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10 Best Gravity Water Filter Systems And Their Reviews For 2022

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There is a high demand for clean and safe water globally, which means there is a need for gravity water filter systems.

Staying hydrated is not all about running to the river or sea for a sip of water; you need clean and safe water.

Clean water should be free from disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa, fungi, and viruses.

There has been a great revolution in the filter system industry leading to the production of more efficient and affordable filters.

With the filters, obtaining safe and clean water isn’t a complicated issue.

The water filter systems are simple but very effective in making water clean and healthy for consumption, they are the best alternative to the traditional filters which need electricity to operate.



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10 Best Gravity Water Filter Systems Reviewed

We’ve covered the top 10 best gravity water filters.

Below you’ll find product information, details, features and a rating of each one.

1. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Royal Berkey Gravity-Fed Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter System 3.25 Gallon with 2 Authentic...

Berkey is a gold standard gravity water filter system that has been on the market for some good years.

The water filter holds about 2.25 gallons of water which can be suitable for a family with about four people.

The gravity filter has a simple setup that uses gravity to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and heavy metal elements in the water.


  • The Berkey gravity-fed water filter purification system element can eliminate 99.9% of the virus, bacteria and protozoa.
  • It can also eliminate pharmaceutical elements such as acetaminophen and caffeine
  • With the water filter, you can remove heavy metals such as lead arsenic mercury, among others
  • You don’t need electricity, or a pump to use the pump
  • You can filter up to 6,000 gallons before replacing the water purification element


  • These water filters can’t handle fluoride
  • Some of the water filters may leak and can take a long time before reading instructions to fix the issue

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2. Big Berkey w/Fluoride Filters

Woder WD-FRM-8K-JG-1/4 Fluoride Removal Refrigerator Water Filter/Ice Maker Filter – Ultra High...

The Big Berkey water filter is of good quality and comes with a fluoride remover.

Some people find it unnecessary to use this type of water filters because their water fluoride levels are within an acceptable level.

If you’re concerned about your water fluoride level this water filter will be the best for you.

The Big Berkey system comes with a dual purification element but you can adjust to four.

The water filter is ideal for medium and small families.

They are highly portable and can be ideal for travelers, emergency service providers, and outdoor activities.

They are of stainless steel material which is attractive for use in the kitchen and countertops.

The upper chamber nets well to the lower one making it stable for transportation.

The system has a functional storage capacity of about 2.25 gallon.

The system can filter water for 1-4 people daily.

When you configure, the system can purify water for 85-170 people daily during an emergency.

The typical system can produce a maximum of about 3.5 gallons per hour.

When you configure, the system can filter a maximum of 7.0 gallons of water per hour.

You can install a fluoride and arsenic reduction filter at the lower chamber to reduce impurities.

The flow rate reduces with the reduction in water level.


  • The water filter has an additional fluoride purification element
  • The gold standard can handle 6,000 gallons per purification element
  • The water filter is the best for individuals with sensitivity to fluorides or when dealing with waters with the unknown source

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3. Sawyer Products SP129 Squeeze Water Filtration System w/ Two 32-Oz Squeeze Pouches, Straw, and...

Sawyer Products SP129 Squeeze Water Filtration System w/ Two 32-Oz Squeeze Pouches, Straw, and...

Are you a hiker or a traveler desiring to reduce your back weight?

TheSawyer squeezes among the best water filter on the market.

It is the best alternative to the traditional pump water filters.

It works well with hikers and anyone desiring to reduce the back weight when traveling.

It offers a relatively high flow rate with a water filter rate of about one liter per 40 seconds.

It has a good storage shape and longer-lasting gravity filtration units.


  • It is lightweight compared to others such as a pump water filter
  • It is more compact than pump water filters
  • It is quick in operation


  • The bags have a reduced lifespan and prone to breakages and leakages
  • The system requires an additional container to fill the bag in the same condition

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No products found.

Popular big gravity filters are the best filter in an emergency or where there is a critical need for water.

The gravity filter is reputable and worth thinking about its goodness.

The water filter is convenient and affordable and easy to use.

The water filter is popular because of its affordability and secure features.

You don’t need electricity to use the filter.

With gravity, you will be able to make your water safe for use.

With this water filter, you will remove all the harmful microorganisms in water and make it safe for human consumption.

You don’t need to remove all the chemical elements in the water.

Metals such as calcium are beneficial to your health.

The filter can retain such a critical metal element in your water.

The gravity water filter system is of stainless material, making it durable.


  • The filter is easy to use and can purify water from any source
  • The filtration process is quite complete in comparison to other gravity filters


  • The filtration process using the filter may be slow
  • Some users may complain of the unpleasant smell and taste of water

5. Aquarian Model 202 Water Gravity Filter

everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 1, EDR1RXD1, Single-Pack , Purple

This gravity water filter system is excellent for removing water contaminants effectively.

The filters are the best for kitchen and other countertops use.

The filters are environmentally friendly since they do not use electricity.

The filters of the purifier are long-lasting.

The water purifier Can remove unpleasant taste and smell in water, making it ideal for purifying drinking water.


  • The filter removes bad smell and will help you produce better-tasting drinking water
  • The filter is longer lasting compared to others on the market


  • The filter is larger in size and may not be the best to use outside your home

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6. Zen Water Systems Gravity Filter

Naples Naturals Chlorine Shower Filter Reduces Dry Itchy Skin and Chlorine Smell in the Shower and...

This countertop gravity water filter is the best for your varied needs.

The filter can help you transform your tap water into clean and safe drinking water.

The system filters the harmful chemicals and microorganisms in water and balances its minerals.

You don’t need to worry about microorganisms such as viruses, bacterial, chlorine, heavy metals or other impurities with the filter.

The filter is affordable, convenient, and very flexible.


  • The filter is versatile and ideal for multistage water filtration system
  • The filter is unique in terms of added minerals and other health benefits


  • The filters don’t last as other regular setups
  • The spigot of the filter has issues

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7. Katadyn Camp 6L Gravity Water Filter

Katadyn Gravity 6L Water Filter, Fast Flow, Easy to Use for Personal or Small Group Camping,...

The filter is light in weight and the best value.

It offers value for your money in terms of its speed and portability.

The Kitadyn filter makes it best for you simply because of its speed and high volume water filtration system.

With the filter, you can do 6L of water in about 6 minutes.

It is simple to operate with this filter.

You need to pour in your water and wait for it to do the rest for you.

If you intend to make your life easy, this filter will help you out.

It will remove all the impurities in your drinking water that will make you remain healthy and dehydrated.

The gravity filter will remove all the protozoans and bacteria.

Note that the filter does not eliminate viruses in your water.

It is, therefore, not perfect for your family’s drinking water.

Generally, the gravity water filter works magic with its high water filtration system speed including affordability.

Its lightweight makes it ideal for applications in different locations.


  • The water filter has a beautiful design, high volume, and filtration rate, including lightweight that makes it ideal for use in different locations


  • The filter does not have enough storage reservoir for extra water
  • It also not suitable as domestic water filtration system because of its inability to remove viruses from water

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8. MSR AutoFlow Gravity Water Filter

MSR Trail Base Personal Pump and Gravity Water Filter Kit

Thinking of the best camping gravity water filter?

MSR is the best for you.

The design of the filter is for maximum use during camping.

It is among the suitable gravity water filter for use in emergencies, traveling, and backpackers.

For individuals who desire an ultralight water filtration system, this is the most suitable filter.

With the MSR, you can filter up to about 175L per minute.

The water filtration rate makes it suitable for camping.

The filter can protect users from dangerous bacteria, protozoa that cause diseases.

Though the gravity filter’s filtration rate is about 1L per minute, its screens are small to be used in the pocket.

The filter has some drawbacks.

It cannot remove viruses from the drinking water.


  • The gravity filter is the highest volume capacity for camping
  • It is beautiful for multitasking on camping sites


  • The filter has a drawback in the water filtration system process
  • They cannot filter viruses from the drinking water

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9. Big Berkey BK4X2 Counter Top Gravity Water Filter

Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Elements–Enjoy Potable Water While...

If you are searching for a large gravity water filter to sit on your countertop, then check onBig Berkey BK4X2.

The gravity filter is excellent in protecting against contaminants.

It is the best for a big group of people and the removal of fluorides in water.

The two additional fluoride elements inside the filter remove the excess fluoride in drinking water.

If you need a filter that removes fluoride from water, the Big Berkey BK4X2 is the best for your filtration.

The filter comes with filter elements that can handle up to 3000 gallon of water.

Why is the filter suitable for your use?

It is not only suitable for fluoride removal but also the best for a big group.

The system can remove parasites, bacteria, cysts, as well as reducing the mercury, nitrates, lead, and nitrites in the water.

The filter can also tackle harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, among other organic solvents.

The construction material is 304 stainless steel which makes it appear attractive on the countertops and kitchen display.

It measures 8.5 inches in diameter and stands 19.25 inches high.

Before deciding on the storage, you must look at your shelf or cupboard.

The gravity fed water filter has a good filtration speed of around 7 gallons /hour.

Since the filter works with gravity its filtration speed will be high when full of water.

The speed, however, will slow as it becomes older.

You will need to re-prime the filter with a suitable rubber washer to adjusts its speed to the average rate.

The gravity filter is more substantial than others but it is easy to carry it from one place to another.

Its top container fits the lower compartment, entirely making it compact and portable.

It is essential to note that the filter is to be in use daily.

If you are away for a holiday give it to a friend.

Failure to use it will encourage bacterial growth in the filtration system.

You will be adding excess bacteria into your drinking water instead of purifying.

To get the best result with the filter, carry out regular maintenance.

Dismantle the filter and do a thorough wash with soap and rinsing with clean water.

It will help you deal with the rust spot issues.


  • Functional capacity of about 2.25 gallon
  • The two purification elements can treat 6,000 gallons between them
  • They come with fluoride filter elements


  • You need to use it daily to avoid bacterial growth
  • For the best result, you must carry out regular maintenance

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No products found.

Doulton’s W9361122is a good water filter that passes water between two stainless steel canisters.

It has a spigot at the bottom that holds about 2.25 gallon.

It has a dimension of about 8.5 inches in diameter and 20 inches tall.

The stainless material makes it shiny and attractive on the kitchen display.

The upper compartment of the filter has about 7-inch hole ceramic filters.

Water goes through three filtration systems in the ceramic candle filter.

The carbon block core can capture 0.9-micron particles, including bacterial organic compounds and cysts.

The filter reduces chlorine levels in the water, improving its taste.

The filter has silver that prevents bacteria growth and you can clean them to increase their durability.

The ceramic filters cannot handle the fluoride but you can replace them with compatible fluoride filters.

The system can purify 2.25 gallon in about four to five hours.

It is, therefore, possible to filter about 10 gallons in a day.

If you have increased water use you will have to drill a hole in the lid.

It will help you prevent the formation of a vacuum between the two container seals.

The vacuum slows down the water flow from the spigot.

Tilting the container top will help you regain the water flow.

Assembling the filter is a straightforward thing.

You can only take up to 10 minutes and you don’t need skills and tools.

You can find some useful videos from the manufacturer’s website to help you through the process.


  • The ceramic filter can eliminate particles of about 0.9 microns or larger
  • It is of a high-quality stainless still material
  • The filters contain silver, which reduces the chances of bacterial growth


  • It may have a slow flow rate
  • Plastic spigot is no longer lasting

The Use Of Water Filters

Removes Particles

Gravity water filter removes water particles that can cause discoloration of water.

Neutralizing Water

Water may have issues of bad odor and smell.

The gravity water filters enable the neutralization of the water to remove the bad smell.


Water may contain some active elements that make it unsafe for use.

The water filters remove toxic compounds in water which makes it safe for consumption.

Environmental Benefits

Bottled water produces a lot of plastic wastes that end up in landfills.

The gravity water filters are reducing the use of bottled water and plastic waste.

Factors to consider when purchasing gravity water filters.

Gravity water filters work by gravity.

There are several factors to consider when buying a good water filter.

Filtration Method And Capability

Water contains different components that affect its taste and smell.

Gravity filters have different compartments that influence the quality of water.

Before buying a gravity filter, look at its compatibility and filtration.

Size Of The Chamber

You need to consider the chamber size of the filter before buying purchasing.

Compare the family size and the chamber volume of your filter.

Also, consider the storage volume of the filter because they keep on varying.

Frequency Of Replacing The Filter

You need to understand the time it takes before disassembling the filters.

Before buying a filter, consider the time it takes before assembling the whole filter unit.

The Material Of The Chamber

You must decide on the type of materials for your gravity filter chamber.

They may be of either plastic or stainless steel.

Stainless steel material is more durable.

Plastic is affordable; however, it may lick some chemicals in the water.

Advantages And Disadvantage Of Best Gravity Water Filters


The gravity water filters have several advantages over the other filters.

They are the appropriate filter for home use dues to the following reasons.


Are you aware of why most people go for the gravity filters?

The filters have high reliability as compared to other osmotic or UV filters.

Unlike the other filter, the gravity water filters work without electric power.

Provided your water supply is functional, the gravity filter will work.

The water filters are ideal for households with intermittent power supply or in some emergencies.

Easy Maintenance

The advantage of this gravity system is that they have no moving parts.

It, therefore, keeps the maintenance fee at bare minimums.

You can only replace the filters a limited number of times per year.

You also need to do routine cleaning of the filters since chalk build-up is commonplace where the water contains high calcium levels.


The gravity water filters come in varied ranges of sizes.

You can purchase the right size, depending on family size.

The filters come with different materials ranging from plastics, ceramic, steel that you can customize to meet your aesthetic value.


The initial and maintenance cost of using gravity water filters is low.

There are no electricity bills and have a low cost of maintaining their functionality.

High Capacity Of Removing Dangerous Substance In Tap Water

Good gravity filters can remove harmful components in water.

They can eliminate chlorides, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and other harmful chemicals.

Disadvantages Of Gravity Water Filters

Reduced Water Output

After installing a gravity water filter system, your tap flow rate will significantly reduce.

The flow rate will reduce depending on the filtration method your gravity filter is using.

Replacement Of Parts

You will need to replace some parts of your gravity filters.

It may involve replacing the filters or cartilages, at the end of the useful filter life.

You will also need to clean and sanitize them at one point in their use.

The maintenance practices must be regular to maintain the functionality of the gravity water filters.

Limitation In The Filtration Method

The gravity filters are not effective in removing all the water contaminants.

Effective filtration needs a multistage filtration method.

You must first determine the type of contaminants present in the tap water before devising methods of elimination.

Final Thoughts

There are different gravity water filter systems on the market with varied capacities and the ability to remove contaminants.

The list contains a review of the best gravity water filter system you can purchase this year.

Some can remove fluoride among other contaminants in water, making it safe and healthy for drinking.

Choose the right gravity water filter system that will be cost-effective low maintenance cost and with the best aesthetic value.

Filters of stainless steel may be more durable and have good esthetic value to match your kitchen and countertops.

You can also go for BPA free plastic filters because of their affordability.

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