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10 Best Kitchen Faucet With Water Filter Built Ins And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

What is kitchen faucet with water filter built in and why should we use them?

Well, home tap water may look clean.

However, with the rapid development of people and the economy, the environment, especially water, is easily contaminated by industrial wastes.

Faucet filters remove water contaminants to improve its odor and taste by trapping harmful or toxic substances and keeping them away from entering your body.

Also, faucet filters clear out all signs of chlorine compounds in tap water while reducing your chances of getting attacked by harmful elements.

It plays a significant role in balancing the water’s pH levels making it safer to drink.

Unlike other water filtration systems, kitchen faucet with water filter built in allows you to change between using filtered and unfiltered water.

And, the best part is that you don’t have to struggle and are just supposed to turn a knob or lever and the water source switch.

1. DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet Water Filter

Premier Faucet Water Filter

Clean water is an essential need of every family.

Purified water ensures good health for a better and more pleasant life. 

Clean and well-filtered water does wonders for your health and boosts your energy levels.

With a high overall rating, this is one of the cheapest and most effective water faucets.

Certified to reduce the sediment, linden, benzene, asbestos, mercury, and lead bacteria, microorganisms, cysts, chlorine, and many other contaminants from your water.

This system is immensely easy to install and requires changing the filters once every two months, whereas it’s a very economically friendly choice in the water filter range.

With having a 100-gallon filtering capacity, the filter is also very good at removing any foul odors or tastes from the water as DuPont is tested against the NSF 42 and 53.

So it is very suitable for the ones who want to filter water contaminated by a high chlorine ratio.

It has an anti-microbial system devised inside the filter to protect it from the development of germs inside the cartridge over time for improved filter life.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Improves the taste, odor, and clarity of your water
  • Easily attaches to standard kitchen faucets 
  • Affordable pricing
  • NSF certified
  • Protects from chlorine, lead, and VOC’S
  • Vertically mounted

2. PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Water Filter

Advanced Faucet Water FilterWhile being a popular and best-selling product on amazon, this PUR 3-Stage advanced faucet water filter comes with a surprisingly attractive price.

This faucet water filter is smooth operative and you can effortlessly connect and remove the filter to your faucet within minutes.

This extremely durable product is made up of top quality materials.

It is certified to remove up to 99% lead, 96% mercury, and 92% of the pesticides contaminating your water.

Its advanced faucet filtration system features a simple one-click tool-free attachment with a more reliable way to get healthier, cleaner, and high tasting water.

PUR faucet filters also provide 100 gallons of filtered water and require to change the filters once in every 2 or 3 months

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Capable of removing over 70 different contaminants
  • Provides a nice and steady flow of water
  • NSF certified filter
  • Beautiful outward display

3. Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

Tap Faucet Water FilterThis system provides an excellent water filtration solution for mildly polluted water sources.

It produces clean and bright, odorless, and high in taste water with a good flow and increased pressure, so you will be able to fill objects quickly.

The filter can be easily installed directly on your current faucet.

It allows you to have separate access to the filtered and unfiltered water so that you don’t waste any clean water.

The great thing about this water filter system is that it comes with a light sensor that helps to notify you when it’s time to change the filters.

The green light on the sensors represents that the filters are still good.

The yellow light represents that the filters will need changing soon and the red light represents that you have to change the filters at once.

This water filter system filters out 60 contaminants such as 99% lead, chlorine (taste and odor), benzene, and asbestos contaminants that may be found in tap water.

Also, 1 BPA-free Brita faucet filter provides up to 100 gallons of filtered tap water, that replaces up to 750 standard 16 oz. plastic water bottles

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fast water flow with increased pressure
  • Durable and convenient
  • Reduces lead
  • Sensor for filter change reminder
  • Easy and accessible one-click installation

4. Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Mount Advanced Water Filter

Faucet-Mount Advanced Water FilterThe NSE certifies Culligan FM-15A removes chlorine, any taste, and foul smell coming from the tap water.

It also eliminates all signs of lead, rust, dirt, sand, and sediment particles as small as possible, and you can get one cup of filtered water in a time frame of 30 seconds.

This product is very immensely easy to install and portable in size and can easily be carried out to enjoy fresh and clean drinking water wherever you go or live.

With having a 100-gallon filtering capacity, the filter is also very good at removing any foul odors or tastes from the water.

And due to its small size, it requires bi-monthly replacement of the filter.

The filter switches quickly from unfiltered to filtered water by simply pulling the diverter valve stem to provide a simple solution for healthier and cleaner drinking water.

When doing regular washing and cleaning tasks that don’t require filtered water to increase its lifespan.

Providing your family with visibly clean, great-tasting water for drinking, cooking, and more.

The filter reduces cryptosporidium, giardia cysts, bad taste & odor, aesthetic chlorine taste & smell.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Efficient and adaptive
  • Filter out most of the contaminants
  • Improves the taste, odor, and clarity of your water
  • Easily attaches to faucets
  • Easily affordable

5. Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Tap Filter

Waterdrop tap filterWith being one of the cheapest and effective water faucets, this product is very durable and will do an excellent job by getting rid of fluoride and lead.

Tested and certified by NSF International, so this system produces clean and bright, odorless, and high in taste water while being safer and healthier.

The faucet produces water with a good flow and you’ll not even feel the chlorine taste after using the unit.

The innovative ACF material features high and fast filtration and you’ll get about half a gallon per minute or you can fill up four water bottles (16.9 Oz for each) in 1 minute.

Whereas the filter provides 320 gallons of cleaner water, it will last for about three months of extensive use before changing the filter.

On the other hand, you can use hot water with the product only when the lever is in the normal position.

The design of a simple switch between quality filtered water and regular tap water helps.

The filter switches quickly from unfiltered to filtered water and to switch it back to unfiltered water.

When doing regular washing and cleaning tasks so that the filtered clean water doesn’t waste and also prolong the service life of the filter.

While providing your family with visibly clean, great-tasting water for drinking, cooking, and more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Certified against NSF/ANSI standards
  • Long-lasting filter
  • The pre-filter mesh will stop all larger particles from passing through
  • Fast and effective
  • Convenient

6. PUR PFM450S Faucet Mount Horizontal Water Filtration System

Faucet Mount Horizontal Water FilterThis product is extensively easy for installation and replacement and requires no tools at all in the process.

This filter easily fits on to any faucet.

It is one of its kind by not only focusing on your health and safety but also on giving you a tremendous tensionless and effortless experience.

This filter is housed with a stainless steel finishing for easy, quick access to cleaner, great-tasting water, and an attractive exterior.

PUR faucet filters also provide 100 gallons of filtered water and require to change the filters once every 2 or 3 months.

The filters with MAXION technology are designed explicitly by PUR to provide high-quality filtration performance and through innovative techniques.

They are certified to reduce over 70 contaminants, including lead, mercury, certain pesticides, industrial pollutants, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, disinfection by-products, by using activated carbon & ion exchange.

Using a PUR water filter for tap water is more affordable than bottled water.

It saves you up to $1,000 per year so you can, at the same time, do your savings and enjoy fresh water every day.

This product has an electronic filter indicator that visibly indicates filter status so that on a timely basis.

You can easily replace the filter which plays an essential part in ensuring your safe, secure, and clean drinking water consumption.

Pros & Benefits:

  • MAXION filter technology reduces contaminants
  • Electronic filter indicator for reminding to replace the filter
  • Easy installation and replacement system
  • The filter is capable of removing over 70 different contaminants
  • Provides a nice and steady flow of water

7. New Wave Enviro – 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System

10 Stage Plus Water FilterNew Wave Enviro and was first introduced by New Wave about 20 years back and it has a 10 stage water filtration system.

With doing the best in updated, durable, and everlasting production for all these years with an excellent and affordable price range.

Also does not compromise on the high-quality products, New Wave Enviro has gained the trust of its customers.

This product is of 12 inches in length and would fit your countertop perfectly.

However, it is also beneficial if you install it under the sink as it would help you stay healthy and safe with clean water while saving a lot of space on your kitchen counter.

The product is of easy usage and will give a very comfortable experience.

One best thing about this faucet is that it’s very easy to install and you only need to purchase a conversion kit for that. 

The 10 stage filtration system is the All-In-One filter available that’s designed to remove all kinds of contaminants found in tap water.

Harmful contaminants and beyond the EPA minimum levels such as chlorine, lead, trihalomethanes, organic and inorganic arsenic, mercury.

Also, pesticides and herbicides provide you with flat, great-tasting water at your kitchen sink.

One significant advantage of installing this system is that it provides your filter with the capacity of up to 800 gallons, which is equal to 6,000 single-use bottles of water a year.

Replacement is very time-efficient, and if your usage is effectively enough, then you can replace your filter once a year and can enjoy safe, healthy, and clean water all year.

This product gives you the advantage of taking your savings to the next level.

With this product, you can enjoy filtered water for 2 cents per glass and only a penny per glass with your purchase of New Wave Enviro’s replacement cartridge year after year.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides the cleanest drinking water
  • Provides up to 800 gallons of filtered water
  • Great for the environment
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation

8. Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter With Advanced Water Filtration

Faucet Mount Filter with Advanced Water FiltrationWhile being one of the highly-rated filters in the market, it’s very affordable with surprisingly attractive prices.

Its system functions to provide you with the cleanest and most clear drinking and cooking water.

The advantage of buying this product is that the Culligan provides you with a replacement filter cartridge along with the purchased package.

This is a clear indicator of safer and more secure drinking water for you and your loved ones.

The carbon filter cartridges in its system are designed for a capacity of up to 200 gallons of water and efficient use can make them last for up to six months.

The best feature in Culligan FM-25 is that you can switch between filtered and unfiltered water from the control tab which is a great way to increase the filter’s lifespan.

With Culligan FM-25, you don’t need to worry about the technical replacements from time to time as this product is straightforward to install and it’s built in a way that saves a lot of your space looks great in the kitchen.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extra replacement filter cartridge gave
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Saves space
  • Easy installation
  • Switches from filtered to unfiltered water
  • Easily affordable

9. INSTAPURE F2BCT3P-1ES Faucet Water Filter System

FAUCET WATER FILTER SYSTEMThis product is inexpensive and requires very affordable filter cartridges so you can stay healthy and do your savings at the same time.

This filter system comes with no hustle and is very easy to install and requires no tools at all.

Maintain the lifespan of the filter; this product has a built-in lever on the F-2C to switch between filtered and unfiltered water.

Instapure faucet water filter system certified ANSI/NSF for the reduction of Chlorine (Class II) and will remove bad tastes and odors from the water so that you can drink healthier, clean, and better-tasting water at all times.

Also, the water pressure doesn’t decrease when the system is filtering out most of the contaminants which are a plus point for its time effectiveness.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good water flow
  • Cheap replacement filters
  • Switch between filtered and unfiltered water
  • Certified ANSI/NSF
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Reduces bad taste and odor

10. KABTER Healthy Faucet Mount Water Filter System

HEALTHY FAUCET MOUNT WATER FILTERYou can hook it up to most standard faucets without using any tools or extra fittings.

Kabter faucet water filter is one of the cheapest faucet water filters you can buy and installation takes about 5-10 minutes.

It’s great for clean water at a reasonable price and you can hook it up to most standard faucets without using any tools or extra fittings.

This product contains activated carbon that removes most of the sediment, heavy metals like mercury and lead, chlorine, and other contaminants from the water.

The KDF55 filter kills bacteria and prevents the growth of lime, mold, scale, and fungi in your water, which lets you get rid of any bad odor or taste from your water.

This product comes with an adapter that helps the filter to be used with male faucets and without the adapter, the filter can easily be used with female valves.

The product is designed to function with both hot and cold faucets, so that’s one more relief for the customers.

With having a 200-gallon filtering capacity, the filter is long-lasting.

It requires replacing the cartridge within every 3-5 months with being a very time-efficient as it needs less than 5 minutes to change the filter cartridge.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long-lasting filters
  • Beautiful chrome finish that looks great in the kitchen
  • Affordable
  • Gets rid of bad odor and taste
  • Easy installation
  • Can be used with both hot and cold water faucets

Faucet Water Filter Installation

Faucet water filters are durable and easy to install.

Even though different manufacturers produce them, most faucet water filters have a similar installation process.

Most of them don’t require additional tools in the installation process but make sure you have an adjustable wrench, and some Teflon tape closes at hand as some products need materials to install.

They usually come with all the necessary components for the installation.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Remove The Faucet’s Aerator

This is the only step that might require you to use a tool as the aerator might be very tightly screwed on, you should use an adjustable wrench to do it. 

Keep in mind to remove the washers in the faucet if there are any.

Clean The Buildup

There might be some build-up under the aerator.

Clean it using vinegar.

Check to see if you need an adaptor.

Many filters need an adaptor to mount the faucet. 

Check the box for the adapter.

Attach The Filter

Attach the filter to the faucet and make sure it’s twisted in place. 

After the mounting collar is attached, insert the filter cartridge.

Turn On The Water

Let it runs for at least 10 minutes before you taste the water.

This period is necessary to flush out the cartridges and remove the carbon excess and will allow the filter to activate. 

Check For Leaks

If there aren’t any, you’re all done.

If anything is leaking, try fixing it by applying some Teflon tape.

Final Thoughts

Many people are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and health-conscious, but they don’t want to hustle or have to sacrifice staying on-budget.

The kitchen faucet with a water filter is very cheap to maintain and easily installed.

They’re easy to use while not requiring much space and are also an excellent alternative to buying bottled water.

When you use a faucet mount water filter, you drink healthier, safer, and cleaner water that has better quality with no strange taste or smells.

There’s a variety of choices available online, depending on your interest.

If you see any kitchen faucet with water filter built in that aren’t on this list and should be, let us know in the comments below.

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