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10 Best Oil Water Separator Filters And Their Reviews For 2022

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Here is a list that will help you in buying the best oil water separator filter for your use.

Access to clean, non-toxic, and safe water is the basic right of every living being.

With the advancing and growing industrial web, the mixing up of untreated and filthy water into clean water storms has increased.

Water pollution is the source of many waterborne illnesses and harm for the native species because the polluted water contains oil, hydrocarbons, fuel, and grease mixed with water.

These compounds can cause major health issues and can also interfere with the working of many pneumatic tools.

There are many oil and water separators available in the market that are used on various industrial and commercial levels by many companies.

The efficacy of a specific Oil Water Separator depends on the bilge management, its maintenance, machinery design, and overall working system and this is the reason each water oil filter has a different ability and you can use them with various types of impurities present in water.



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10 Best Oil Water Separator Filters Reviewed

The basic mechanism on which these separators work is the difference in the densities of different particles, water, and oil.

This difference in density makes all the elements segregated.

1. Neiko 30252-A Water & Oil Separator For Air Line

NEIKO 30252A Water and Oil Separator for Air Line | 1/4' NPT Inlet and Outlet | 90 PSI | Air...

No more rusting and no more wastage of money because the first product is a corrosion-proof, very durable aluminum-based filter with brass fittings named as Neiko water and oil separator.

This tool can magically separate the impurities like dust, oil, etc., from water.

This product works with the help of a pair of conventional filters that hold on to the moisture passing through them, thus separating water, oil, and other impurities using air under a maximum pressure of 90 psi.

This filter is further attached to an air tool that has button release valves that make the disposal easy.

Neiko 30252-A Water and Oil Separator tool has see-through polycarbonate housing through which you can have a check on a built-up and can get rid of the accumulation of debris in the tube on time so that the device can work properly.

Neiko 30252-A Water and Oil Separator have an inlet of NPT ¼-inch and an air outlet of NPT ¼-inch that link the airline with pneumatic spray guns.

The best thing about Neiko water and oil spectator is that it prevents vapors and other particles from entering the pneumatic tools thus ensuring their long term usage.

If you are sick of changing rusty and damaged filters and you want something that lasts a bit longer, go for it, you will surely not regret it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Neiko water and oil separator is very light in weight and easy to carry around
  • Comes with a super convenient easy fitting mechanism of twisting that makes the installation very easy
  • Due to transparent polycarbonate housing you can see and monitor it easily
  • Durable and long-lasting with rust and corrosion proof body
  • Impurities and foreign bodies stay out of the air tools thus increasing their life span
  • Comes with a secure fitting without leakages

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2. 3 Pieces Water Oil Airbrush Filter Moisture Separator For Air Line

3 Pcs Compressed Air Filter Water Oil Separator 1/4 Inch NPT Inlet and Outlet Airbrush Filter...

Buy one get one free is too old!

We present a water and oil airbrush filter separator that comes with not 1 but 3 water oil separators with a beautiful external design and colorful anterior.

The oil water separator filter tool has two ends, an outward inlet for the airflow that is concave in shape and is blue and an inward inlet for the airflow that is convex in shape and is the connector side.

The amazing thing about this water and oil separator compress filter is that it is very easy to carry, has ergonomically friendly, and handy to install settings.

Water Oil Airbrush Filter Moisture Separator has an inlet and outlet of ¼-inch that makes it easy to connect to most of the air-driven tools like airbrushes, air compressors, and helps in effectively capturing the water vapors and oil droplets thus keeping the equipment in good condition.

The water-oil separator is constructed from transparent polycarbonate housing, tough brass fittings, and an aluminum-based body.

The antioxidant, non-rust able and corrosion-proof body of Water Oil Airbrush Filter Moisture Separator makes it more durable and resistant to damage and breakage.

In addition to that, this rust-proof property expands the life span of the tool and effectively makes the airbrushes last longer.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It comes with a push-button that makes the emptying of the tool easy so that the drainage system works effectively
  • It fits most of the pneumatic tools and you can easily use them while airbrushing, sandblasting, and cutting and is also suitable for plasma air cutters and other compressed air tools
  • Filters are very easy to change as they require no complex settings for fittings
  • The long service life because of its antioxidant natures makes this tool a big money saver and saves you from the hustle to replace the filter every second day

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3. Tailonz Pneumatic 3/8 Inch NPT Air Filter Pressure Regulator

TAILONZ PNEUMATIC 3/8 Inch NPT Air Filter Pressure Regulator Water/Oil Trap Separator...

Tailonz Pneumatic water/ oil separator fits in your budget and comes in a package that contains 3 In 1 air filter regulators along with a lubricant cup, pressure gauge, Teflon tape, and two NPT male pipe.

The body of the device is made up of aluminum alloy with a manual drain type.

Pneumatic 3/8 NPT air filter works at a temperature of about 40-140F or 5-60C.

Oil and water separator by Tailonz has a liquid flow rate of about 2000L / Minute and operates at a maximum air pressure of about 0-145 PSI.

The size of the Gauge port is about 1/8 inches NPT and for the airport part, the size is about 3/8 inches NPT.

This device has some amazing features like the adjustable air pressure, lubricates the air, filters foreign particles from the air, and traps the moisture.

Tailonz Pneumatic 3/8 Inch NPT Air Filter Pressure Regulator Water/Oil Trap Separator comes with a precise and very accurate pressure gauge that has a copper core which makes the pressure induction accurate.

The gauge has two dial scales units for measurement and has a metal casing outer shell that makes it corrosion and rustproof thus making it last longer.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains a transparent measuring cup that helps you see through it so that you can observe the volume of the components in the cup
  • Filter cup also has a metal cover that protects it from wear and tear
  • Strong sealing of the device makes it last linger
  • It has a backrest bracket that makes the installation of the device easy on walls
  • All the parts of the device are corrosion and rustproof that makes the device last longer and saves money

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4. Creation Core High-Pressure PCP Hand Pump Air Filter Water-Oil Separator

Creation Core High Pressure PCP Hand Pump Air Filter Water-Oil Sparator with Female and Male Quick...

Creative core high-pressure PCP hand pump comes in a package that is a heavy-duty, fully equipped deal of an oil-water separator, 20 kits of filter, gasket, and seal rings.

The body of the tool is blue and has an aviation-grade aluminum alloy which is very resistant to higher pressures and durable for long term use.

Creation Core High-Pressure PCP Hand Pump Air filter is very handy to install and has instant fittings.

Creation core PCP hand pump separator can work with many air compressor tools like airbrushes, sandblaster, etc.

Water-Oil Separator works with a high air pressure of about 30mpa and a length of 40mm.

Both the ends of the air filters are M10*1 threads and have connector specifications of 8mm male and female inlets.

It comes with additional parts for PCP, compressor, and the hand air pump that can be replaced when required.

Oil, moisture, and other impurities can be easily separated using the creation core high-pressure PCP hand pump Air Filter water oil separator.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Reusable thus you can use them again and again
  • Work efficiently with many air tools
  • Can reach up to 90% separation
  • Design is simple but very practical and has high efficacy
  • Filters out pure and breathable air

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5. 2pcs High-Pressure Air Filter Element 30Mpa/20Mpa

2pcs High Pressure Air Filter Element 30Mpa / 20Mpa for High Pressure Air Filter Oil-Water Separator...

This high-pressure Air Filter Element comes with a package that has 2 pcs pumps that are used for separation of oil and water.

High-Pressure Air Filter Element works on an air pressure of 30-20Mpa and ensures efficient separation of oil and water.

This high-pressure oil-water separator air compressor pump is made up of an activated carbon body that gives a specific smell to the air after absorption and filtration.

Air Filter Oil-Water Separator Air Compressor Pump is suitable for the diving Air compressor machine as it works under a high air pressure of 30 Mpa / 20 Mpa.

After filling for about 360L gas the filter elements, change it to ensure the smooth working of the tool.

The length of the body of this oil water separator filter is about 20 cm or 7.87 inches, ends diameter is 31 mm or 1.22 inches with the middle body diameter of about 27 mm or 1.06 inches.

The filter has an adopting import activated carbon body to make sure the cleanliness of the outside air and make the job easy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This filter is used again after washing without any inconvenience
  • It has a bolt at the end of the filter cartridge that makes the exchange of carbon easy and makes the device work more efficiently
  • High-pressure air filter oil-water separator air compressor pump gives a peculiar smell to the air because of the carbon coating
  • The best part is that this tool is compatible with many diving air compressor machine

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6. TEKTON 4755 Oil/Water Separator

TEKTON 4755 Oil/Water Separator

No more complex machinery!

TEKTON 4755 Oil and water separator filter is very handy and easy to install a tool that is used in a variety of settings.

It has an amazing quality of eliminating the buildup of water, oil, and other moisture from the airlines.

TEKTON is a finance friendly and cost-effective way for plugging into open-ended pipes.

It has a rubber O-ring, a pipe dust cover, and works at a maximum pressure of about 150 psi.

TEKTON 4755 Oil/Water Separator has a neoprene compact body unit structure that helps in reducing the stress and thus prevents ozone cracking.

TEKTON filter works in a way that traps the water vapors and prevents them from entering the air tools.

This increases the life expectancy of the tools and makes them last longer than many other tools available in the market.

It contains an air inlet of about 0.25 inches and an air out of about the same size with a weight of o.25lbs and a width of 6.5 inches.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Traps water droplets thus expanding the lifespan and quality of performance of the tools
  • Installs easily without any effort
  • Helps in a clean and neat air spray job
  • Works efficiently with many pneumatic tools without affecting their quality
  • As this tool prevents the water vapors from entering the main body thus it last longer and saves money

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7. Compressor Filter Oil Water Separator With Drain Valve

LE LEMATEC Air Compressor Water Separator, 1/4', Produces Clean Dry Air with One Way Drain Valve,...

The unique and heavy-duty body of this oil water separator filter has a body of aluminum and contains a push-button valve that makes the drainage easy and quick.

To make the structure more reliable and more durable brass fittings with secure bonds that prevent leakage.

The water/Oil compressor filter device works at an operating pressure of about 90 psi.

The device has two ends; an air inlet of about ¼-inch which is called the female and the same size air outlet male body.

The drain valve in the tool operates with a push button that helps in a fast and neat emptying of the filter.

Lematec in lines for oil water separators increases the quality and service life of your pneumatic tools and keeps the air tools in the best working condition with minimal risk of breakage thus reducing the repair cost for these tools.

The best thing about the water/oil compressor separator filter device is that it works with a huge variety of air tools with foolproof work efficacy.

This unique Lematec tool is worth your money, buy it and you will not regret it at all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty industrial and commercial strength inline water/oil filters
  • Increases the lifespan of pneumatic tools and saves the repairmen money
  • Can be used and handled in different positions and at different angles
  • Dust build-up free device
  • Instantly filter water and oil
  • Convenient drainage system with a push-button valve

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No products found.

Water Oil Separator Inline Air Hose Filter is easy to install on a variety of settings like pneumatic air tools like sandblasters, paint spray, and airlines.

This Moisture Trap for Compressor Spray Paint Guns is an important element for machines and prevents water and other impurities from entering the air compressor tools and spray guns, thus increasing their life span.

Inline air hose traps the water vapor, dust, and other particles thus increasing the efficacy and the performance of the air compressor machinery and help in a neat, clean, and even finishing of the task.

This compressor has a transparent body tube that makes the trash buildup visible so that you can have a check on the volume of the debris inside.

The water oil separator has two airports; an inlet and outlet of about the same ¼-inch in length.

It has a heavy-duty body structure which makes it very durable so that it can handle a pressure of about 90 psi – 120 psi.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Removes the maximum amount of oil and water from the air supply
  • Can withstand a pressure of about 120 psi
  • A transparent body that prevents the extra buildup of the dust
  • Enhances the life span of the pneumatic tools

9. Outdoor Guy PCP Hand Pump Air Compressor Simple Refill Oil Separator

PCP Hand Pump Air Compressor Simple Refill Oil-water Separator with Female Quick Release and Free...

Simple in looks and heavy on duty!

The outdoor guy progressive cavity hand pump is a very handy air hand pump is used on various tools and pneumatic machinery.

A hand pump is conveniently used with an air compressor hose to filter and separate oil, moisture, and other impurities with convenience in no time.

The design of the hand pump air compressor is very simple but is very useful with not extended pipes and tubes.

The package by the outdoor guy comes with 5 additional filters elements that are easily replaceable and can be used for a long duration.

Hand pump air compressor has connection threads on both sides of about M10*1 and has rubber gaskets that help with leakage.

It has a quick air release female air inlet that helps in maintaining the pressure and keeps the work smooth and even.

The package has 2 O-rings that are durable to use with this filter and are free.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works perfectly with the progressive cavity pumps
  • Filters out oil, moisture, and other impurities
  • Easy to install and has quick fittings
  • Simple in structure with no special instructions
  • Comes with 5 pieces of extra filters and 2 free O-rings

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10. Hotusi 1/4

Hotusi 1/4' BSP Air Compressor Moisture Filter Trap Oil Water Separator Regulator Lubricator

Work with constant pressure with zero fluctuations!

BSP air compressor oil and water separator by Hotusi are fairly small and very light in weight device with quick and instant installation with very easy maintenance.

The device operates at a pressure range of about 30-120 PSI which can reach up to 130 PSI max with a flow rate of about 26 CFM or 750 L/Min.

Oil-water separator regulator lubricators have 2 airports that work side by side; an air inlet and an air outlet of about ½ -inches both.

Air ports help to filter the small particles and foreign bodies thus keeping the air clean and make the task smooth.

The air filter regulator adjusts the main channel by discharging the output pressure, thus maintaining a stable pressure gradient with the atmosphere.

Irrespective of the size of the inlet airport the pressure value remains stable with no or minimum fluctuations.

The air filter water and oil separator regulator has a gauge watch that helps in the monitoring of the device.

The device has two connectors; one is the hose connector and the other one is the quick connecter, both the connectors help in the fittings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This tool is a blessing as it has no pressure fluctuations which makes the device without interruption and more efficient
  • This device is very light in weight and easy to install with very handy maintenance
  • A gauge helps in easy measurements of the pressure
  • Filters all the small particles, dust, and other impurities efficiently
  • It has secure fittings that prevent leakage

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Final Thoughts

The market is full of tools that can help you do your job in the best possible way but not all of those will worth your money.

The first thing that you should think while buying an oil water separator filter is how long will it last and how well will it do its job.

Water and oil separators are an important part of many mechanical systems and their work quality largely influences the efficacy of the overall task.

Choose wisely while shopping and don’t waste your money on extended machinery with no use.

Invest smartly and save yourself from the hustle of changing the tools every other day

These are some best seller, heavy-duty, and easy to use products that can save your time and money.

Go for them and you will not regret it.

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