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10 Best 5 Gallon Water Filters And Their Reviews For 2022

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Tim Rhodes

Do you need a 5 gallon water filter for your home?

When we talk about residential water filters, it needs a lot more time for research.

Sometimes, even after that much research, we won’t be able to select the appropriate one.

So, we are here to help you out with the ten 5-gallon water filters of 2021 via this short guide.

You can choose the perfect one among them as per your need.

But, before getting to the products, it’s essential to know about water filters, what they are, and why to use them.

A water filter is a purifier that removes the impurities in water.

The impurities are nitrates, chloramines, chlorines, and various odors.

It does so by lowering the contamination of water via a chemical process, biological process, or physical barrier.

They are an essential element for home or for any place as one must purify the water before drinking.

If we would be drinking the contaminated water or water with disinfectants, then we would be having a high chance of getting the infection.

Thus, always use suitable and excellent quality water purifiers/filters to live a healthy life.

In this guide, you will get to know about water purifiers along with their pros & benefits.



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10 Best 5 Gallon Water Filters Reviewed And Rated

Let’s now begin enrolling in the ten 5 gallon water filters and their reviews for 2021.

1. AQUASPREE Exclusive 7 Stage Alkaline Water Filter

ZeroWater 23-Cup 5-Stage Water Filter Dispenser 0 TDS for Improved Tap Water Taste - IAPMO Certified...

The AQUASPREE, water filtering system is an excellent BPA free purifying solution.

It is especially suitable for those willing to improve the quality and taste of their drinking water.

This model consists of a little more space that can hold up to 5 gallon of water after being filtered.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about filtering water again and again.

The product, AQUASPREE 7 stage water filter, has a large capacity container with an impressive filter design.

It offers a lever that allows you to fill the glass of water by simply pushing it.

As this model has a large capacity container, you can use it in small offices or businesses.

The filter need not be connected directly to a tap, you can fill it up with the help of a bucket.

This filter purifies water passing through each layer of filter media, including filters, minerals, magnetic fields, and ionizers.

Those who are looking to alkalize their water must go for this product, as it will be beneficial.

Many people have been using this astonishing water filter system and are loving the purification system and the taste of the drinking water it gives.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Makes water alkaline
  • One can enjoy the alkaline, pristine, and healthier drink
  • It requires no electricity and is portable
  • It consists of 7 stages of filtration

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2. APEX MR-1050 Countertop Water Filter, 5 Stage Mineral pH Alkaline Easy Install Faucet Water Filter -...

APEX MR-1050 Countertop Water Filter, 5 Stage Mineral pH Alkaline Easy Install Faucet Water Filter -...

The APEX Quality filter comes with a complete purification kit that removes harmful contaminants from the water.

It also destroys the tiny contaminant particles that we cannot see or smell through its carbon block filter.

The contaminants are mainly chlorine, radon, benzene, and other heavy metals.

It also prevents the accumulation of microorganisms.

Also, it increases the alkalinity by adding potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The model purifies the drinking water and makes it healthier and fresh in taste.

Those who are using this product from APEX Quality had to spend less money on buying mineral water bottles.

It offers a convenient design that connects it with domestic faucets.

The filter offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty for working and materials.

Hence, to remove the tiny particles that are sometimes left behind, prefer the APEX Quality water filter.

People using this product are in love with its quality and benefits.

Even they are feeling the change in their water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is simple to install
  • It is cost-effective and fits perfectly in domestic faucets
  • It is an environment-friendly tap water filter
  • It has a complete water purification process

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3. Faberware FW29919

Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser - Top Loading Freestanding Water...

The Faberware FW29919 water filter is a water dispensing and filtrating machine.

It is engineered with advanced electronic methods to provide safe and healthy water.

It is suitable for offices and home spaces.

Faberware FW29919 can hold up to 3 to 5 gallons of water, which can be filled with the help of equivalent gallon buckets, and dispense it to both hot and cold.

Further, after dispensing, the water passes through the treatment system, which destroys all the disease-causing organisms.

It can heat the water up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit and cool to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also offers a storage cabinet that allows you to keep the used or unused cups.

It operates quietly and uses low energy due to its thermoelectric heating and cooling system.

For those who are willing to purchase a product with low noise, this model is the most suitable for them.

Thus, it is an advanced purifier that is suitable for the ones who want no noise in the process.

The Farberware dispenser cooler filter is fantastic as it provides an accurate temperature.

Like it gives hot water as very hot and cold water as very cold without making any noise.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a corded electric power source
  • It is simple to operate with its red and blue identifications for hot and cold
  • It requires less space
  • It offers a stable temperature for the water as required

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4. Avalon A4BLWTRCLR

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser with BioGuard- 3 Temperature Settings - Hot, Cold...

Avalon A4BLWTRCLR is one of the excellent filtering machines.

It has a bottom loading dispenser that eases storing and replacing the tank without allowing it to lift.

It has a unique construction that prevents leakage.

Also, it alerts the user when the bottle gets empty, so you don’t have to check the bottle again and again.

It is most suitable for kitchen and office usage as it has a 3 to 5 gallon tank to hold water.

The model has a night light feature that allows you to see the tube clearly in dim light.

Furthermore, it is available in two types: bottom-loading and countertop.

Avalon A4BLWTRCLR has three temperature levels that the user can adjust according to them.

Additionally, it has a child lock system to protect the children from getting harmed.

It is suitable for the one having a child and old-age people in their house.

People who have been using it are reviewing it as worth buying.

Even they are enjoying its customer service and the way it purifies water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is easy to maintain, handle, and clean
  • It is portable and compact
  • It offers no worry about leakage
  • It has a child lock system that precludes any risk

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5. Generic 220V Electric Hot Cold Water Cooler Dispenser Filter

YQJJZX Desktop Cooling Hot Home Top Loading Countertop Water Dispenser Hot and Cold, Mini Energy...

It is a generic electric hot, cold water cooler and dispenser filter.

It requires 220V voltage 50Hz frequency, and 500W power where 430 W is for heating, including the remaining 70W is for cooling.

It has a cable wire length meter that protects against electric shock.

The great model has light indicators that represent the conditions of water temperature.

It is easy to operate by just inserting the water barrel and pressing the start button.

It provides both hot and cold water at the same time.

The water after being filtered becomes healthier and suitable to drink.

One can install it at the office, farm, hotel, and home.

Apart from it, the water filter consists of a water cooler and a detachable water box.

Those who are looking for a great dispenser, with inbuilt filter media, can go for the generic electric hot, cold water cooler dispenser filter.

Alike, the other such products, people are embracing this generic hot, cold water cooler dispenser filter as an astonishing product to use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The system surrounds less space
  • It offers an easy installation
  • Gives appropriate hot and cold water
  • It has a separate detachable water box that provides ease

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6. Blue Bottle Water Dispenser Filter

Blue Bottle Filter | Water Dispenser Filter | Water Cooler Filter | Filtered Water Dispenser | Water...

The Blue Bottle brands Water Dispenser Filter is a water filter with an impressive design.

It can store up to 5 gallons of water.

To use this dispenser filter, you have to rinse the filter.

Next, fill the blue bottle water dispenser with water and then press the filter like a regular cap.

Now, load the water filter bottle on the dispenser.

Enjoy the healthy and refreshing drinking water, at negligible maintenance cost

This bottle dispenser filter has a biodegradable cap.

It even uses the filter structure that reduces plastic.

You can use this bottle dispenser filter at your offices with a large number of workers and some party or event.

Those who want to purify the water without investing much can prefer the blue bottle water dispenser filter.

It will give them the cold and hot water processing filter.

Due to its appearance, it might not look like a purifier or filter, but it is one of the best among them.

People are enjoying the water quality it provides, and it’s an easy installation process.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The bottle is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment
  • It can filter 120 gallons of water overall
  • It is beneficial and much better than a filter jug
  • Its filtration process purifies water to an extreme level

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7. Penn-Plax World Aquarium Water Filter

Penn-Plax Small World Aquarium Filter – Comes with a Disposable Media Cartridge (Bio Sponge,...

Penn Plax Small World Aquarium Filter is an excellent filter for small aquariums up to 5 gallons.

The aquarium can be of all shapes and sizes.

This water filter destroys contaminants and maintains healthy water for your fish.

It is small in size and hence fits in almost any aquarium.

It offers an easy to replace disposable cartridge filter media.

The aquarium filter has carbon as well as zeolite in it for chemical filtering with a bio-foam sponge.

Here, the zeolite crystals destroy ammonia, and the carbon eliminates the harmful gases or smells.

The bio-foam promotes the biological filtering that leaves crystal clear water.

These filters are easy to attach to the air pump using a tube.

Those who have small fish tanks at home and want to purify them, then just go for these as they are perfect among aquarium filters.

Many of us don’t prefer filtering water for fishes, but this filter will make you do so.

People using this are suggesting no better filter system than this for aquariums.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It consists of strong suction cups that clears all the dirt and contaminants
  • It has an easy and quick process of installation
  • It is compatible with every air pump
  • It has a replaceable cartridge feature that offers no need to change the purifier feature

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8. Aqua clear Fish Aquarium Water Filter

AquaClear 20 Power Filter, Fish Tank Filter for 5- to 20-Gallon Aquariums

The Aqua Clear Fish Water Filter is a complex and small power filter.

It filters the water through a multi-stage process leaving a silent waterfall effect in the aquarium.

The filters offer mechanical, biological, and chemical filtering processes.

Also, it has a re-filtering system that allows you to regulate the rate of flow whenever the filtering is needed.

Furthermore, when the flow is reducing, 50% of water undergoes multiple filtrations.

The foam of the filter removes the suspended particles and is replaceable.

The porous surface allows colonization via the beneficial bacteria.

It also has an activated carbon medium that is applied to absorb chemicals, odors, and disinfectants.

The product is excellent for those who are looking for a purifier for small as well as large size tanks.

Yet another aquarium filter reviewed by the users.

They are loving the way it purifies the water keeping the aquarium, fishes and gravel, healthy and beautiful looking.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a simple and easy installation process
  • It is easy to maintain and clean
  • It is available in different sizes
  • It has a 3 stage purifying system

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No products found.

Tissaj 5 Gallon Water Bottle Dispenser Filter is a type of automatic water dispenser filter.

It has a compact and durable ABS plastic material body.

Also, it is BPR free as well as has a certification of RoHS for quality water purification.

The product consists of 1800mAh Li-battery amidst a 2-hour lifespan in regular usage.

For indoor and outdoor usage, the dispenser filter is the perfect one.

Watch the water in the bottle churning as the filter dispenses purified glass for you to drink.

Additionally, it has an easy installation process, requires no drilling or stands.

Just a simple fix and ready to use.

Even, those who are lazy in using both hands to get a glass of water, it is the most suitable as it requires the support of one hand for operation.

Thanks to its quick discharge button, that helps in speeding up the water flow.

It has a beautiful chrome finish with a nice blend of modern decor.

At last, it is an Energy Star rated water dispenser filter.

People using this product are reviewing it as one of the water filters for people of all age groups.

Its various features are beneficial for children and elders.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It offers a quick discharge button to dispense water conveniently
  • The stylish appearance fits perfectly with a modern home or office decor
  • It has a durable and compact body with a rechargeable 1800mAh battery
  • It requires no stand or drilling mechanism to fit

10. Imperial Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter

Imperial Berkey Gravity-Fed Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter System 4.5 Gallon with 2...

Imperial Berkey purification system is yet another powerful portable water filter from one of the best brands.

It purifies the water with additional black Berkey purification elements in it.

The external body is mainly made up of stainless steel material and rubber.

Its job is not only to remove viruses but also destroys the pathogenic bacteria, protozoa, inorganic minerals, debris, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, and trihalomethanes.

It can purify up to 4.5 to 5 gallon per day.

It has a long-lasting filter capacity and needs replacement after filtering 6000 gallons of water.

This water filter uses several third-party labs to test the potential contaminants in water.

The Berkey team also conducts various tests for the lead as well as PFCs to show their effectiveness.

It requires no electricity, no tools to fit, and no plumbing, but it is somehow more expensive than the other regular ones.

You can travel the world carrying Berkey gravity-fed water filter systems having black purification elements.

People are reviewing it to be the prominent water filter that one needs to use for their family.

Although it is expensive, it is fulfilling its promise of giving perfectly purified water to the users quickly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has an impressionable and most powerful purification system with black purification elements
  • It purifies water and makes it the most healthier
  • It is just 26 inches tall and consumes less space
  • It reduces the production of the most harmful contaminants and performs several tests to ensure their purification

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How to select the appropriate 5-gallon water filter?

The selection procedure for a water filter is somehow confusing.

Here you can enroll in the steps to choose an appropriate water filter for your house.

Fix a price range

If you are willing to buy a water filter, then the first thing to do is to decide the price range.

That is, how much you want to invest in a water filtering system.

You must do this before searching for it.

If you won’t, then you have to spend more time and can even purchase the wrong one.

Test water in your house

The second most important thing is to test your water.

It is necessary to know whether your water is contaminated or not.

There are many types of equipment available in the market in a decent price range that you can use.

Also, some models are there that tell you about the presence of pesticides, herbicides, or others in your water.

But, these are a little expensive.

Research about contaminants

After testing your water, you will know the type of contaminant present in it.

So, just do a quick research on those contaminants to find out which of the water filter is suitable.

Also, research about them to know which of them is more harmful.

Many people can tell that lead is more harmful than chlorine, so search for the filter.

But, if there are nitrates or chloramines, then do proper research of them and the filter.

Assure the capacity and type

If you are buying the water filter, then ensure the capacity and type you want for your home.

Like if you have a small family, then a medium capacity filter will be sufficient.

However, if you have a big family, then a large or extra-large capacity would meet your needs.

Also, depending on your preference, you can go for the top or the bottom loading water filter.

The top-loading filter has easy monitoring of the water level.

Meanwhile, the bottom loading filter has the indicator for an empty bottle.

Search for a suitable model

Now, as you know about the contaminants that are in your water and which of them are more harmful, then look for a suitable model.

Search for a water filter model that can destroy or remove these contaminants from water.

Also, choose the thing which can remove the most harmful contaminants.

You can also look at the model designing to know whether it suits your home decor or not.

Finding The Best 5 Gallon Water Filter For You

Hello readers, we are happy to serve you with these water filters and hope that you have learned something useful from this guide.

Also, we hope that you have got your solution to your water problem.

Many choices are available online, with immediate shipping and you can choose any of them, as you want.

All of them are suitable for both your homes and offices.

Their water treatment system improves the taste as well as the quality of drinking water that leads you towards a healthy life.

Moreover, all these are multipurpose as you can prefer using them according to your suitability and needs.

We know that we may not be able to cover all the information, but it contains all the necessary information you will need to select a suitable filter.

Now, you can easily shop the 5-gallon water filters of your choice from the list, knowing all the details.

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