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10 Best Pressure Washer Water Filters And Their Reviews For 2022

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Tim Rhodes

Whether you’re an outdoor man who has a whale of a time-hopping into outside recreational activities or you’re simply a homebody whose transport of joy is by doing household chores, investing in an efficient pressure washer water filter to get your job done is yet by far the best step you’ve taken.

But the next wisest thing to consider lies in how you could protect this valued equipment.

Behold, the answer to your problem — pressure washer water filters!

Nothing could ever give exceptional protection to your pressure washer better than these water filters.

These inline water filters are your cheapest option in minimizing significant damage to pressure washer by preventing sediments, dirt, and radical contaminants from entering its interior fittings.



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10 Best Pressure Washer Water Filters Reviewed

So you can gather up the best overview, we have listed below the best pressure washer water filters out in the market for you.

1. Camco 40043 TastePURE RV/Marine Water Filter

Camco TastePURE Camper/RV Water Filter & Hose Protector | Inline Water Filter Reduces Bad Taste,...

Securing our top spot is none other than Camco 40043 TastePure RV/Marine Water Filter.

Engineered with a flexible hose protector fitted snugly into a durable activated carbon filter this item can superbly eliminate bad taste and odor, sediments, and chlorine components in drinking water.

For a better flow rate, it comes in a wider body configuration with a 20-micron fiber filter that eradicates mineral deposits making the water perfect for car washing, boating applications, and marine use.

It also promises an unmatched bacterial protection ability with its premium KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) which basically means that your equipment is still bacteria-free even when it’s not in use!

Now, how about the quality of your drinking water out of your RV water storage tank?

Not a problem at all since its high purity GAC filtration system does the task of keeping your drinking water safer for your entire camping season!

And a testament to its commitment to quality, this product is compliant with all federal and state laws on low lead content, supported by its certifications from NSF and ANSI 362.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Premium KDF for bacterial growth protection
  • Flexible hose protection assembly for quick installation
  • 20-micron sediment filter for safe, high-quality water

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2. M Mingle Garden Hose Filter

M MINGLE Garden Hose Filter for Pressure Washer Inlet Water, Inline Filter for Sediment, 40 Mesh...

Just trailing a little behind from the top is this M Mingle Garden Hose Filter for Pressure Washers.

When it comes to pressure water technologies, this inline water filter for pressure washers is definitely abreast with the most innovative and latest of its kind.

It is professionally built using state of the art combinations of 40-mesh and 100-mesh filtering systems assembled in a double hose washer and 3 washer filters set-up for a first-rate filtration ability.

With this scientific design, you can only get the finest protection for your pressure pump from its minute parts such as water broom, washer hose, washer gun, and more.

Can it do best in light-duty operations?

In heavy-duty operations?

This washer water filter will give you the peace of mind over an entire spectrum of working capacities as it delivers consistently in all your cleaning projects!

Who would have thought that an item like this can work wonders from a washing machine at home to a drip irrigation system at large?

Pros & Benefits:

  • Flexible in all functional capacities from light to heavy-duty operations
  • Impressive protection for all pressure pump components
  • Equally viable option as garden hose filter and pressure washer filter

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3. STYDDI Garden Hose Filter

STYDDI Garden Hose Sediment Filter, Garden Hose Debris Inlet Filter Attachment with 100 Mesh Screen,...

Crawling up a bit of involvement is the STYDDI Garden Hose Filter with Sediment Filter Attachment for Pressure Washers.

For its cheap price, you can expect a quality that is above your expectation.

STYDDI Sediment Filters claim that their denser-meshed design is a game-changer in this field giving them a step ahead from their competitors in the market.

Not only that this type of filter remarkably eliminates grit and particles before flowing into your pressure washer, but its notable sealing effect can also avoid any tendency of leakage.

Used in its production are high-grade materials including brass, stainless steel, and plastic components to offer ideal performance at working temperature up to 140˚F and under working pressure of 80 psi.

In terms of the thread design, the standard 3/4-inch male inlet and 3/4-inch female outlet portions guarantee the user the compatibility perfection to serve either as a washer water filter or as a garden hose outlet filter.

This product is among those highly rated for all types of cleaning machine applications specifically for car wash services due to its engineered outflow and inflow threads designed for easier assembling and installation set up.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Denser filtering mesh than any other type
  • Standard sized designs using high-quality materials
  • Notable performance under known operating parameters

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4. Twinkle Star Sediment Filter

Twinkle Star Sediment Filter Attachment Line Water Hose Filter with 100 Mesh and 40 Mesh Screen,...

Just like any other filter on this list, Twinkle Star Sediment Filter is essential for straining impurities and sediments in the water.

The only distinguishing feature of this product is that it can give an exceptional sealing effect due to its high-grade PC gasket.

The dual mesh set up of this filter that makes use of both 40-mesh and 100-mesh screens is able to stand optimal pressure of up to 551.58 kPa while maintaining superior filtering capacity of particles sizes 450μ minimum.

The male and female connectors designed for these filters are industrial grade, wear-resistant aluminum material, making it significantly durable and suitable for standard pressure washers.

Beefing up a little more of its benefits this filter is specifically manufactured with an iron hose filtering system that is able to normalize water flow, therefore, avoiding leaking trouble for your pressure washer.

Two extra hose washers are also included in the package list once you buy this filter.

And to top it all, choosing this product spares you away from having trouble deciding what particular mesh size would best fit for your requirements since its package already comes with two screens of different mesh sizes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Package includes two different mesh screen sizes
  • Great sealing functionality
  • Easy connection set up to washers

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5. LOVHO Sediment Filter

LOVHO Sediment Filter Attachment Garden Hose Pressure Washer Outdoor Gardening Inlet Water (40 Mesh...

Though it hasn’t quite done the trick to land a higher spot in our list we are still all praises for LOVHO Sediment Filter.

It deserves this spot in our list for its indispensable contribution to a wide array of industrial and household operations.

The only crucial measure to factor in is that it cannot guarantee high water purity as it can only filter out a fair amount of water impurities such as chlorine and chloramine.

But given that lone downside, it still prides its durable filter assembly with a water-tight O-ring rubber to up its game in the market for essential indoor and outdoor applications.

LOVHO Sediment Filter measures 14cm by 13.5cm and come in a package with one additional filter, one extra O-ring, plus a comprehensive instruction manual to help in the easy installation of the item to any desired fixtures.

This piece of equipment also greatly works with your utility water pump in removing shallow puddles of water in hollow areas like your crawl space since it can readily cut sediments that could do damage to your utility pump motor.

Ranging from auto washing, floor and deck cleaning, well-water for household and small farm, up to the removal of water incursions in hollow areas, this filter serves its purpose well enough!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Essential for remote well water areas and hollow areas
  • Durable filter with O-ring and metal coupler for longer working life
  • The excellent debris filtering function

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6. Sooprinse Garden Hose Inlet Filter

Sooprinse Garden Hose Inlet Filter for High Pressure Washer, Sediment Filter Attachment, 40 Mesh...

If ease of installation is your main thing, then you’ll surely not regret giving this product a try.

Sooprinse garden hose inlet filter offers the quickest installation with high-grade, wear & corrosion resistant aluminum connectors easily fitted to pressure washer pumps.

Its advanced filtration mechanism maintains water deposits and undesirable debris intact in the casing before the ingress to the hose, thus, preventing even the slightest affinity of damaging your priced pressure washer equipment.

And guess what?

It also comes with two added 100-mesh filters as value-added items in carrying out replacements for routine maintenance to give a longer operative life of your pressure pump.

Is there more?

Yes, the package also includes supplemental 3 pieces of durable hose washers plus 4 pieces of high-grade water filter washers.

And to remarkably maintaining their top-notch quality assurance and commitment to their customers they are also providing longer product warranty to extend more commendable professional after-sales servicing at your reach!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unsophisticated installation with little maintenance
  • Substantial package list including spare mesh screens and filter washers
  • Creditable quality assurance and remarkable warranty service

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7. Remes Sediment Filter

Remes Filter Attachment Garden Hose Pressure Washer Pump Inlet Water Metal Outdoor Gardening,...

Remes Sediment Filter attributes almost the same functionalities as compared against the other pressure washer water filter in this list.

This filter is easy to connect into washer inlets and fits a standard garden hose and water spigot.

This inlet screen filter features a brass fitting and a clear ABS plastic material top assembled in stainless steel screen, cylindrical in configuration.

This cylindrical design is crucial in snugly fitting into the sleeve at the top part and a slightly raised clear plastic part which once assembled could be perfectly mounted either vertically or fixed to the solid surface before operation.

Installed in its inlet water filter are permanent mesh screens, thus, regular cleaning is a need to avoid the reduction in the water flow due to clogged filters.

Couplers are also made of durable metals making it practical for high-pressure washers.

Only one size of the mesh screen is available (that’s 40 mesh), but Remes allows a full refund if you feel that you are not satisfied with their product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for standard washers
  • With permanent mesh screen
  • Made with sturdy metal couplers

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8. AQUA CREST 5 Years Capacity -Inline Water Line Filter for Refrigerator with 1/4-Inch Direct Connect...

AQUA CREST 5 Years Capacity -Inline Water Line Filter for Refrigerator with 1/4-Inch Direct Connect...

Worry no more about your car cleaning, window washing, and yard cleaning woes!

Aqua Crest Inline Water Filter is just here to give you the breather you deserved.

It banners its upgraded water filtration technology that is professionally developed to meet your every need from paint-work protection of your car to sparkling spotless window panels.

It guarantees workmanship akin to that of pricey car cleaning services by introducing unique functionality that boosts your detergent in generating denser bubbles to bring your car a more polished, water spots free finish.

The technology that has driven its production has perfected the solution to control the oxidizing effects of chlorine and other acidic compounds present in water that could lead to damaging your car’s paint-work finish.

Additionally, it promises anti-kink flexibility by augmenting hose protector to generally improve the life of your pressure washer which in turn can save your dimes in the long run.

Upgraded formulation, flexible hose protection, cost-efficiency, and perfect fitting of the latest advancement in its type, come on, what else could you ask for?

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multi-filtration technology using superior resin formulation
  • Perfect for car paint-work protection and other cleaning activities
  • Ability to enhance detergent’s power for efficient cleaning results

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9. CREEXEON Sediment Filter

CREEXEON Sediment Filter Attachment Line Water Hose Filter with 100 mesh Stainless Mesh Screen,2Pcs...

Are you looking for a filtering system with a mesh screen that doesn’t regularly need replacement?

If you do, then this one’s for you.

Installed in CREEXEON’s pressure washer water filter is a permanent stainless mesh that doesn’t alternately need replacement so you are sure to save money once you invested in this product.

This filter is also manufactured with a durable aluminum coupling system that in the long run of the process could give your pressure washer long-term protection.

It works like a charm with your pressure washer by reliably keeping the nozzles clog-free and the strategic design of this product would leave no little amount of water to leak.

Additionally, it is easier for you to check and see whether or not the filter already needs cleaning therefore preventing possible irregularities in the water flow to avoid unwanted impairment to your pressure washer.

Aside from its easy installation set up, its unique configuration also works well in living up to its promise of eradicating heavy metals present in the supply of water including but not limited to aluminum, iron, lead, cadmium, and mercury.

There are available 40-mesh and 100-mesh filter screens that you can choose from upon purchasing this package.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique configuration for easy installation set up
  • Cost-effectiveness due to minimal replacement
  • With permanent stainless mesh filter

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10. General Pump 100650 DuraView Inlet Filter

General Pump 100650 DuraView Inlet Filter Integrated Garden Hose Nut, 8.0 GPM, 150 Maximum psi

General Pump Inlet Filter is highlighting its 150-psi pressure rating applicable in any of your cleaning projects.

If you prefer a pressure washer filter that can still normally run at the maximum pressure stated above, then you will probably find your seventh heaven when you consider this product.

General Pump claims that their product is the strongest in this industry with a uniquely built see-through filter – the only configuration you could find in the market!

A flexible garden hose connector is also strategically integrated into the product itself making it more suitable for general pressure washing operations from light to medium capacities.

Bypass ports are also optionally available on these filters.

But depending on your need and preference, these particular auxiliary items could be taken out in the package list upon request.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Rated with a maximum pressure rating up to 150 psi
  • Strong see-through filtering configuration
  • Optional bypass ports for various requirements and preference

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Selecting The Best Water Filter That Works For You

There are of course a lot of factors that you need to ponder upon before choosing the perfect filtering solution tailored for your unique need and application.

To help you better decide on what pressure washer filter is suited for your needs, you must first hatch a plan to what specific project you’re up to.

Are you going to use it for your outdoor recreational activities that run for months?

Do you need it for your household cleaning works?

Car washing?

Plant watering system?

The type of application is very crucial in deciding on the type of filter to use since filters are professionally developed based on different applications.

Moreover, different factors for optimized work such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate, among others are the main measures used in gauging this water filter’s performance.

You also have to take into consideration the functional capacity at stake since this will solely know the fate of the filtering technology suited to your needs.

How will your filtering system do in light-duty works?

In medium-duty to the heavy-duty line of works?

Some filtering devices are only built to carry out lighter works while there are also filters with the abilities that can withstand harsh working conditions.

The type of material used for the filtering configuration should also be among the things that you must put in mind.

Most of the filters available in the market today come in a combination with materials ranging from high-quality plastic, brass, stainless steel, iron, and many other industrial-grade components.

Since these are significant indicators of your equipment’s serviceable life span, the materials used for your overall filtering systems such as the hose, connectors, couplers, and filtration assemblies are a priority.

The better the material of your inline water filter, you could expect to have the best protection for your pressure washer equipment!

Final Thoughts

The choice for the perfect pressure washer water filter is imperatively application-dependent.

The best filtering technology in this industry that holds the promise of an unparalleled filtration solution for your need is just up around the corner.

A little knowledge of its boon and bane is all you need to get the full advantage of what’s in the store for you!

Do you know other similar items that you believe would have made it to our list?

We would love to have your comments below!

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