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10 Best Emergency Water Filtration Systems Reviewed For 2022

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Tim Rhodes

This article covers the 10 best emergency water filtration systems and their reviews.

Water filtration systems drain out toxins from water, and they benefit us in various ways.

They help save a lot of money since buying bottled water is very costly compared to buying one water filtration system.

These systems also guarantee safe drinking water at any moment as their purpose is to filter out harmful particles from water.

These filter systems also play a significant role in conserving the environment as they do away with the buying and disposing of plastic water bottles.



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10 Best Emergency Water Filtration Systems Reviewed

Below we’ve covered a list of the top 10 water filtration systems.

You’ll find a product description, details, features and a rating of each one.

1. Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

ProCase Hard EVA Water Filter Case for Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System Bundle with...

It’s one of the best-rated water filtration systems.

The Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System is the most flexible and lightest personal filtration system that is easily portable and usable.

Its lightness makes it easy to carry around in any case, making these water filters suitable for any purpose, including trips, camping, and emergency scenarios.

It’s also miniature and it comes with a 16-ounce recyclable shrink bag that can be dismantled and broadened when unpacked.

This sawyer product comes with exemplary dispensable water purification containers with sipping straws through which you can consume water from its spring straightaway.

All sawyer water filter systems have 0.1-micron permeation.

The small-sized water filter pores ensure toxins in water, which are hazardous to human health, are sieved out.

Sawyer mini water filter system gets rid of 99.9999% of toxins like metal products, protozoa, and bacteria from water.

This brand of filter consists of microscopic indented fiber membranes that enable water purifiers to infiltrate into its body via minute micro-pores.

This kind of filtration system consists of fiber membranes that are much secured to keep it safeguarded.

This product makes drinking water from any source easy; lake, stream, or any other water purification system.

To clean water using the sawyer mini water filter systems, you have to fill up the squeeze container with water from any water purification systems.

You then insert the mini-filter onto the pouch and tighten it, then you can drink right from the bag or you can extract water into a bottle and use it later.

It’s one of the best water filtration systems and is very portable and easy to use, not to mention its very affordable costs.

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2. LifeStraw Personal Emergency Water Filter Systems

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness, 1 Pack,...

This water filtration brand has excellent reviews and ratings.

It’s said to be the pre-eminent brand of water filtration for emergencies as it has a sizable capacity.

Therefore it can purify water for a large number of people.

LifeStraw personal water filtration is devised to sieve out a massive percentage of harmful substances in water.

It percolates 99.9999% of parasites, bacteria, and other harmful substances in water.

It requires little or no sustenance and is simple to use.

It has developed cover automation that has pores that are much smaller than parasites and bacteria.

This type of emergency water filter system reduces turbidity in water-it can change brown or clouded water to be clear and transparent.

The LifeStraw personal emergency water filter is perfect for use in many circumstances, like camping, hiking, traveling, and emergencies like abrupt trips or occasions that call for endurance.

These water filters consist of a cylinder, which is approximately an inch wide and nine inches long.

Using this filter system is easy as it only requires you to place the life straw into any water purification source and sip directly from the straw or squeeze survival water into a bottle for multiple uses.

Even though the emergency LifeStraw tube is minute in size, it can purify large amounts of water without any chemicals whatsoever.

That’s one reason why people prefer it in times of crisis.

This brand doesn’t require any battery charge or electric power to work making it efficient for use.

It’s easily portable as it is tiny in size to fit into any traveling bag.

It’s also very cost friendly compared to other filter systems, and it also has excellent features and is suitable for use in any situation.

It, however, requires a lot of absorption which might be quite challenging in some places.

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3. Survivor Filter Pro

Survivor Filter Clear Collapsible Water Bottle Canteens - Travel Water Bottle - Includes Carabiners...

The survivor Filter pro has multiple 5-star ratings.

It’s the best emergency water purification system, especially in times of crisis.

Many people also love using these water filters during sports and recreation and many other outdoor activities.

It’s small and light (it weighs approximately one pound) to carry and this makes it convenient for use in any place even at home.

The Survivor Filter Pro eliminates 99.99999% of heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, e coli and all other poisonous chemicals present in water.

That’s because the brand contains 0.01 microns that are very effective and makes it able to filter out all types of toxins in the water.

This survival water filtration brand can also be employed directly on a water source.

When you purchase the survivor filter pro, it comes with a bonus of a carrying bag that you can carry with you anywhere and a cup from which you can filter your water.

This brand has a triple filter system: a cotton filter, an ultrafilter, and a particle filter.

The triple filtration makes this brand the best because it guarantees pure water.

First, you siphon the water into an attached cup and the best part is this brand permeates enormous amounts of water at an extremely rapid pace.

It’s effortless to maintain as cleaning is not technical.

One reason why people give this brand good ratings and reviews is that it’s recyclable and you can use it several times.

It also has reusable containers that are useful for a relatively large amount of time.

The Survivor Filter Pro is not only affordable, but it also has a lifetime warranty- this means that you are allowed to return in case of any delinquencies.

In such cases, the company either repairs your purifier or gives you a new one.

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4. LifeStraw Mission Purifier Water Filters

LifeStraw Flex Multi-Function Water Filter System with 2-Stage Carbon Filtration for Hiking, Camping...

It helps to purify water for various purposes like cooking and drinking.

It’s useful in various circumstances, for instance, emergencies, traveling, long treks, and encamping.

It has a foldable pouch and bag, which is light making it portable and suitable for emergencies.

The LifeStraw Mission Purifier has an improved sieving peritoneum that decontaminates 99.9999% of impurities.

It also has 0.02 microns which get rid of heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, e coli and chemical toxins.

This brand of emergency drinking water filter permeates filthy and impure water and makes it suitable for human consumption even in case of natural disasters.

This brand also does not require any electrical power or battery charge, making it easy to maintain and it comes with a bag.

At times this system is said to be very slow but it has an indefinite shelf life.

The good thing is that the LifeStraw Mission comes with an anti-clogging pump and replacement filters, which is very efficient and helps to ensure the gadget is working fast.

This brand can hold a sizable amount of water like around 12 liters, enough clean water purifiers for a person on an emergency outdoor expedition.

This type of water filter system is simple to use.

The LifeStraw is placed directly into a water purification source, and one can drink from it by the straw as the clean water comes out purified.

The fact that the container can hold 12 liters of water also allows one to store clean water for later use or to share it with others.

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5. MSR Guardian Purifier

MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifer for Backcountry Use, Global Travel, and Emergency...

It’s globally known by many to be the most efficient water filter system.

Although this brand is for the United States military, many people have developed a liking for it.

This brand is making some adjustments to improve this product, making it one of the most fancied water filter systems.

It is very exemplary for emergencies, hikes, countryside, and travel purposes.

The MSR Guardian Purifier is durable as you can use it for a long time without breaking down.

It has the potential of holding out against harsh conditions in any kind of scenario and it is a good alternative to water purification tablets.

The MSR Guardian Purifier siphons water swiftly at the pace of just about 3 liters of water per minute.

It decontaminates large gallons of water and is capable of resisting harsh environmental conditions, freezing, and can survive excessive use.

This brand satisfies the NSF protocolP248 of America.

The MSR Guardian Water Purifier has a micron of about 0.004 and it has the capability of eliminating dangerous substances like bacteria, viruses, and other light particles from water.

This emergency water filter system uses medical-grade fibers that protect from the tiniest waterborne threats.

It, however, does not permeate heavy metals which is its only limitation.

It weighs approximately 1.4 kg making it easy to carry about anywhere one goes.

The MSR Guardian Water Purifier has MSR Dromedary Bag Water Reservoir and MSR Guardian Purifier Annual Maintenance Kit, which is purchased separately but is very useful and essential to a person who has the filter system.

A good reason why you should get the MSR Guardian Purifier is that there is no need for water treatment or boil your drinking water because this is what this product does.

It also filters water into any kind of container and is suitable to use in any part of the world.

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6. MSR Miniworks EX Microfilter System

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter Maintenance Kit

It’s also among the best rated and reviewed emergency water filter systems in 2021.

One of its best qualities is its authenticity- this brand guarantees cleansed and non-toxic and clean water treatment for all functions.

It’s also exceptionally long-lasting and can hold out against relentless and constant operation without getting ruined in an emergency situation.

The MSR Miniworks EX Microfilter filter system is productive, especially during emergencies and crises.

It’s also used in other scenarios like expeditions, encamping, and home use.

The gadget comes in a clean mesh pouch that you can effortlessly bring along with you during expeditions.

This gadget weighs approximately 0.5 kg, therefore, it can easily be packed and carried in any circumstance.

This system has the capability of getting rid of 9.9999% of harmful chemicals and substances in water.

It has interchangeable ceramic and carbon gauze whose purpose is to eliminate chemical toxins and bacteria from water.

Another unique feature of this brand is that it has the potential to do away with unpleasant flavors in drinking clean water.

It consists of carbon, which removes chemicals like chlorine and iodine which stir a terrible taste in water.

The carbon filters also do away with unappealing flavors and smell from clean water.

The MSR Mini works EX Microfilter System is very cost-friendly and has a finite lifetime guarantee.

This water filter system permeates just about 2 liters of drinking water purification at a time.

Some people use this purifier in filtering other substances like petroleum; however, this causes excessive clogging and may be rendered useless within a short period.

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7. The Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ Filter] Bottle (Coyote Amber)

Some people refer to it as the best purifier ever and this because of its excellent features.

The Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier is very light and convenient not only for emergencies but also for home use, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and situations that call for survival.

It permeates harmful chemicals like chlorine, heavy metals, and silt from contaminated water.

It also gets rid of protozoa, bacteria, and viruses, making the water source very safe for human utilization.

It’s also the most natural purifier to use as it requires you to fill water into it from any water source then press the filtering container downwards once and just like that you have safe and decontaminated water.

The Grayl Ultralight water purifier, like any other filter system, plays a significant role in conserving the environment reducing the rate of buying and disposing of plastic water bottles.

It is swift- it takes seconds to work which is why it is beneficial during emergencies.

These survival water filters are very affordable and durable as it is usable for a long time without breaking.

This system also makes muddy water sources clear and it changes the taste and odor of water.

Additionally, this water filter doesn’t depend on electricity or batteries to work and it does not require a lot of effort to operate while also substituting bottled water.

The Grayl Ultralight Water purifier is one of the best filters in times of crisis.

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8. Royal Berkey Water Filter

Imperial Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter System 4.5 Gallon with 2 Black Berkey Elements, 2 Berkey...

The Royal Berkey Water Filter has a well-built filtration structure that gets rid of 99.9999% of heavy metals, bacteria, pharmaceutical drugs, and viruses found in water sources.

This water purifier cleanses water for at least three people at a time as it has an approximate 13-liter gallon capacity.

This filtration gadget is quite bulky compared to the others and it weighs about 9 pounds.

Its cover is of stainless steel material which makes it resistant to rust.

It comes with two washers that make cleaning it an easy task.

It’s very productive during emergencies, outdoor expeditions, and indoor utilization.

It’s also very beneficial in adverse environmental conditions and circumstances that call for endurance as it requires little maintenance, and neither uses batteries or electricity.

The Royal Berky Water Filtration system decontaminates water from any source regardless of whether it’s clean.

This gadget can also get rid of the dirty coloring in water without damaging the useful minerals that are advantageous to the human body.

It’s also custom-made for filtering large quantities of water in a short period.

It can purify thirty liters within an hour, making it worthwhile to use large numbers of people.

The fact that the Royal Berky Water Filtration system can purify a lot of water in no time makes it an ideal filtration system in crisis times.

The Royal Berky Water Filter is quite costly because of its exemplary features and also because it purifies surplus and gallons of water in no time.

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9. MSR Autoflow Gravity Filter

MSR AutoFlow Replacement Cartridge Water treatment

The MSR Autoflow Gravity Filter is very convenient in survival and emergencies.

That’s because it’s light survival gravity emergency water filters and sizable enough with a pump to be easily carried around.

It has a high-level capacity water purification system of downward force and decontaminates around 1.8 liters of water per minute.

People give it a good rating because it is a pretty fast portable water system, and it comes with a carrier bag, which makes it easily portable.

It’s very beneficial especially for those who love camping because it uses gravity.

The MSR Autoflow Gravity Filter has 0.02 microns and this filter removes bacteria, protozoa, and harmful chemicals from water sources.

This water filtration system is ideal for large groups of people as its structure enables large quantities of filtration in no time.

This gadget comes with a bottle which makes it a portable water system in which you can sieve your water or use other drinkable water storage containers.

The MSR Autoflow Gravity Filter has an upgrade and now it’s even lighter, and it applies a pump-free system methodology.

People love the fact that they don’t have to pump when using this system like that can be tiring at times.

Its bottle can carry 4 liters of water, making it easy to store water for later use.

These survival emergency water filters are also very durable and ideal for heavy uses.

People love the MSR Autoflow Gravity Filter because it’s effortless to use.

Although it’s quite costly it’s worth it as it’s swift, requires no pumping because it uses gravity, and is portable.

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Final Thoughts

As humans, we go through strict and unexpected moments and we never cease to thirst for water.

That’s why we humans should have at least one water purifier, and luckily for us, there are various quality and approved water filtration systems in the market.

Good emergency water filtration systems are easy to use and require no electrical or battery charge and are made according to EPA standards.

A purifier helps you save money, conserve the environment, and owning one means you are ready for any emergencies.

It also saves life as it prevents us from consuming all sorts of chemicals and poison in the water.

All of the stated emergency water filters are the most appealing and reliable to other people.

An emergency water filtration system is a lifesaver, and that is why you should get yourself one- better safe than sorry.

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