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Are Solar Water Heaters Worth It? Find Out The Facts

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Tim Rhodes

Are solar water heaters worth it? – Let’s find out.

A solar heater is a technology that uses daylight to heat water. 

It can either virtually grip heat and light-weight from the sun’s rays and transferring that to the water directly (solar thermal). 

Or it will generate electricity mistreatment solar panels to power an electrical heater (photovoltaic).

The most common sort of solar heater technology is named solar thermal. 

Solar thermal systems generally have “thermal” in their title as a result of them directly using the heat from the sun to either heat water or for some of the other fluid to realize a goal but are solar water heaters worth it? – Keep reading to find out.


Financial Payback Time For Solar Water Heaters And Importance Of Climate

The monetary payback time of solar water heaters varies considerably with location, and thanks to the climate of the position, it’ll be utilized in the price of electricity. 

Let’s say, the standard price of a solar heater and installation within the low JMD 100,000 (USD 1,162) vary for a median family of four, and there’s no tax. 

The monetary payback time in Jamaica is 1-2 years. 

However, it is sometimes a bit quiet for one year. 

You’ll gain a more robust understanding of the way to verify this below.

Solar water heaters could or might not keep company with backup electrical heaters for prolonged cloudy weather.


The cost of electricity for several in Jamaica is adored JMD 39 per kWh or USD 0.45 per kWh, which is very high compared to the U.S. average of USD 0.10/kWh.

This means that it’ll take quite four times longer for the heater to buy itself within the U.S. and that I haven’t even factored within the climate distinction between the two countries, yet.

If you’re a median family and 33% of your invoice is the price of water heating, then you’d multiply 0.33 by your invoice, which would be your price of water heating. 

For this calculation, we are going to assume that your invoice is JMD 20,000 per month.

Monthly water heating price = zero.33 x 20,000 = $6,600 JMD.

Annual water heating price = monthly cost x twelve that is: six,600 x twelve = $79,200 JMD.

Assuming that the star heater prices JMD 105,000, you’d divide that by the heater’s annual rate to work out the payback time in years.

Payback time in years = one zero five,000 / 79,200 = 1.32 years.

Return on investment when five years = seventy-nine,200 x 3.68 (number of years that there’s a web come on investment within the five years) = JMD 291,456. 

It increased seventy-nine,200 by 3.68 rather than five as a result of the heater wouldn’t give any web come on investment till 1.32 years of usage.

Importance Of Weather To Star Water Heaters

Because star water heaters obtained their heat from daylight, the quantity of sunlight on the market affects what proportion they heat. Therefore, the weather is vital to them.

In sunny climates, they supply plight most of the time, in cloudy atmospheres, a style that harvests daylight a lot expeditiously is useful.

In any climate, however, backup electrical heating components make sure that regardless of however cloudy the weather is, and for the way long, there’s invariably a plight. 

The more severe the weather is, a lot of the elements must be used, and therefore a lot of your invoice is run-up.

So, frankly: Weather affects the price of plight from the system quite the rest. 

The value of plight from the system is adequate to the upfront cost (including installation) + the cost of electricity consumed by the backup element.

In sunny countries with expensive electricity, solar water heaters buy themselves the fastest.

Do Solar Water Heaters Work At Night?

Yes, they do.

They store water in the insulated tanks. 

The heater always collects radiation; therefore, the insulation within keeps the water hot all night (I learned this from a private expert’s mistreatment one in all these heaters).

It’s clean to understand the growing popularity of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. 

Once installed, these panels lessen your monthly strength bills beginning on day one. 

It doesn’t take long for the panels to pay for themselves. 

But is the same reality of solar water heaters? 

Are they well worth the added expense?

To locate an answer, you may undoubtedly compare the total lifetime costs of solar water heating to the whole life savings on home energy fees. 

Let’s review.

How Much Do Solar Water Heaters Cost To Install & Maintain?

Solar water heater charges vary, relying on the size, make, and model of the unit. 

Prices start as low as $1,000. 

And with numerous local, state, and federal sun incentives available, you can dramatically lessen the upfront value of your installation — every so often by way of as much as 50 percent.

It receives better: With no shifting parts, these days’ solar water warmers are distinctly resilient. 

The solar water heating structures we deploy are constructed to the last 25 years or greater with little to no maintenance.

How Much Can Solar Water Heating Save On Utility Bills?

Again, actual figures rely upon size, manufacturer, model, and home’s average water usage. 

A family of five will revel in more substantial savings than an own family of will.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, sun water warmers lessen month-to-month application bills by 50 percent to 80 percent on average. 

With savings like that, solar water heaters commonly pay for themselves, usually within 5 to 10 years.

It’s critical to recollect that current payback durations are tied to today’s application rates. 

As energy prices retain to rise, the payback period of your solar water heater turns even shorter due to the fact your set up protects you from skyrocketing software charges.

More Reasons Why Solar Water Heating Makes Sense

Lower monthly software payments — that is the number one motivation for most solar water heating purchases. 

But right here are two additional advantages you ought to consider:

A smaller carbon footprint. Unlike electric powered and fuel furnaces, sun water warmers don’t pollute. 

Instead, they derive 100 percent of their electricity from a clean energy source (i.E., The sun). 

This is remarkable for the environment.

It increased belongings value. 

Energy performance enhancements can help improve the resale value of your home. 

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), for every $1 in annual application bill savings, your home’s price increases with a good deal of $20.

Ready to take benefit of these exquisite advantages?

Eager to lower your monthly application payments and assist the environment? 

Fighting Temperature Change

Water heating accounts for seventeen % of a typical home’s energy use. 

Several North yank homes heat water with gas or different fossil fuels. 

That’s several tons of carbon going into the atmosphere. 

The shift to star plight may be an excellent way to scale back carbon and different greenhouse emissions and defend our climate.

Protective Air Quality

Many other homes use electricity to heat their water. 

Over tierce of U.S. wattage comes from burning coal. 

Particulates and different byproducts of burning coal contaminate our air and contribute to a variety of adverse environmental and health effects. 

After you heat with starry, you become a region of the answer to those public health issues.

Protective Water Quality

Carbon and particulates aren’t the sole byproducts of burning fuel. 

The Natural Resources Defense Council has known power plants because of the primary supply of mercury and different noxious, dangerous metals being discharged into the surroundings annually. 

These substances are a significant threat to the health of our rivers, streams, and lakes — and human health additionally. 

Solar water heating is one sensible step we can take to stop mercury contamination of our watersheds.

Monthly Savings

A star hot-water tank will offer up to eighty % of your plight desires, even in temperate climates. 

This interprets significant utility bill savings, the month when a month. 

A star plight system usually pays for itself in precisely four to eight years and might last for forty years or a lot. 

That’s heaps of free energy and heaps of savings.

Exaggerated Home Price

Studies show that homes with solar sell quicker and at higher costs than those while not. 

Thus, adding star plight to your house is AN investment that will pay back whether or not you keep or sell.

The Magical Advantage Of Solar Energy

Of course, as we all know that the sun doesn’t shine all day, solar hot-water heaters typically have a backup gas or electric tank that kicks off in the periods of little or no sun.

However, many star water heater owners favor using backup heating as little or no as potential.

Instead, they produce a game out of the exploitation of their puzzle once it’s most promptly accessible.

Little habit changes resembling doing laundry on sunny days can add up to even more considerable environmental and cash savings.

It’s clean to understand the growing popularity of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Does The Side Benefit?

Many of these homeowners say that being attentive to their quandary use has created a great deal of tuned in, but they use all their resources. 

Even though their star water heater doesn’t save water directly, they notice they’re exploiting less water and protecting even a great deal of overall.

Solar water heaters are getting quite an in style lately. 

Through plenty of state support, promoting, and subsidies, these products have returned a protracted means in the Asian countries. 

They need to become quite reasonable currently, and lots of individuals have started adopting star water heaters for his or her water heating wants. 

Several huge brands have currently started creating (& selling) star water heaters in the Asian countries, and a few of them also are out there on-line on e-commerce platforms. 

The heated water is most needed from 200-300 days and investment during this space may be a financially viable project. 

If you’re somebody who is trying to shop for a star hot-water tank, then this post can assist you in getting into understanding the technology and buying for one.

A solar storage tank is a system that utilizes solar power (or the energy from sunlight) to heat water. 

It’s a system that’s put in on a terrace or open area wherever it will get daylight, and also, the energy from the sun is then converted to heat water and stored in an insulated tank. 

On a sunny day, most of the star storage tanks will offer heater water at 68° ±5° C temperature. 

Water from the vessel will then be used for any application as desired.

One will feed this heated water to the electrical geyser, so once daylight isn’t enough, it uses electrical energy to heat the water to the specified set temperature. 

This is often also referred to as a hybrid storage tank; however, nobody is selling it.

It’s to be designed for your demand by the star water installer by partitioning a separate pipe to your geyser.

Where Are These Solar Heaters More Efficient?

In rough areas, wherever the temperature throughout the day is shallow, and one is exploited, an electrical heater for room heating will build the use of heated water to heat the space. 

For this conjointly, there’s no standard product obtainable within the market Associate in Nursing, one needs to style this as per the need with the assistance of an installer. 

Water from the vessel will then be used for any application as desired.

Solar Warmer – Varieties And Advantages

There are two sorts of star water heaters that are offered within the Indian market:

Flat Plate Collector Systems are metallike systems.

They contain AN insulated metallike box coated with a toughened glass.

The metallike box incorporates a layer of a copper sheet that is sweet for gripping heat.

The copper sheet is additionally coated with a black coating that improves heat absorption.

The metallike box contains copper tubes organized vertically and connected at the highest and bottom by two horizontal copper pipes known as headers.

The cold water enters the collector (the metallike box) from the rock bottom pipe and rises into the vertical tubes.

It gets heated within the vertical pipes because it gets heated. The water becomes lighter (hot water is lighter than cold water), rises, and gets collected within the vessel via the highest horizontal pipe (or header).

This water currently gets offered to be used.

These are metallike sort systems and have an extended life.

Exhausted Tube Collector systems are made from glass.

It’s vertical tubes that are created out of 2 coaxial glass tubes.

The air between the two coaxial tubes is removed to form a vacuum that improves insulation.

Besides, the surface of the tubing is coated to produce higher heat absorption and insulation.

Coldwater is stuffed up in these glass tubes, and it gets hot thanks to the daylight.

The predicament is lighter than cold water, then it rises and gets collected within the vessel from wherever it’s on the market.

These systems are created from glass and are fragile, which needs to be handled with care.

Both these forms of water heaters escort or while not a pump.

The pump is employed to maneuver water from collectors to the vessel.

Those while not pump use the thermosiphon principle to maneuver water from collectors to vessel mechanically.

How To Take Which Type To Purchase?

ETC systems are fragile; however, they are cheaper. Still, the question remains, are solar water heaters worth it?

They’re conjointly superb for colder regions wherever the temperature is sub-zero.

In an exceeding place wherever the water is salty, these systems need regular improvement because of the deposition of salt on the inner surface of glass tubes.

FPC systems are durable, as they’re tiny.

However, they’re pricey than ETC systems.

They’ll add colder regions with sub-zero temperatures; however, they would like a liquid answer creating the system price.

In places with salty water, a device is needed with the FPC system to avoid scale deposition, which will impact the system’s heating capability.

A system while not a pump is right for domestic and tiny application users (as it’s cheaper) provided water doesn’t have high element content.

Those with pumps are smart for industries.

How Will The System Perform On Rainy/Overcast Days?

Many people have issues that star systems won’t work on overcast days.

A star water utility will still work if the overcast isn’t long (less than every day or two) because the system works on subtle radiation within the atmosphere.

A system may be integrated with an existing electrical system, which will act as a backup throughout the times once the overcast is long.

The electrical system will activate if the water temperature from the star hot-water tank goes down below 40oC.

Electrical backup isn’t needed during an exceedingly|in a very} system if you’ve got an existing electric hot-water tank.

Just in case you do not have an associate degree existing hot-water tank, you’ll install an electrical backup.

You’ll conjointly keep the two systems separate and use the electrical system only required.

Maintenance necessities of solar heater:

  • If you’ve got an ETC system, then the glass will break because it is fragile
  • Therefore the lens may have an occasional replacement
  • Scaling happens on star water heaters often, mainly if the water is difficult
  • Therefore the collectors would like regular improvement in victimization acid
  • If the heater’s skin surface is painted, then it’s going to want a repaint every 2-3 years to forestall corrosion
  • Occasional leakages may happen within the system, and native plumbers will repair those

Is There Any Grant On a Solar Storage Tank?

There is a provision of a grant for the installation of a stair storage tank, and therefore, the quantity and procedure of subsidy vary from state to state.

Most of the time, the installation of a stair storage tank is economical while not grant.

One ought to check the grant rule for his state and visit the web site of his country as given within the table below.

Final Thoughts

Are solar water heaters worth it?

A solar heater could be a technology that uses daylight to heat water.

Therefore, by either virtually gripping heat and light-weight from the sun’s rays and transferring that to the water directly, or it will generate electricity mistreatment solar panels to power an electrical heater.

The most common sort of solar heater technology is named solar thermal.

Solar thermal systems generally have “thermal” in their title as a result of them directly using the heat from the sun to either heat water or for some of the other fluid to realize a goal.

Hence here are the facts that you have discovered how important and beneficial these are to make use in the home, which will also save your electricity bills.

The most important thing is that you are making efficient use of natural resources.

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