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10 Best Air Compressor Water Filters And Their Reviews For 2023

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Tim Rhodes

An air compressor water filter is a device that continually provides much-needed potential energy.

They usually need ample maintenance for their optimal performance.

One of the primary forms of maintenance is checking the air quality inside the air compressor filter because clean compressed air has a positive significant effect on their durability, efficiency and performance.

One of the most lethal impurities in an air compressor is water which causes premature wear that ends up reducing its functionality and durability.

Therefore, an effective air compressor filter comes in handy to ensure error-free operation.

This significantly reduces machine downtime and energy consumption saving you your hard-earned cash.


10 Best Air Compressor Water Filters Reviewed And Rated

Here are 10 of the best air compressor water filters in 2021.

1. 1/4’’ NPT Neiko Water Separator

NEIKO 30252A Water and Oil Separator for Air Line | 1/4' NPT Inlet and Outlet | 90 PSI | Air...

This air compressor water separator for air line is great for those looking for a low cost but highly rated air compressor filter that is also very much portable.

It’s so lightweight that it easily goes unnoticed.

It managed to cut through the competition and offer customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost.

Similarly, it comes with a modern design and functionality that matches the preferences of today’s customers.

Weighing just 3.52 ounces, the Neiko air compressor water separator for air line has a maximum pressure of 90 psi.

This means the tool is ideal for low compressed air pressure.

It fully removes moisture, oil, water vapor and solid debris from the air line inside the air tools.

It features a 1/4’’ NPT air inlet and outlet and is usable for both air tools and spray guns.

It has a solid system of arresting any water vapor and oil preventing them from entering the spray guns thereby improving compressed air tool performance.

It was first established in 2008 and since then it continues to win the hearts of many water separator seekers.

The Neiko water separator has an eye-catching aluminum and brass fitting which protects the tools from rust.

Rust can jeopardize your tool’s performance by accelerating premature wear.

Pros & Benefits:

  • One of the cheapest and highly efficient air compressor filter in the market
  • It features a rust-proof aluminum coating that makes the device last even longer
  • It’s very easy to install and can be dismantled to enable cleaning with no much effort

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2. 3/4’’ NPT THB Heavy Duty Water Filter


This product is suitable for those who want a heavy-duty and industry rated air compressor water filter.

It’s a tool used in large scale air regulation and is ranked highly as a solid air compressor filter.

So, how strong is it?

This 3/4’’ NPT THB water separator has a 140 CFM flow rate and a whopping 175 maximum psi.

This particulate filter air compressor water separator prolongs the life of your air compressor by removing moisture, oil, vapor and dust contaminants from the air.

It comprises a 3/4’’ NPT female air inlet and a 3/4 inch female air outlet and it contains 5-micron filter element.

Weighing 1.6 pounds, this heavy-duty water separator automatically drain water from the trap.

It comes with a mounting bracket that lets you view the water levels in the bowl through a glass.

This heavy duty THB water separator enables you to monitor the water levels for easy prediction on the drainage time.

The manufacturing company boasts of a good reputation for making high-quality air compressor water separators.

Hence, you are assured of an awesome compressed air cleaning experience and maximum satisfaction.

It’s widely recognized for both low and high-pressure system.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This heavy duty compressor saves you the effort to drain trapped water since it does this automatically
  • It can easily adapt to both low and high-pressure system
  • It has an aluminum coating that further elongates its lifespan
  • It has a fairly easy installation procedure

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3. 3/8’’ NPT Campbell Husfeld Water Filter

Air Filter, 3/8' NPT with Quick Release Bowl (Campbell Hausfeld PA212103AV)

This device is particularly useful to those working on on-the-go projects.

If time is your main concern, then this masterpiece provides you with maximum satisfaction.

It manages to swiftly carry out compressed air cleaning and paves way for you to perform your duties more productively.

Its speed shouldn’t be confused with ineffectiveness because it manages to bag a high success rate in compressed air cleaning.

The main purpose of this air compressor filter is to safeguard the air tools by doing away with solid contaminants or moisture.

This air compressor water separator is highly effective in removing oil, rust, condensed water vapor and dust.

The Campbell Hausfeld filter contains a 5-micron filter which does an awesome job of eliminating even the tiniest of contaminants.

It can be used to quickly clean the compressed air to enable oil and water-free activities such as spray painting.

It’s a pocket-friendly device and only weighs 8 ounces hence easy to carry around and fit in your air compressor.

It has two separate systems; one that removes 99.9% of oil and another that removes moisture.

The air compressor filter comes with a color-changing desiccant to easily remind you of when to change or recharge it.

The 3/8 NPT Campbell Hausfeld air compressor filter comes with a metal guard that protects the transparent water bowl.

It has a 57 SCFM flow capacity and a max pressure of 90 psi.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s efficiently time-saving enabling the running of on-the-go projects
  • The water bowl and quarter-turn enable the water to drain out easily saving you much effort
  • It has one of the highest-rated oil removal system; at 99.9%
  • The metal guard protects the water bowl thereby improving its durability

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4. 1/2’’ NPT Nanpu Water Filter

NANPU 1/2' NPT Compressed Air Filter Regulator Lubricator Combo Water/Oil Trap Separator -...

This compressor is great for those looking for a highly rated and average price air compressor water filter.

This means that it balances its robust performance and fairly stays affordable; something that attracts buyers with rapidly changing needs and preferences.

It features a 5-micron element standard and a 105 SCFM flow rate (3,000L/Min)

The 1/2’’ NPT Nanpu has a max pressure of 145 psi meaning it can fairly handle high pressure.

The air compressor filter comes with a semi-automatic drainage system.

It sets high standards in air compressor regulation system with its advanced and powerful regulation combinations.

It features an ultra-rich filtration system which does a superb job of removing even the smallest and most stubborn debris.

It has a temperature range of 41-140 F which makes it one of the best air filters in the market.

This device is developed with the exact technology that makes pneumatic tools best for over 30 years.

This is why the company gained so much trust and a good reputation over the years and its tools are focused on exceeding customer expectations.

It also comes with brass fittings and a tape roll that gives it a more refined look and enables its easy installation and operation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It features a water bowl that is coated with a polycarbonate guard for maximum protection
  • Installation is easy hence it saves you much effort
  • The semi-automatic drain saves you the effort to drain the water manually

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5. 3/8’’ NPT Pneumatic plus Water Separator

PneumaticPlus SAU3030M-N03G-MEP Three Stage Air Drying System - Air Particulate Filter, 0.3 Micron...

If you’re looking for a robust air compressor filter water separator and are into some heavy duty specifications, then this option is ideal for you.

Weighing 2.9 pounds, this device reigns supreme in handling max compressed air supply pressure of 250 psi.

It comes with an automatic air compressor filter that separates dirt, water and other impurities.

It removes water up to 99% keeping your compressed air tools free from moisture.

It’s surely one of the best air compressor water filters in the market looking at its effectiveness in eliminating moisture.

This moisture is harmful to compressed air tools since it causes rusting that impedes their optimal performance.

It’s very much commended for protecting air lines that are devoid of space restriction and don’t need air dryer.

This air compressor filter has no moving parts hence you have to drain the water manually.

The 3/8’’ NPT Pneumatic plus boasts of a modern design that helps it in becoming the go-to compressed air filter water separator.

This compressed air filter works in 3 stages whereby fine air regulation takes place removing up to 99.7% of harmful oil aerosols, moisture and solid particles.

The manufacturer is a worldwide recognized company that makes modern and top-notch pneumatic tools.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s easy to install and dismantle the water filter for proper cleaning
  • It can handle high compressed air pressure with ease
  • The metal bowl is surrounded with a metal guard thereby prolonging its utility
  • Its unique and modern design makes it effective in large scale compressed air regulation

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6. 1/4’’ NPT Lematec ZN-312 Water Filter

ZN312 Filters for Air compressor

Are you in search of a pocket-friendly water separator that’s compatible with any compressed air tools?

Worry no more!

This air compressor water separator guarantees a hassle-free compressed air cleaning making it easy for you to use it across any of your air compressor accessories.

The 1/4’’ NPT Lemantec ZN-312 is your go-to air compressor filter.

This air compressor water separator earns a competitive edge over other tools for its convenience and user-friendliness.

This is because the manufacturing company noticed an unmet customer demand where most were yearning for a universal and cost-effective water separator.

Its lightweight weighing only 4.8 ounces and has a max compressed air of 90 psi.

This air compressor filter ensures maximum protection of your tools preventing water, oil and solid particles from entering them.

It’s made of zinc combined with steel rocking a stylish design that matches the needs of its customers.

This gives the compressed air filter that modern look and rock-solid reinforcement.

The ZN-312 comes with a tape roll that ensures its easy portability and quick installation.

Drainage of water is easy thanks to the tools push-button drain valve.

This is quite a rare feature that makes it stand out from its rivals earning a competitive edge.

The manufacturer received much recognition and the device was highly rated as a top lightweight and best water separator.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The ZN-312 water separator is compatible with any air compressor
  • It saves you the water drainage effort with the easy push-button drain valve
  • Its modern design maximizes compressed air regulation to a solid performance
  • It’s easily portable and takes minimum time to install

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7. 3/8’’ NPT J&R 3 in 1 Water Separator

3 In 1 Twin Air Filter Pressure Regulator Gauge Kit 3/8' Water/Oil Trap Separator

Those seeking a high performing compressed air separator filter that separates impurities all at once will find this device reliable.

It boasts of effectively cleaning the compressed air of all impurities making sure your air compressor works at optimum performance.

This air compressor filter separates oil, water and dust from the compressed air making your compressed air tool highly productive.

It’s one of the best water separators in the market since it comes with a 160 psi oil gauge regulator.

This removes those stubborn oil aerosols that damage your air compressor thereby leading to machine downtime and work stoppages.

It weighs 2 pounds and has a standard maximum pressure of 150 psi with a 3/8’’ diameter of compressed air inlet.

This can let in a relatively large volume of compressed air to be filtered with ease and is largely recognized as fairly strong tools for large scale compressed air regulation.

This air compressor filter has a temperature range of 40-160 F making it reliable in withstanding fairly high heat.

The J & R air compressor filter also features a unique metal and plastic build which makes it easy to install, operate and clean.

Its design matches the needs of customers who desire a strong air compressor filter with a cool design.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a solid and reputable compressed air filter water separator that promises value for money
  • It’s widely recognized and voted as one of the top-notch compressed air regulation tools
  • You won’t break your back a bit during its application as it can be installed pretty easily

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8. 1/4’’ NPT Ingersoll Rand Water Filter

Ingersoll Rand ARO F35121-400-VS Air Line Filter, 1/4' NPT - 150 psi Max Inlet, Black

Are you always pessimistic about automatic moisture drainage in air filters?

Well, this device is ideal for you.

It’s specifically designed to remove liquid and solid debris which contaminate your air compressor.

However, you can still order the air compressor filter that comes with different filter element capable of eliminating oil if you desire more enhanced compressed air cleaning capacity.

These air compressor filter elements reduce oil and dust contaminants to a 0.3-micron element.

This explains why the Ingersoll Rand receives much praise and recognition as a leading air compressor water filter.

Weighing just 7.2 ounces, the air compressor filter features a 150 psi maximum pressure.

It comes with a standard 5-micron filter element though you can buy a separate 40-micron filter element to install.

The device allows for a smooth airflow preventing the compressed air from choking.

This water separator allows for a temperature range of 23-125 F which is adequate for most users.

Its water bowl is protected by a polycarbonate guard and the water is drained manually.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The 1/4’’ NPT Ingersoll Rand air compressor filter has one of the lowest leak rates
  • The water bowl is protected by a polycarbonate guard which ensures maximum durability
  • Its installation is easy and takes minimal effort
  • Its manual drain comes in handy for those who want a hands-on water drain for maximum perfection

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9. 1/4’’ NPT Jewboer 2 Pack Water Filter

Jewboer 2 pack Air Compressor Filter

This water separator is most appropriate for those who are after air regulation to perform some quick jobs such as spray painting.

This means it best fits customers with a high time consideration who want tools that are swift and manages to do the job effectively.

It’s best applicable with hoses, pneumatic tools and spray guns and is a high performing water separator.

Its universal compressed air inlet and outlet measures 1/4 – inch and easily connects with the air lines of your air compressor.

It’s one of the most cost-efficient and has promising results.

The Jewboer water filter has a maximum pressure of 90 psi meaning it’s ideal for low pressure.

It comes with a quality exhaust valve to aid in maximum condensation of moisture.

This ensures it squeezes out all stubborn water that will hamper the performance of your air compressor.

The 1/4’’ NPT Jewboer air compressor filter has high accuracy in protecting compressed air from moisture, oil and debris.

It’s easily portable weighing 100g and is made of copper and alloy giving it a refined modern design.

This ensures that it’s highly resistant to impact and will not damage the device assuring you of that smooth compressed air regulation.

The tool’s water bowl is transparent and is surrounded by a polycarbonate guard.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Its water bowl has a polycarbonate guard that further protects it from premature wear
  • It’s highly cost-efficient
  • Its fast deployment is suitable for quick jobs hence saving you time
  • Its exhaust valve ensures maximum condensation assuring your air compressor of optimum protection from water

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10. 1/2 ’’ NPT SMC Water Separator

SMC AMG350C-N04BC Water Separator, N.C. Auto Drain, 1,500 L/min, 1/2' NPT, Mounting Bracket

This tool is more suitable for those working in assembly lines and machine shops.

It offers an undisrupted compressed air cleaning experience in busy industry setups ensuring smooth operations devoid of any machine faults and work stoppages.

It’s also RoHS compliant ensuring full protection from hazardous substances.

This is particularly essential bearing in mind the nature of busy industrial setups where risks are lurking all through.

Weighing 2.6 pounds, the 1/2’’ NPT SMC water separator has a flow rate of 1,500 L/Min.

It comes with an automatic drain making it a unique air compressor filter.

It performs optimally at temperatures of 41 F meaning it’s not ideal for high heat scenarios.

This SMC water filter comes with an ISO certification meaning the build materials and its functionality meet quality standards.

Its design and functionality are closely checked to ensure you experience an error-free compressed air regulation.

The manufacturing company itself is an established brand in the making of pneumatic tools.

This explains why it’s still one of the most sought after compressed air cleaning tools today by thousands of happy customers.

You will notice its awesomeness when you utilize it for your air compressor.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is RoHS compliant ensuring you get top-notch protection from health and safety risks
  • Its automatic drain relieves you of the pain of draining water manually
  • It comes with an easy to install mounting bracket kicking up operations almost immediately
  • Its exterior is reinforced with chrome making it one of the most durable air filters

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Factors to Consider when Buying Air Compressor Water Filter

Purchasing a air compressor filter requires some good thought from the buyer.

This is because the water filter adopted has a significant effect on the success of compressed air regulation in air compressor.

Here are 6 factors to consider when buying a air compressor water filter:


Is your water filter of choice compatible with your air compressor?

Many of today’s water separators are compatible with many air tools.

However, there still exist some that are not and it’s always good to check with the manufacturer.


A good water separator should easily be dismantled and cleaned.

Installation and operation

It’s always wise to choose a air compressor filter that’s easy to install and operate.

Any difficulty in this can bring about work stoppages and machine downtime.


This squarely lies with the scale of your operations.

If you’re operating with large operating pressure-volume adopt water separators that can handle the large capacity.


Of course, the main reason for using air compressor filter is to purify the air in air tools.

Hence, your choice has to deliver on this promise and nothing less.

Compliance Requirements

Any business must protect the environment.

This is especially when the business produces some waste either in the form of oil, water or solid debris.

Hence, your water filter of choice has to be leakage-free and uphold environmental safety.

Finding The Right Air Compressor Water Filter

Undoubtedly, water separators play a significant role in your daily activities.

Air filters are indeed very valuable in the running of industrial operations in both small scale and large scale.

Getting yourself a good water filter is therefore your key concern for the effective running of your air compressor.

This article has presented 10 of the best air compressor water filters in 2021.

It enables you to make informed decisions when purchasing these valuable tools.

Remember, clean air is a key ingredient in the running of your air tools.

Get yourself good quality water separators and enjoy maximum compressed air productivity.

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