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10 Best Chloramine Water Filters And Their Reviews For 2022

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Tim Rhodes

If you’re looking for a chloramine water filter, then we’ve got you covered!

What’s the benefit of drinking water if it’s not safe?

Nothing, right?

The human body is made of 60% water and if we’re not drinking clean quality water, then we’re damaging our health!

Water is essential for our life and we should do whatever it takes to make it safe for our family.

Now, cities and municipalities add a compound called chloramine that makes it more effective than chlorine, but it’s bad for your health as it has various health risks.

To get rid of it, you have to break the compound.



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10 Best Chloramine Water Filters Reviewed

Here is the list of the 10 best chloramine water filters that you might want to consider.

1. Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System - Kitchen Counter Claryum Filtration - Filters 99%...

We’ve got to start with the best under sink water filter system that filters 99% of chloramine including mercury, lead, pesticides, etc.

It’s the most economical water filter that gives less than 10 cents per gallon.

It’s an NSF certified water filter with Claryum filtration technology.

It filters out unfavorable contaminants while keeping natural and beneficial minerals like calcium and potassium.

It’s a three-stage water filtration system.

It filters the water in three stages.

In stage one, all the sediments, rust, and slit are filtered.

In the second and third stages, the activated carbon, catalytic carbon, ion exchange, and sub-micro filter combine to reduce 99% of harmful contaminants.

It gives you safe drinking water plus better tastes of beverages like smoothies, coffee, etc.

It filters 15 times more contaminants than the leading pitcher filter.

It comes with easy installation and filter replacements that mean you don’t require any plumber.

You have to change the filter every six months to make sure you get healthy and safe water.

Make sure to insert tubing all the way and as a precaution do not overtighten sumps.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made according to NSF certified standards
  • Has Claryum technology
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Gives you safe and healthy drinking water
  • Retains healthy minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc
  • Has a stylish metal faucet
  • Has an affordable price
  • Removes 99% chloramine
  • Replaceable filter

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2. Pentek ChlorPlus-10 Chloramine Filter

Pentair Pentek ChlorPlus10 Carbon Water Filter, 10-Inch, Under Sink Chloramine Reduction Carbon...

Nowadays, chloramine is becoming a very common disinfectant in municipal water supplies or for water treatment.

Next on the list is the Pentek ChlorPlus-10 Chloramine Filter.

Pentek is one of the largest brands in the filtration industry and the originator of carbon block technology.

Pentek ChlorPlus is specifically designed to reduce chlorine and chloramine in residential drinking water by reducing sediment.

It has a carbon block filter with powder activated carbon that removes maximum bacteria out of the water making it safe.

The size of the filter is 9 3/4″ x 2 7/8″ (247 x 73 mm) (10″ x 2.5″).

The filter life is six months which means it’s replaceable.

One more advantage of using a carbon block technology with a 1-micron filter is that it provides enhanced dirt holding capabilities.

It also reduces the carbon fines found in many granular canisters.

Chloramines are combined with chlorine and ammonia.

This chemical has become so popular as an alternative to free chlorine for water treatment because it has less odor.

The Pentek ChlorPlus-10 Chloramine Filter is a 1-micron cartridge that is specially designed to remove chloramines from water.

You can use this water for home drinking water, countertop filters, ice makers, refrigerators, cooking, beverages, water dispensers, and water coolers.

Regular carbon filters are not much effective in chloramine reduction, so you need a better water filtration system.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Enhances chloramine and chlorine reduction
  • Nominal rating of 1 micron
  • Fits any standard 10-inch housings
  • Flow rate is 1 gallon per minute
  • Special design reduces carbon fines in filtered water
  • Provides clean drinking water for your family
  • Powdered activated carbon

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3. Home Master Whole House Two-Stage Filtration System

Home Master HMF2SmgCC Whole House Water Filter, 4-layer sediment filter 25 to 1 micron, Powerful...

Safer water is essential to keep your body healthy and if you have pets, then you have to think of them, too!

Create a healthy home with a Home Master Whole House Two-Stage Filtration System which delivers pure, clean, and clear water.

It has two filters and the size of the filters is 28 x 18 x 9 inches.

You have to connect this filter with the main water line that enters your house so that safe water reaches you in your faucets, toilets, showers, baths, kitchen, laundry, etc.

It’s a perfect water filter to remove both chlorine and chloramine from city water.

This filter has a coconut shell carbon filter that lasts long for 1 year and after that, you have to replace it with a new one.

In the first stage, the multi-gradient sediment filter with the help of its unique and enhanced 4 layers of filtration seizes all the sediments like rust, dust, etc.

The 4 layers of 25, 10, 5, and 1 micron ensure that no particle stays in your water.

This filter also helps in removing bacteria and viruses.

In the second stage, the filter is a mixed media granular activated catalytic carbon filter.

This filter works on chemicals and heavy metals like lead, mercury, and copper.

It also removes chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, and other contaminants.

It removes 95% of sediment, chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, mercury, copper, taste odor problems, and other harmful contaminants that create foul tastes and odors.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The flow rate is 10 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • 95% reduction of harmful contaminants
  • Provides healthier drinking water
  • Has a coconut shell carbon filter
  • Has oversize filters which improve flow rate and reduces maintenance frequency
  • Has four-layer sediment filter that gives finer filtration and enhanced dirt holding capacity filtration from 25 to 1 micron

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4. Multipure Aquaversa MP750 Drinking Water System

Multipure Aquaversa Model MP750 Drinking Water System With Counter Top Kit

Clean drinking water is significant to every home and we cannot always depend on the water company to filter out all of the contaminants that may find their way into our tap water.

Now, have your filtration system at your home.

The Multipure Aquaversa MP750 Drinking Water System is made from stainless steel and is specially designed for installation versatility.

You can install it quickly on the countertop or under the sink.

This filter offers a powerful and easy method to obtain cleaner, safer drinking water in your home or office.

The Aquaversa MP750 uses the latest solid carbon block filter technology which is considered to be the most effective way for reducing a wide range of contaminants that may be present in your city water.

The Aquaversa MP750 gives a better water taste experience and healthier water as it is certified with NSF.

The filtered water is best for cooking, keeping your pets safe, and what not!

The most important thing is it is pocket-friendly!

It’s an NSF certified water filtration system that treats contaminants of Aesthetic Concern (Std. 42), contaminants of Health Concern (Std. 53), and Emerging Contaminants (Std. 401).

Pros & Benefits:

  • Certified NSF standards 42/53/401
  • Changeable carbon block filter
  • Provides pure drinking water
  • Economical to own, only 9 cents per gallon
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Provides 90-day money-back guarantee

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5. Culligan Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration

Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water Filter System 1” Inlet/Outlet – Improve Tap Water Taste,...

Every time you use water, you want that water to be undoubted of the highest quality that is achievable.

Start your water filtration system by using a Culligan Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration, so that you don’t have to rely on city water.

This filter has been manufactured to be compliant with the “Safe Drinking Water Act”.

This filtration system comes with 1 stainless steel inlet and outlet connector.

The Culligan Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration makes sure your family has a pure, fresh water supply throughout the house.

It reduces sediment, rust, scale, dirt, sand, fine sand, silt, bad taste, odor, chloramine, chlorine taste, and odor.

Your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor water come out clean without any harmful bacteria to help keep your family healthy.

This filter maintains and protects your water-using appliances.

It effectively filters all water entering your home, removing sediment, dirt, rust, sand, and scale that can damage or clog faucets and ruin plumbing.

The best thing about this filter is that it accepts most standard water filter cartridges and is also compatible with Culligan Filters P25-BBSA, CW25-BBS, RFC-BBSA, CP5-BBS, and CW5-BBS.

It’s best for residential homes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has been tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI 372 for low lead compliance
  • Transparent housing sump allows the monitoring of water quality
  • Reduction of sand and dirt in plumbing lines
  • Healthy drinking water for your family and pets
  • The filter cartridge is replaceable

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6. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System

Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet SP99, NSF 42&53 Certified, 0.5...

Say bye to bottled water!

As a leading brand in the drinking water filter market, Frizzlife always delivers the most effective and efficient water solution to the world.

With the latest technology, the SP99 removes over 99.99% of harmful contaminants while keeping all essential minerals in your water that your body needs.

The Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System adopts 3 stages of high-grade filtration to hydrate your whole home with pure, clean, healthy, and great tasting drinking water.

It also removes the dirt, sand, particles, and other insoluble impurities from your city tap water.

It’s easy to install and comes with a lead-free stylish facet that gives you a modern design for your countertop.

It’s advisable to replace the 1st stage filter every 4-6 months, replace the 2nd stage filter every 9-12 months, and replace the 3rd stage of 0.5-micron carbon filter every 13-18 months depending on your water quality.

Frizzlife adopts a PP sediment filter and the lifespan of which is three times longer than the normal one used in most water filtration systems on the market.

The Frizzlife is compatible with both 3/8″ and 1/2″ cold water tubes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This water filter system keeps health-benefiting minerals in your water like calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc
  • 3-stage protection with 0.5-micron precision
  • All harmful contaminants are blocked
  • The filter cartridge is replaceable
  • 70% money saver
  • Clean drinking water for your friends and family

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7. Multipure MP750 Inline Drinking Water System

Multipure MP750 Inline Drinking Water System

Proper hydration is essential to the human body.

As we all know, the human body is largely made up of water up to 60% and daily access to fresh and pure drinking water is more important than food.

Nothing else is as refreshing as high-quality drinking water as we work throughout the day in the office or home.

Multipure MP750 Inline Drinking Water System that has been tested and certified by NSF international to comply with NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of specific contaminants being considered as potential health hazards.

This filter provides serious water filtration intended to last a lifetime under regular use.

The filter cartridge inside requires periodic change for every 750 gallons.

If you have pets, then an MP750 water filter is a great way to provide clean and healthy drinking water for your pets as well.

Multipure MP750 protects your entire family from the risk of harmful contaminants in unfiltered water by providing cleaner and healthier water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • NSF certified for standards 42 and 53
  • It has a replaceable carbon block filter
  • Economical to own
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Provides 90-day money-back guarantee

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8. iSpring 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration

iSpring WGB21B 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System, with 10' x 4.5' Sediment CTO(Chlorine,...

Whole house water filter systems are some of the most common filtering solutions presently used throughout the country.

These systems are so approachable because they’re effective and they produce high-quality water.

This water filtration system has a two-stage water filtration system.

In the first stage, a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter captures dirt, sand, dust, and scale particles and extends the life of the CTO carbon block filter with the help of coconut shell carbon.

In the second stage, the CTO filter helps in drawing out bad tastes and odors.

It removes over 90% of chlorine and chloramine and is highly effective for pesticides and industrial solvents.

iSpring 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration provides clean water to every faucet in your home by installing it to the source from which water is entering.

Block carbons are more effective than other forms of carbon because they have a higher density than other types of carbon filters.

Therefore, it’s more effective in removing their targeted contaminants.

If you use city water, your local water utility must meet very strict federal and state standards for purity.

Almost all municipalities nowadays treat water from chloramine and this can affect the taste and create odors in the water.

The iSpring 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration will remove these tastes and odors.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It has a replaceable carbon block filter
  • It purifies up to 50,000 gallons of water
  • Reduction of sediments, scale, chlorine, VOCs, bad taste, etc
  • Provides 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Remove bad tastes and odors

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9. APEX MR-5050 5 Stage Drinking Water System

Apex MR-5050 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System - Super Advanced Water Purification...

Most people think the drinking city tap is safe but actually, it’s too dangerous!

They use a disinfectant chloramine to treat water to make it last longer.

Using chloramine has adverse effects on the human body!

The APEX MR-5050 water filter uses a 5-stage reverse osmosis system to purify drinking water.

This advanced water purification process for homes removes 99% of possible harmful contaminants.

APEX MR-5050 not just removes chlorine taste and odor from drinking water, it’s something else.

Each of the five stages of the APEX MR-5050 water filtration system performs a unique and specific purification function, delivering pure, and safe drinking water for the entire family throughout the house.

It has two activated carbon block cartridges that help in removing bad taste and odor-causing chemicals like chlorine, chloramine, and rotten-egg odors.

The APEX water filtration system eliminates sediment, chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, herbicides, and more from drinking water.

This filter is designed to use dual carbon block filtering cartridges to remove unpleasant tastes and harmful impurities that are found in much of the water.

This filter works hard to give you fresh and pure filtered drinking water for your home or office.

From time to time, the filters need to be replaced to ensure the filtering system resumes to work efficiently and properly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The APEX-5050 filtration machine is pre-assembled and can be easily installed with simple hand tools
  • It removes 99% of contaminants
  • It filters 50 gallons of water per day
  • Removes of rust, sediments, scale, chlorine, VOCs, bad taste, etc
  • Activated carbon block cartridges
  • Removes bad odor from water

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10. Ecoflo 2.0 Large 10 Cup Water Dispenser

Ecoflo 2.0 Large 10 Cup Water Dispenser and Filter Pitcher - Fluoride, Lead, Chloramine, Chromium-6...

Don’t spend too much on bottled water!

The new era of the filtration system with the faster flow and long-lasting filter has arrived.

Ecoflo 2.0 has a sleek, comfortable handle that is easier to hold and far more secure and stable.

The dimension of the filter is 11.2 x 11 x 5.5 inches.

The best thing about Ecoflo 2.0 is the affordability as it’s pocket-friendly.

The Ecoflo 2.0 Large 10 Cup Water Dispenser solves all the problems of water pollution in drinking water with an impressive system that removes all contaminants in a convenient, portable package.

The water filter uses many techniques to filter water including adsorption, absorption, reverse osmosis, and three proprietary filtering mixes.

It removes all the harmful chemicals like chloramine (skin problems, red eyes, asthma, thyroid problems, digestive disorders, etc), chlorine (unfiltered water lets cancer cause radicals in your body), fluoride(unfiltered water slows down thyroid function), and PCB (unfiltered water disrupts endocrine system).

Ecoflo 2.0 not only removes contaminants that are harmful to the body but leaves behind good minerals like calcium, potassium, and other essential minerals that the body requires for proper functioning for the whole family.

You have to change the Ecoflo 2.0 filter every six to seven months on average to make sure you get healthy and safe water.

This brand provides a lifetime warranty for its consumers!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Helps in 99.9% of reduction of chlorine and lead
  • Helps in 90% of reduction of fluoride
  • Makes water for several uses like drinking, cooking, plants, and pets
  • Makes up to 150 gallons before changing filters
  • Affordable price
  • BPA-free
  • Keeps all the essential minerals in the water

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Why You Should Buy Chloramine Water Filters

Currently, our city municipalities use a chloramine compound as a disinfectant to treat drinking water, before chloramine, chlorine was used.

Chloramine is a mixture of chlorine with ammonia.

Chloramine is a weaker disinfectant than chlorine, but it’s more stable which improves its disinfectant benefits throughout a water utility’s distribution system.

Chloramine has been used by water utilities for almost 90 years.

Disinfecting tap water is very important to save the public from disease-causing microorganisms.

Disinfected drinking water kills bacteria, germs, and other organisms that can cause serious illnesses and death.

Disinfected drinking water has improved public health by lowering down the rates of infectious diseases (for example, typhoid, hepatitis, and cholera) spread through untreated water.

According to CCAC (Citizens Concerned About Chloramines), chloramines have a lot of bad effects on human health.

These serious health hazards make me believe that buying a chloramine water filter is beneficial as it will prevent you from weakening your immune system.

Consuming chloramine water weakens our lungs making us more susceptible to respiratory tract infections, allergies, and asthma.

Chloramine water also gives us digestive disorders, bleeding lips, dry mouth, dry throat, rash, itching, dry skin, other skin diseases, and redness to the eyes.

On the other hand, if there’s a proper chloramine water filtration system at your home, you’re only living a better and healthy lifestyle because you’re getting NSF certified standard products.

Reduction of chloramine levels in your water provides fresh and clean drinking water for your family and pets throughout the house.

Filtered water can be used for cooking as well.

It can block harmful contaminants and has many other health benefits.

Final Thoughts

These are the 10 best chloramine water filters that you can choose to save yourself and your family from unfiltered water and illness.

Depending on your needs, you can choose among these filters what suit you the best.

Remember, drinking water is not enough.

Make sure you drink quality water every day.

These water filters we listed have the best reviews among all chloramine water filters in the market.

We hope that we’ve helped you make your mind on what filter to choose.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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