

Its black color doesn’t fade away.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Keeps big sized clogs out
  • Prevents rodents
  • Good build quality

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3. 12-in. No Dig Low Profile Catch Basin Downspout

Amerimax 12-in. No Dig Low Profile Catch Basin Downspout Extension Kit, Black

No dig low profile catch basin helps you in quick removal of damaging rainwater.

This drainage systems filtration solutions requires no digging.

It is very budget-friendly and the process of installation is also convenient.

Once you complete the installation process, you can cover it with mud, rocks, or any other ground cover you want to use.

It can be easily landscaped.

It comes with a 12-in catch basin, a decorative drain gate, and an 8 ft. of corrugated stretched drain pipe.

You can use one or both pipe knockouts to increase the flow of water from residential downspout sizes.

The weight of this product is 2 pounds.

The material is plastic and the product is black although there are no holes in the bottom pan, so it will take some time to dry out after drainage.

The best part of the drainage systems filtration solutions is that it requires no digging and its installation process is easy.

You can reinstall it again and again.

It is a downspout filter and can be used for that specific task only.

The pipe attached to it is quite flexible and has many applications including bending.

It is rapid in draining the water.

It is square and can be covered easily with leaves and mud.

Its black color makes it spotted quickly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for all standard residential downspouts
  • No digging required
  • Includes 8ftFlexible pipe to prevent water damage in landscaping

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4. Filter 9

9' Catch Basin Filter (NDS 900FF)

The next product on our list is a 9-inch drainage filter by NDS.

This product is of good quality and also easy to install.

The weight of this item is 0.13 kg.

The build-up material is plastic and the filter is black.

This product comes up with a sack attached to it that collects clog which can be safely removed after the blockage.

This drainage systems filtration solutions are very compact in the fitting.

This catch basin drainage filter from NDS will never disappoint you if you are looking for a durable product.

The product shape is square and the dimensions are 9 inches.

NDS 9″ can be installed very easily by digging and fitting it correctly.

Once installed correctly, you don’t need to disturb it again.

The sack attached to it can work wonders if you want to collect clog into a bag and throw it away.

The quality of the bag is well defined and durability is also satisfactory.

This product has no reviews from its customers on Amazon, but this product seems very well as it is from a trusted NDS manufacturer.

You need not worry about the clog until the sack is full.

Fitting is effortless and the material used is exemplary.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly durable
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective

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5. Waterway 602-5321 Pool & Spa Filter Drain Screen Cap

Waterway 602-5321 Pool & Spa Filter Drain Screen Cap

Waterway pool and spa drain screen cap is another excellent product you can consider while selecting a good drainage filtration systems.

The product dimensions are 6x4x6 inches.

The weight of this waterway filter is 2.4 ounces.

It fits perfectly into the drain.

It would be best if you bought an O ring separately when you buy this.

Even though your model numbers are different, they will still fit your drain pipe.

Though this filter from the waterway doesn’t have many applications, it does its job entirely.

The installation process is also straightforward and can be done within a very less amount of time.

It has got excellent build quality and the material is plastic.

It can handle maximum working pressure and has got fantastic durability.

The waterway manufactures it.

The only thing you have to make sure of is that it fits well to your drain.

Also, you have to order the O ring separately.

This product is designed to handle maximum work pressure.

Build up material is also very good although threads in this cap are so long.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fits correctly
  • Easy to fit
  • Capability to handle max pressure

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6. NDS 420C Pop-Up Drainage Emitter

NDS 420C Pop-Up Drainage Emitter, for 3-Inch & 4-Inch Drain Fittings, Works with Drainage Systems...

The NDS pop up emitter diverts water and then releases it into a water-safe area away from erosion-prone regions or cities where drainage is poor.

NDS pop up transmitter opens up with hydraulic pressure of water.

Its design allows us to open at even negligible pressure.

The emitter comes down with a decrease in pressure.

Its weight is a mere 4 ounces.

And the color of the product is green.

The material used in this drainage filter is high-density polypropylene.

This NDS product fits well with 3″ and 4″ drain pipes and fittings.

This NDS drainage filter is quite easy to install and requires minimum earthwork.

However, it does not remove the clog that efficiently.

But it can pass small clog particles through it.

It is using quite an attractive mechanism of pop up emitter that makes it unique and compelling.

It even makes up at minimum pressure of water and settles down when pressure is reduced.

You don’t have to worry about small clog particles while using this drainage filter.

If you have a drain with large particles of debris, then you should avoid this product.

It is an efficient product for your drainage needs and it also acquires very little space.

You can consider this for drains of your park.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly durable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Prior tech support

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7. Flex-Drain 51710 Flexible/Expandable Landscaping Drain Pipe

Flex-Drain 51710 Flexible/Expandable Landscaping Drain Pipe, Solid, 4-Inch by 12-Feet

Flex drain manufactures this expandable landscaping drain pipe.

This pipe comes with a perforated filter sock which acts as a drain filter.

This pipe seems very simple in structure but is very useful.

The dimensions of this flexible drain pipe are 21 x 9 x 5 inches.

It is very light in weight and its weight is 2 pounds only.

Though it can be used as a drainage filter, it can also be used to repair leakages and fix other small plumbing issues.

This pipe is not very strong and if you are using it as a lawn drain filter, then you need to bury it under 3 feet by digging.

It has small holes on its outer rib and is equally spaced.

This pipe cannot be used as a filter for larger drains as it may cause clogging.

This drain pipe acts as a good filter for small clog particles and it can e used for smaller drains only.

The best part of this pipe is that it is expandable up to a large extent.

The largest size available in this pipe is 4 inches by 50 foot whereas the smallest variant is 4 inches by 12 feet.

This pipe is highly durable and very easy to install and use as well.

This pipe is highly potent and can be used for many purposes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Can be used for multiple purposes

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8. Atlantic Water Gardens EcoBlox Water Matrix Block

Atlantic Water Gardens ECOBLOX FastFall Matrix Block for Disappearing Waterfall or Fountain Water...

This excellent product, Atlantic water gardens, manufactures the Ecoblox matrix block.

This product has lined excavations.

This product is meant to filter a large amount of drain water.

It has a considerable capacity of 31.5 gallons.

It can save a large amount of money and time.

This product has been effective in storm and rainwater management and fountain waterfalls.

Ecoblox comes with a standard warranty of 1 year.

Though it is mentioned that it can handle 31.5 gallons, but if installed properly, it can hold much more than that as it is swift in the process.

The dimensions of this product are 27.5 x 16 x 17.5 inches.

Its weight is 14 pounds.

The only thing that you need to take care of is to prevent it from blocking.

It needs regular cleaning.

This vast basin is handy in filtering larger drains that don’t fit smaller drainage filtration systems.

If you have more massive drains and are not getting a drain filter, you inevitably give this catch basin.

Its installation might be a bit difficult, but once installed, it can be beneficial.

It doesn’t require further disturbances except cleaning this basin after it is full of clog.

The material of this basin is plastic and also it is quite easy to assemble.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Larger capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast filtering process

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9. NKWHLEHO All Copper Floor Drain Tile Insert Pressure Drainage

NKWHLEHO All Copper Floor Drain Thickened Square Tile Insert Pressure Drainage 3D Filter Basket...

The next product on our list is the copper floor drain filter.

The main feature of this drainage systems filtration solutions is that it can be inserted into tiles easily during construction and world finely without damaging your products.

It is suitable for drain pipes with a diameter of 50-75 mm wide.

It is firm and durable.

It can be used in washrooms, the kitchen, and the balcony.

It has a stylish appearance and the build material is brass.

It is easy to clean and does not corrodes quickly.

It is a 3D basket filter and has a double layer filter.

Water flowing from any angle does not affect this filter—the weight of this drainage filter is 427 g.

The minimum drains depth required for this product is 70 mm.

A small fade in color can be seen in the product after use.

This attractive item is only meant for indoor uses and small drains only for kitchen and washrooms.

If you have a problem with your earlier drainage filter of restrooms, you should surely consider this highly polished and attractive product.

It is made up of brass and is square.

The suitable drainage pipe diameter for this product is 50-75 mm.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attractive and effective
  • Multiple applications
  • Non-corrosive

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10. Amerimax 4400 Black InvisaFlow Downspout Drain Filter


This amazing drainage filter from Amerimax is last on our list but is quite effective at its tasks.

It filters the drain very effectively and ensures minimum clog in your drain pipe.

This product comes in a pair.

These are downspout drainage systems filtration solutions.

These downspout filters connect with standard 4″ corrugated or PVC drain pipe at the bottom only.

This product is quite easy to install and is durable.

It saves a lot of labor and time.

This product is best suitable for downspout sizes 2″ x 3″ , 2″ x 2″ , or 3″ x 4″.

This drain filter can separate dry leaves or debris and allows water to flow through the drain properly.

It is quite useful when drain pipes are full of rainwater.

Sometimes these downspout filters might fell if not appropriately attached.

So, you need to screw them to the drainpipe to have a permanent solution.

These drain filters for downspout drains only and can be used best for rainwater management or you overflowed the roof tank’s water.

This product seems very small, but it is instrumental in performing in its job.

You will require to screw it with the drainpipe to give it a tight hold.

It is effortless to install and is very lightweight.

It attaches to PVC drain pipes only.

Best used for filtering leaves and various seeds mixed in rainwater.

These filters come in pairs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly durable
  • Easy to install
  • Effective in filtering

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What Should You Keep In Mind While Selecting Drainage Filter For Your Pipe?

It would be best if you kept in mind certain things while choosing a drainage filter for your drains.

Choosing the wrong product may end you wasting your hard-earned money.

First of all, you need to check the type of drain you are having.

If you are downspout drain, then choose your filter accordingly.

Drainage filters are of many types and have variations of mechanisms.

Sometimes you need an emitter type of filter and sometimes a catch basin for the same task.

Sometimes you need a drainage filter for your lawns and some time for your washroom or kitchen.

You must also examine the material of the product while shortlisting it.

This must be done according to the positioning of the filter.

You need a screen with durable build material if you are going to pass the vehicles over the installation.

If you are going to install the filter indoors, then you can go for a decorative one.

The color of the filter also matters a lot.

If you’re going to install the filter outdoors, choose the color which can be easily spotted as colors fade gradually while outdoors.

Did You Know?

Clogging in drains leads to the blockage of ducts.

The blockage of drains creates a mess.

Drain filters are of enormous importance when you are thinking to prevent your drains from blocking.

Blocked drains give a dirty smell which is unbearable and even unhealthy for our bodies.

Dirty water from drains helps the breeding of mosquitos which causes harmful diseases like malaria.

Finding The Right Drainage Filter For You

These filters in the list are the best products available on e-commerce sites.

You can choose the right product depending on your drain type.

We have provided you with the 10 best options we could find for you.

All the products listed are best at performing their jobs.

If you are still confused about choosing the right one, you can surely contact us in the comments section.

We will surely help you there.

If you think that you have a better option in your mind and that is not included in our list, feel free to share it with us.

We will consist of that product on our list too.


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