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10 Best Portable Reverse Osmosis Systems For Camping Reviewed

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Tim Rhodes

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a very efficient method to purify the water and works better than ordinary water filtration methods, so today we have e the best portable reverse osmosis system for camping reviewed for 2021.

It can remove up to 99% contaminants from groundwater that is normally used for drinking purposes.

If we are in-home or our offices, we can have access to clean and pure drinking water but what about drinking water when we are out for a picnic or camping?

In this article, I am going to review the 10 portable reverse osmosis system for camping that can be used to get clean and pure water during outings easily.

So let’s move towards our main topic!

1. Life Straw Water Filter

Life Straw Water Filter
This water filter is very much cost-effective and easy to handle due to its lightweight.

You can store it on your shelf when you are at home and can easily adjust in your camping luggage when you plan an outing to get rid of boredom routine.

The quality of the filters is adorable and can purify up to 99.99 % bacteria because the filter is 0.2 µm (micron).

You can get clean and purified water without any chemical water treatment.

It is approachable because it can filter up to 1000 liters of water at a very low cost.

Simply you can call it a legend of portable filters until you face a jaw hurt because sometimes if used prolonged it can affect your jaws.

In a nutshell, I would like to say it is cost-effective, easy to handle, and an approachable water filter system that provides you purity up to 99.99% by removing water-borne pathogens and bacteria.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Quality filtration
  • Easy to handle

2. Sawyer Mini Portable System

Sawyer Mini Portable System
This portable RO system is also efficient and good for camping purposes.

This is a little bigger than the life straw water filter.

It is a little expensive than a single-handed life straw filter but still cost-effective because we can purify more water using the system at a single time.

We can filter the water using this system in portable jugs that can be used again and again for this purpose.

This product is environmentally friendly and cost-friendly as well.

It is very easy to handle this because of its lightweight.

Let’s discuss something about how to use this.

This portable system can be used by coupling with a portable water bottle (do you have a water bottle for daily use? – Yes, it is the right thing for this job).

This system can be fitted on the mouth of the bottle and can be used again and again.

So, we can conclude for this product that: it is very easy to handle and get purified water (it will remove about 99.999% pathogens, bacteria, and waterborne contaminants) up to one thousand gallons in its entire life.

Another plus point of this device is its weight that is just 8 oz and it consists of many recycled parts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Efficient
  • Can purify more water using the system at a single time
  • Can be used by coupling with a portable water bottle


3. Survivor Filter Pro

Survivor Filter Pro
This water system has its level and no other machine can reach this.

Yes, we are talking about survivor filter pro that contains a 3 stage filter system.

It has been rated as the best RO filter system in case of an emergency.

This system is also protected by a lifetime warranty and this warranty is protected by the manufacturer.

In its entire life, the system can provide you a total of one hundred liters of quality and pure water.

Its quality is matchless but the process is a bit slow and takes some time.

When the filter is running smoothly you can get 17 oz/min water on average.

Sometimes, if you are working alone and there is nobody to assist you then the hoses may bend and the filtration rate is cut down to half of the real rate.

This filtration system has a 0.01%-micron rating that’s why it took time to get filtered but one thing is sure that the quality of filtered water is not compromised and all you get after filtration is pure and clean water.

Its design may give you an impact that the cleaning process of the filtration system would take time but in reality, it is very easy to get it done.

Parts of the system are therefore it is usually recommended that you should clean it in your house so that if you accidentally lose some part you can get them easily.

In a nutshell, this water system is very good concerning its filtration system because it is a three-layer system.

The filter size is 0.01 micron and can get up to one hundred thousand liters of water easily in its lifetime, the system is protected by lifetime manufacturer warranty and above all, it gives you 99.999% bacteria free pure water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains a 3 stage filter system
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty
  • It gives you 99.999% bacteria free pure water

4. LifeStraw Family 1.0

LifeStraw Family 1.0
Do you remember, we have talked about the life straw portable RO system for personal use above?

It is another product that has been designed to provide approximately all those services but at a pilot scale, for your family.

A family of four persons can be benefited from this system easily.

The best part of the system is that it does not require any effort from your side and works under gravity, yes! under gravity.

The system runs and provides you purified water for drinking purposes at the bottom of the machine and unpurified water goes to the top.

Though the system does not require your efforts during filtration during the cleaning of its parts, it may frustrate you.

The flow rate of the system is low so you should monitor it regularly and despite the slow flow rate, you may get up to 12 L of water in an hour.

This water system is also recommended because it will give donations to third world countries for pure and clean water.

So, a brief description would be; it can provide you iodine-free water up to 4,775 gallons, it is tightly tested under EPA standards and interestingly it has surpassed all of these tests and standards.

It is very easy to pour water into the bottle after the filtration process under gravity.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A family of four persons can be benefited from this system
  • The system does not require your efforts during filtration
  • It will give donations to third world countries for pure and clean water

5. Platypus Gravity Works 4.0

Platypus Gravity Works 4.0
This water system is one of the best water systems using the RO process for purification.

This water is the best fit for those scenarios in which you have planned to set your camping for a night and have some time to get ready.

The best part of the system is that it will give your 4 L of water after purification and will be stored in the bag and you would not be run out of space.

This system also works under gravity and you do not have to put your efforts for any pumping.

All you have to do is to just pour dirty water (up to 4 L) and you would get pure, and clean 4 L water after some time.

It starts working in just 2.5 minutes and a carrying case is also provided along with the system.

This water system is very helpful and recommended if you are going out with friends for long trips, camping, or hiking.

In this apparatus, physics is playing its role and you have to rest on the bed until the work is done.

This water system consists of hollow-fibers that will give you high purity and it removes up to 99.9% protozoa and 99.9999% bacteria.

In a nutshell, this system works itself under gravity and gives you up to 99.999% pure water on average, works fast, feasible for plenty of water for long trips, and does not require any pumping efforts from your side.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works under gravity
  • Recommended if you are going out with friends for long trips, camping, or hiking
  • This water system consists of hollow-fibers that will give you high purity

6. APEC Water System RO-CTOP Portable Countertop RO Water Filter

APEC Portable
This Purifier is lightweight.

It directly connects with your kitchen.

It takes very little time to be set up maximum within a couple of minutes.

It has 4 Filter Stages.

Water is supplied on the base of demand.

This is a tankless system.

In the first step, we purify water from larger particles as well as from harmful chemicals.

In the 2nd step,  99 percent of bad materials are removed.

In the 3rd step,  water is purified from another kind of chemical.

At the last stage in the process, a polish and full purify water is obtained by the coconut shell.

The Filter stage of this system is four,  gallon rating is 90 GPD, the recovery rate is 33 percent.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has professional and technical support
  • By changing the necessary things can be helpful for the easy and fast filtration process
  • It includes valve adapters

7. Countertop Portable Universal 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Purification Water System

Reverse Osmosis Revolution
This Revolution offers 2 packed in and moveable countertop RO water filter systems that caught our attention:

  1. The worldwide 5-stage unit that comes by a de-ionizing post-filter to obtain TDS near to 0  ppm
  2. The Premium Heavy Duty 6-stage introduces the alkalinization stage

Both methods are made by the United States which are fit for your kitchen.

This system is also good for your bathroom faucets.

The filter stages of this revolution are 5, gallons rating  75 GPD and the recovery rate is 25 percent.

If you want a connector for this system then you should contact the seller of this system.

He will provide you this facility at no cost.

Now we will see the system separately.

First, we will go through the model.

The most important thing is that its price is lower than the other systems.

As described it takes 5 steps for the water filtration process carbon and standard sediment purify your water in such a way that it removes the dust from your water and then it removes rust, chloramines, chlorine, and all other bad and harmful materials to improve your water quality.

This system provides you ultra-high purity.

At the 3rd stage, the RO membrane comes, you can easily fill a big pitcher within 15 minutes and we can stay safe from the long wait.

To work with the hard water Premium Heavy-Duty 6-Stage is used.

This system is used for removing the hardness of water by removing hard minerals.

Carbon is also used for the removal of hard materials.

In the last alkaline is used for improving the water PH 5 and 6 stage is a higher price rate tag.

We have also some drawbacks to this system as there is no NSF certification for this system.

Some leaking problem occurs at the beginning.

In the other, if the receiver receives broken parts of this system then he can claim for.

The seller is responsible.

Staff members also give service to solve all your issues relating to water purifiers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Low price
  • Used for removing the hardness of water by removing hard minerals
  • Alkaline is used for improving the water PH 5 and 6 stage is a higher price rate tag

8. Hydrologic 31206 Portable Reverse Osmosis System

Portable Reverse Osmosis System
This system may not be the best solution for water purification and is not so creative but it represents its good quality and price rate.

It has a suitable and shiny price tag which is very comfortable for the users.

The price tag is the most important feature of this system.

The system uses special carbon for the reduction of iron particles from the water and purifies it in a well standard manner.

It is easily hooked with the kitchen faucet and you can easily set up for this system of water purification.

KDF method is used for the pre-filtration, in which we remove even small particles of iron, hydrogen sulfide as well as other harmful chemicals like chloramines and chlorine.

The filter stages of this system are 3, gallon rating is 75 GDP and the recovery rate is 33 percent.

In this system, the water ratio is 1:2 which is above standard.

The system is integrated in such a way that it tells us automatically that you have to change the filters to make the water quality better, for this purpose automatic valves are used in the system.

For the use of outdoor purpose, you can get a connector which will help you to connect the system outside of the house.

This connector is free.

With the help of this service, the other people can also get clean and ultra-purified water which is a good deed for you.

Some are drawbacks for this system as there is no certification of NSF.

Maybe it is not a favorite system of purification water but it provides neat and clean water without wasting too many resources.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The system uses special carbon for the reduction of iron particles
  • It is easily hooked with the kitchen faucet
  • It provides neat and clean water without wasting too many resources

9. Puro Smart High Flow RO System

High Flow RO System
This is the smallest water filter system with its smart functionality.

It has the most solid countertop.

The filter stages of this system are 2, the gallon rating is 50 GPD and the recovery rate is under-defined.

It is very easy to use PuroSmart.

It does not need any kind of permanent installation.

You can simply change the kitchen faucet with the diverter regulator which is included in the package of the system.

Then make tubing connections and necessary processes.

After the above steps, you can use fresh, clean, and purify water.

To improve the quality of the water mini carbon is used which is used to remove the sediment, odors and taste, chlorine, and other bad materials.

Anyhow, we cannot rely 100 percent on this system of water purification because the water quality is not so good obtained by this system.

On the other hand, it is a very expensive way to produce purified water.

Also, the filtration capacity of this system is low as well as 50 gallons per day but this is the thing of wonder that this kind of tiny machine can provide a huge amount of water in twenty-four hours. 

This is a small machine that takes up no much space in your kitchen and is easily adjustable.

Due to its small size, it is also a less expensive machine.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The smallest water filter system with its smart functionality
  • Easy to use
  • It does not need any kind of permanent installation

10. RKIN Zero Installation Purifier RO Membrane

Installation Purifier RO Membrane
It is also called the top alkaline purification filter.

It is sold by the PuricomUSA.

It gives two different flavors:

  1. Silver White Purifier
  2. Space Black Purifier

It is that purifier system in which you can fit this system in your kitchen very easily and nicely or anywhere else and does not need any installation.

When you have done all the procedures of setting the purifier it will fill 5 gallons of clean and pure water in 10 to 15 minutes.

There are four stages by which 99 percent of impurities have been removed.

These impurities are consisting of heavy and large particles of metals, microbes, agricultural runoff, and fluoride, etc.

At the fourth step of filtration magnesium and calcium are added into the water for good taste and good and higher pH, due to this feature it is a special step.

The rate of recovery is 50 percent as it means one gallon goes wasted against every gallon of purified water.

It is not a good thing.

Anyhow the maintenance of the system is very easy.

It is very easy to clean the system and filters can be changed in no time.

Only the screwdriver is needed for this purpose.

You can also visit the company site and see the whole process of fitting the system.

There are four filter stages in the zero installation purifier.

Its gallon rating is ½ per cycle.

The total recovery rate is fifty percent.

There is no NSF certification relating to this system and the water containers are made of plastic which is not a good approach.

It is somehow an expensive product but it is a very good product for the purification of water.

It is very easy to set up the parts of this system.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The total recovery rate is fifty percent
  • The maintenance of the system is very easy
  • Very easy to clean


Final Thoughts

I hope this article has provided enough details on a portable reverse osmosis system for camping.

So, pure water is one of the basic issues when you are going for a hike or camping with your friends or family.

There is a range of water purifiers that use the RO systems and give you purified and clean water.

They remove up to 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria that may cause harm to health.

Some of them are so lightweight that you can easily fit them into your bag and use them when needed.

The cleaning process of most of the portable purifier is not a big deal and you can do cleaning easily after some time.

You can choose your desired purifier depending upon the requirements of your budget, trip, and camping.

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