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10 Best Bulk Activated Charcoal Products (2023 Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & FAQs)

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Bulk activated charcoal is carbon that has undergone treatment with the help of oxygen to create billions of other tiny pores or spaces within the carbon atom itself.

When we burn wood, either we get the best-activated charcoal water filters for our homes for drinking water, cooking, bathing, or commercial use in different business ventures.

Activated charcoal water filters absorb enormous amounts of substances and help trap harmful particles or substances for quite some time before one gets to change the activated charcoal filter.

Water carries many impurities that result from some unpleasant chlorine smell or dissolved sediments that can interfere with the taste of your coffee or water itself.

We use an activated charcoal filter in a variety of fashions to help curb some of these problems.


10 Best Bulk Activated Charcoal Products For Water Filters Rated And Reviewed

In this review, we’re considering the 10 best bulk activated charcoal products for water filters that every home deserves to have for a healthy living.

1. IPW Industries Inc 15 Lbs Granular Activated Charcoal

15 Lbs Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal by IPW Industries Inc.

This product uses premium grade coconut activated charcoal in drinking water treatment for either residential or commercial systems all around the world.

Coconut activated charcoal works better than regular charcoal as a filtering medium because of its excellent performance against regular carbon in chlorine, thus removing all harmful organic compounds from water streams.

It has a high-density filter material with balanced porous structures that make its performance more efficient.

This activated charcoal filter is of prime quality because it has a great absorption rate to remove contaminants from drinking water.

A most common application for granulated activated carbon/ activated charcoal powder is removing unpleasant taste and odor from drinking water and chlorine reduction.

This activated charcoal filter is great for all families that would want to boast of healthy living by drinking clear and safe water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Activated charcoal powder helps in removing harmful organic compounds from water
  • It sieves all the contaminants, making your water healthy for consumption
  • The performance of activated charcoal is efficient
  • This is because of the existence of balanced, porous structures within it
  • Activated charcoal powder is reliable compared to regular charcoal in dealing with chlorine removal in water streams

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2. Mirana 6 Sticks Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter

Mirana 6 Sticks Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter, Nature's Charcoal Filter for Tap Water- All Natural...

People consider Mirana 6 Sticks Bamboo Activated Charcoal Water Filter to be nature’s activated charcoal water filter for tap water in every home.

This activated charcoal is great for absorbing impurities from tap water in the shortest time approximately 3–4 hours resulting in pure, great-tasting water.

It’s one of the all-time natural water purifiers for pitchers, glass, and many more for tasty and healthy water around your home.

This makes the bamboo activated charcoal pure and brings a great taste to water.

Slim bamboo activated charcoals are very rare, but we have selected and designed the Mirana sticks to fit through the mouth of personal water bottles, making it more manageable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bamboo activated charcoal adds trace elements and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium to your health for long-lasting life
  • It removes chemicals and heavy metals such as chlorine, nitrate, benzene, and many more from your tap water, leaving it safe for your consumption and use
  • It’s very efficient
  • Mirana activated charcoal absorbs large impurities from water in the shortest time, usually 3–4 hours
  • Mirana activated charcoal sticks are cheap and are readily available in shops around the world, making them cost-effective

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3. Express Water Activated Carbon Block Filter

Express Water – 25 Pack Activated Carbon Block ACB Water Filter Replacement – 5 Micron, 10 inch...

Express water activated charcoal block has a high capacity bulk activated carbon block filter that improves the purity and taste of your water and gives you the best value from other filters.

This activated charcoal block is good for those people who want to protect their homes, value their health conditions, and want to protect their appliances by filtering water.

The Express Water Activated Carbon Block Filter removes major contaminants from your water supply and provides clean water for drinking, cooking, showering, and other home use.

The activated Carbon Block cleanses contaminants like chlorine, pharmaceuticals, volatile organic chemicals (VOC), herbicides, industrial solvents, organic carbon, pesticides, and chemicals causing unpleasant tastes and odors within your home.

Its standard size of 10″ fits perfectly in most under sink activated charcoal filters reverses osmosis (RO) systems, UV, and purifiers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Water purifier removes chlorine, pesticides, total organic carbon (TOC), nasty taste, odor, fine sediments, and industrial solvents
  • High standard filtration – the product has undergone verification by independent laboratory testing to meet NSF / ANSI 58 standards making it a perfect choice for your home
  • Top-quality filtration – it has well-packed carbon granules to provide full coverage filtration making your filter have a longer-lasting life
  • The efficient tight-packed granules of activated charcoal sieve all contaminants rendering the water pure and safe for use at home
  • Express water activated carbon is long-lasting – it has an airtight vacuum-sealed packaging that prevents your filter from getting destroyed, thus saving you on unnecessary expenditure

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4. Aquaboon Activated Carbon Block Cartridge

Aquaboon Coconut Shell Water Filter Cartridge | Activated Carbon Block CTO | Universal 5 Micron 10...

This product comes in various packs from 6-pack carbon block coconut shell water filter to 12-pack of reverse osmosis replacement filters.

If you choose the coconut granular bulk activated carbon filter, you will have no problems in finding the right system as it is universal and works with all standard 10″ housings.

The activated charcoal filter comes with sealed packaging to prevent any product interference before reaching its intended destination during home deliveries.

It’s widely considered the best choice for homes wanting to consume clean and safe water without having second thoughts of their health being ruined.

Using activated charcoal filters keeps your home safe with no contamination of any kind at all times.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Removes large and fine particles – the Aquaboon carbon water filter is structured with a universal housing size of 10″
  • We can use the activated charcoal cartridge in under sink filtration & reverse osmosis applications, but not for whole-house applications
  • This activated charcoal block cartridge has a long life span (4-6 months) – they have enhanced it to deliver up to a quarter-liter of water per second with one of the most advanced and high-efficiency filtration systems yet
  • Enjoy a long-lasting filter that can deliver enormous quantities of water quickly
  • It’s an excellent water purifier – they charge activated carbon positively so it removes negative ions from the water such as ozone, chlorine, fluorides, and dissolved organic solutes by adsorption onto the activated carbon
  • It has a high standard of filtration – it’s a product that’s extensively tested and verified to meet health and product standard, thus removes bad contaminants and odor

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5. SimPure Activated Carbon Water Filter

SimPure 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filter Set with 75 GPD RO Membrane, 5pc Pre & Post...

They make this product from prime quality coconut shell carbon making it the best choice in every home around the world.

Its elegant design makes it fit for most standard under-sink RO systems, whole house 10″ standard filter housing, and any 10″ water filtration unit with a drop-in designed for an easy and quick filter change.

This activated charcoal water filter cartridge suits people who would love to maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming water free from environmental and industrial contaminants.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Your safety is guaranteed – the independent laboratory tests and complies with NSF 42 certification standards verifies the water filter cartridge to make sure they guarantee your safety
  • Its sealed end caps and silicone O-ring prevents leakages thus ensuring constant fresh water for your family
  • Durability – SimPure activated carbon filter is developed from very high-quality coconut shell carbon, food-grade plastic net wrapping on its outer layer, PP non-woven fabric which makes it endure long-lasting life
  • Easy to install – the universal 10″ cartridge fits most standard under-sink RO systems, a house of 10″ standard filter housing, and any 10″ water filtration unit

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6. Nikken Filter Cartridge

Nikken Aqua Pour 1 Filter Cartridge - 1361, Advanced Replacement for Gravity Water Filter Purifier...

This product is an advanced replacement of the Gravity Water Filter System (1360).

It has distinct features that make it the best product to have in every home.

To receive optimum performance with your Nikken Aqua Pour 1 Filter Cartridge product, you need to replace the filters and other components when necessary.

The features include an excellent filter cartridge and a top-rated capacity.

It has a natural carbon filter that captures microscopic particles and sediments.

This makes it possible to reduce several dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, benzene, radon, solvents, trihalomethane compounds, and volatile organic chemicals that might pose health risks to the body.

Its rated flow service is at least 6 months or 5283 gallons (20,000 liters equivalent) making it more efficient compared to other filters.

The pre-filters are to be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage and make them in pleasant working conditions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Its design has ceramic pre-filter
  • This removes solid impurities from the tap water
  • The activated charcoal particles are very fine and the suction filtration may cause the activated charcoal to pass through the filter paper into the filtrate, thus reducing the risk of dangerous particles finding their way into your drinking water
  • A top-notch water purifier – it removes large and fine particles from the water, thus enabling you to drink a good tasting freshwater
  • It’s easy to install in your home with the simple manual enclosed with the product
  • Nikken 1361 has a top performance rate
  • They regulate the mineral stones 1386 PH balance essential for maintaining good health

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7. PURE GREEN Activated Charcoal Water Filters

PURE GREEN WATER FILTER Activated Charcoal Water Purification Filters - For Keurig - Universal -...

These Pure Green activated charcoal water filters are a perfect fit for all the Cuisinart Coffee Makers.

The product is a compatible replacement of activated charcoal water filters for coffee lovers in every home.

These activated charcoal filters remove impurities that interfere with the taste of your coffee.

These replacement activated charcoal water filters are designed specifically for all Cuisinart coffee makers that require water filters.

The product provides activated Charcoal Coffee Maker Filters that give you an opportunity for a better taste and a healthier lifestyle with a warm cup of coffee within your reach.

The pure green 12-pack activated charcoal filter meets your original needs and wants of the day at any place around the world.

Pros & Benefits:

  • With health, water is always essential and that’s why pure green makes sure that the water you drink daily is clean and safe so you live a happy, healthy life
  • The activated charcoal filter removes minerals, salts, and dissolved inorganic compounds that would otherwise be harmful to your life leaving you healthy
  • It’s easy to install at home by following the simple steps and has no complications
  • Activated charcoal filters make an immense difference in the coffee’s taste we brew and help keep the coffee pots cleaner with less sediment to worry about

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8. Rein 5 Lbs Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal

5 Lbs Bulk Water Filter/Air Filter Refill Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal by IPW...

This activated charcoal product is selected from grades of coconut shells.

It’s then thoroughly washed in acid.

This makes this activated charcoal product ideal in many liquid applications including the removal of organic materials from the water streams.

This activated charcoal powder has a superior level of hardness and low impurity levels than most of the other carbons.

This gives it a higher life expectancy.

It’s responsible for the removal of light organic chemicals, chlorine, and odor from the water making it an ideal product to have in every home.

It has high performance and low-dust forming properties.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s cost-effective and works great
  • It has lower levels of impurities than most other activated carbon water filters
  • It’s very efficient in the removal of high chlorine, odor, and taste from water
  • It’s ideal for both air and water applications around the home

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9. IPW Industries Inc 20 Lbs Granular Activated Charcoal

IPW Industries Bulk Activated Carbon - Coconut Shell Granular Activated Charcoal (GAC) for Water...

Granular Activated Charcoal is an activated carbon charcoal sack shell with granulated activated carbon that has a high performance in water filtering.

This premium activated charcoal media can be used in either residential or commercial drinking water treatment devices.

Coconut carbon usually works better than regular activated charcoal as a filtering medium.

This is due to its high performance that overpowers the regular carbon in chlorine and volatile organic compounds removal.

Coconut carbon is a top-quality filtering media.

A high-density activated charcoal filter material with balanced porous structures creates high filtering performance making it more efficient in its performance.

The product is of the best quality because of the great absorption rates of activated charcoal that remove various contaminants from drinking water.

Granulated Activated Carbon can apply mostly in the removal of unpleasant taste and odor from drinking water and helps in reducing chlorine content.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s versatile – we highly recommend it
  • It’s used in either residential or commercial drinking water treatment making it an excellent choice among other water filters
  • It’s a great prime quality replacement carbon media for refillable water filters or the entire house filter tanks
  • The best water purifier – removes awful taste and dangerous contaminants that might compromise human health
  • Its high density with balanced porous structures creates higher filtering performance than the other filters in this category
  • The product is of top quality because of its great absorption rates to remove contaminants from drinking water, thus guaranteed healthy life at all times

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AQUAPAPA 6 lbs Carbon Charcoal Filter Media Pellets in 6 Mesh Bags for Aquarium Fish Tanks

Aquapapa 6 Lbs is a bulk activated carbon charcoal pellet for aquarium fish tank koi reef filter.

These activated charcoal pellets remove unpleasant odor, color changes in water, and organic pollutants to keep the water crystal clear.

It also helps remove the toxic compounds from the fish tank.

We consider these activated charcoal pellets safe for both fresh and salt-water tanks.

The product is one of the best for those people who seek long-life products with a top speed of performance.

We can find these activated charcoal products in different packages – 6 lbs.

of activated carbon in 6 zip mesh bags.

The zipper designed mesh bag is also reusable in other matters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It helps remove odor, colors, and wastes from your tank, hence keeping the water clean and safe
  • We can use the product to make air freshener or neutralizer bags leaving your room with a fresh scent throughout the day
  • It has a fast working rate and lasts longer than other water filters in the market
  • It works great in reusable filter bags and saves your money from the pre-packed charcoal medium

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Where to Buy Bulk Activated Carbon (Bulk Activated Charcoal) Water Filters?

Homeowners are increasingly getting concerned about various contaminants in their water supply.

This may adversely affect their health or cause taste and odor problems in their surroundings.

These contaminants come from unique sources such as solvents, pesticides, industrial wastes, or even because of leakages emanating from the underground tanks.

Contaminants like methylene chloride, benzene, and chlorobenzene may pose many health risks in drinking water if not well treated.

Activated carbon filtrations can reduce some of these effects posed by organic chemicals and remove a foul odor or water taste in our living environment.

This method, activated carbon filtration, is important in water filtration.

It can also remove gaseous pollutants from the air.

Activated carbon works through a process called adsorption whereby the porous structure of the carbon substrate traps the pollutant molecules in the fluid to treat.

Carbon filtering in the water purification process, air purifiers, and industrial gas processing are very effective for example, the removal of hydrogen sulfide from biogas.

It helps in several other applications including respirator masks, the purification of sugarcane, and the recovery of precious metals.

Though effective, they may not be too useful in removing minerals, salts, and dissolved inorganic compounds in the water we use.

Final Thoughts On Bulk Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is good at trapping other carbon-based impurities or organic chemicals.

This includes things like chlorine, sediments, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste, and odor from water.

Many other chemicals may not get attracted to carbon at all such as sodium and nitrates.

It’s also a sign that the activated charcoal filter stops working by filling in all the bonding sites making it less effective.

Regardless of which water treatment system you consider using in your home, it’s always advisable for the water to undergo proper tests to determine what substances are present in it.

This makes it easier to figure out what and which bulk activated charcoal water filter product you would go to solve the problem in your home.

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