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10 Best Inline Charcoal Water Filters And Their Reviews For 2022

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Did you know that the inline charcoal water filter is becoming a thing now?

A significant part of the earth’s surface is covered in water which is around 71% of the total area.

Despite having such an abundance of water, only about 0.3% of the total volume is usable by people on earth.

With increasing population rapidly in the past few decades, contamination of water resources has also been increasing at a drastic rate which makes a major part of this usable water also unfit for human consumption.

Many harmful diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Anaemia, Fluorosis are water-borne diseases which mean that these diseases mostly spread are transmitted in contaminated fresh water.



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10 Best Inline Charcoal Water Filters

With that said, let’s get started with the reviews.

Here’s our list of the 10 best inline charcoal water filters for 2021 and their reviews.

1. Camco 40043 TastePure RV/Marine Water Filter

Camco TastePURE Camper/RV Water Filter & Hose Protector | Inline Water Filter Reduces Bad Taste,...

If we are talking about the best Inline Carbon Water Filters the first name that comes up is TastePure Marine Carbon Water Filter from Camco brand which is currently the best seller on Amazon.

In case you are looking for a carbon filter that helps to provide protection against bad tastes, odor, sediments, chlorine, bacteria, and much more than this carbon water filter is a perfect choice for you.

This is a large capacity water filter that lasts for almost an average of 3 months plus it also comes with premium KDF carbon which provides protection against bacteria growth when the carbon water filter is not being used.

This carbon filter can be used along with gardening or water hose which provides you with a flow of healthier and cleaner drinking water.

This product is great for filling up your pool or hot tub, home brewing, boating, and marine use.

In addition, this carbon filter compliant with all federal and state level low lead laws.

CSA low lead content certified to NSF/ANSI 362 so safety is assured.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Having a 20-micron sediment filters remove particles greater than 20-micron size
  • Wide Body Inline Design which increases water capacity and flow rate
  • The benefit of multiple-use at various locations
  • Available at a relatively cheap cost
  • High safety as it’s NSF/ANSI 362 certified

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2. Omnipure K2533JJ Inline Water Filter with Quick-Connect

K2533 JJ 1/4' quick connect fittings. Granular activated carbon inline water filter for...

Omnipure K series Inline Carbon Water Filters have been launched recently after a great success of their previous generation of Inline Carbon Water Filters.

Ominpure Filters are very effective as they are made in such a way that they can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

Omnipure Filters are having a simple and effective design which makes their installation process easy and very fast.

These filters are available in multiple sizes to meet the capacity and flow that you require.

With Omnipure Carbon water filters, you get to experience better-tasting water as its efficient technology helps to reduce chlorine taste and an odor due to which you get clean and usable water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available with female pipe thread or quick-connect fitting which makes the installation process very easy
  • Available in multiple sizes to meet the capacity and flow requirements of its customers
  • It can be tailored as per specific needs
  • Great customer reviews on Amazon

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3. 3M Aqua-Pure In-Line Water Filter System AP717

Aqua-Pure 3M Aqua-Pure In-Line Water Filter System AP717, 5560222, White

The 3M Aqua-Pure In-Line Carbon Water Filter System, AP717, is a single cartridge carbon filter system that helps provide good quality water by reducing the effects of sediment and chlorine taste and odor.

3M Inline Carbon Water Filter uses specially formulated activated carbon filters and progressive porosity media for effective filtration down to 5 microns nominal.

Also, this filtration system includes ¼” push-in fitting which makes this Filter Systems easy to install.

3M Inline Carbon Water Filter System design is best suitable for refrigerators, drinking fountains, ice makers, coffee machines, and drink dispensers.

3M Inline Carbon Filter system is FDA CFR-21 compliant and the System is NSF/ANSI Standard 42 listed so you can trust their quality.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The filtration systems includes ¼” push-in fitting for easy installation
  • Designed with specially formulated high adsorption activated carbon filter media that requires no pre-activation
  • Reduces sediment, chlorine tastes and odor and scale for clearer and cleaner drinking water
  • It can filter effectively up to 5-micron particles

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4. Avanti Membrane Technology Stage 5 Inline Filter

Avanti Membrane Technology Stage 5 Inline Carbon Filter for under-sink RO filtraiton drinking water...

This Carbon Water Filter by Avanti Membrane Technology is a 5-stage inline carbon filter which is made in Taiwan.

This carbon filter comes in a 10-inch industrial standard size, which you can use with other filtration systems as well as an inline carbon filter for refrigerators too.

Avanti Membrane Technology is built with a premium quality activated carbon filter as per OEM specification which gives it superior build quality.

This inline carbon water filter also comes with 1/4″ Quick Connect fittings that help in easy and toolless installation.

This specific carbon filter polishes and crispens up the taste of water after the RO membrane.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 1/4″ Quick Connect fittings for easy and toolless installation
  • Polishes and crispens up the taste of water
  • Superior build quality
  • Cheap rate as compared to most of the other products available in the market

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5. Culligan IC 3 EZ-Change Inline Icemaker and Refrigerator Filtration System with Filter

Culligan IC 3 EZ-Change Inline Icemaker and Refrigerator Filtration System with Filter, 500 Gallon ,...

Culligan water filters come with RC-EZ-3 Advanced filtration cartridges that can filter 500 gallons and last up to 6 months.

Culligan IC-EZ-3 Change Icemaker and Refrigerator Drinking Water System feature a Level 3 Advanced Filtration System for use with your existing icemaker and refrigerator.

Culligan filters are NSF Certified and have a 2-year limited warranty so you can rely on their safety.

With Culligan water filters you get a clear, clean, great-tasting flow of water as filters remove bad taste and odor, chlorine, sediment, lead, and cysts and other contaminants making your water purer.

It is most suitable to be used with your refrigerator and ice maker drinking water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Less expensive and less hassle than bottled water
  • The quick-connect fittings make installation easy
  • These all filters are all interchangeable allowing you to find the filter that best fits your water filtration needs
  • Amazing build quality

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6. AmazonBasics Inline Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

Amazon Basics Inline Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector, White

This inline water filter from AmazonBasics is a 20-micron sediment filter with KDF technology for healthier, cleaner, better-tasting water.

This particular filter includes a single inline water filter and a flexible hose attachment, which prevents the hose from kinking or crimping, ensuring water runs through smoothly.

It comes with an additional 1-year warranty so in case of any problem you can always get it replaced.

AmzonBasics filter is equipped with Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) technology, the 20-micron sediment filter inhibits bacteria growth and reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine, and sediment from drinking water.

This filter also protects water against aluminum, cadmium, fungus, and heavy metals which provides next-level safety to water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It comes with KDF technology for ultimate protection
  • The durable AmazonBasics inline water filter offers long-lasting performance
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty
  • Easy to connect to a garden hose or a faucet

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7. EZ-FLO 60461N In-Line Water Filter

EZ-FLO 10 Inch Line Water Filter, Brass 1/4 Inch MIP x 7/16 Inch Compression Adapters, 1500 Gallon...

EZ-FLO water filters are high-quality water filters that are designed to filter incoming water for ice makers and refrigerators.

This water filter comes with an enormous capacity of 1500-gallons of water, with a good flow rate, which makes it a suitable option for residential usage.

The in-line filter includes 1/4″ brass compression fittings which make the installation process very easy for a common man.

This filter removes contaminants, sediments and other particles, providing the highest level of purity in water.

In addition, the filtration process also removes odors and scales from your water supply, delivering clean tasting water and ice cubes for an outstanding water drinking experience.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with 1/4″ compression fittings for easy installation
  • Lead-Free compliant for safe water drinking
  • High durability and longer life
  • Enormous capacity in providing suitable options

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8. WATTS WATTS-AICRO Inline Polishing Filter

WATTS WATTS-AICRO Inline Polishing Filter

If you have a Watts Flowmatic FMR04-MAN Reverse Osmosis System, the Watts Inline Polishing Filter fits best according to your requirements.

Watts Inline Polishing Filter uses Granular Activated Carbon filters (GAC) to remove contaminants for up to 6 months and provides you clean and usable water.

Watts Inline Filter’s body is constructed of sturdy 100% FDA grade Polypropylene, which gives it a longer life duration as compared to other ordinary water filters.

This carbon filter will help you to remove unpleasant tastes and odors plus reduces unpleasant tastes from your RO product water to keep your drinking water tasting great.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Reduces unpleasant odors such as chlorine from your drinking water plus enhances its taste
  • The body of Watts Filter is constructed of sturdy 100% FDA grade Polypropylene, which gives it a long life as compared to ordinary water filters in the market
  • This filter uses a Granular Activated Carbon filters(GAC), which provides extra cleaning to drinking water
  • It is marked as a genuine OEM Product

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9. AMI Inline Water Filter

Inline Carbon Water Filter | 10' Length | 1/4' Threaded Female In/Out | For Chlorine Taste & Odor or...

AMI Inline Water Filters are manufactured by Applied Membranes, Inc., one of the largest membrane and system manufacturers in the USA.

AMI water filters can be used as a stand-alone water filter or as a Pre-or-Post Filter for Home RO Systems but these are most commonly used as stage 5 RO polishing filters in 5 stage Home RO Water Filters.

With AMI filters, you get the advantage of highly efficient and effective Chlorine Removal for 2,500 Gallons of Water at a 0.5 GPM flow rate.

Along with hundreds of contaminated substances in water AMI Activated Carbon Filters (GAC water filter) removes major harmful contaminants such as chlorine, organics, color, tannin, and objectionable tastes and odors from water.

This water filter is best for ice makers, indoor water dispensers, and many other appliances where great tasting water is desired.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy installation as no additional housing for this filter is required
  • Used as stage 5 RO polishing filter for additional water safety
  • Made up of Coconut Carbon filters which are environmentally sound and effective
  • ISO Quality Certified to ensure the highest Quality and Reliability

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10. Bosch replacement water filter

Swift Green Filters (1 Pack) Swift Sgf-Bo52 Refrigerator Water Filter, 2 In Dia X 8-1/4 In L, 0.5...

Bosch water filters all made in the USA and Canada, which are Gold seal WQA certified.

With Bosch filters, you get a capacity of VOC: 300 gallons or CTO: 2000 gallons that are required to be changed every six months time duration.

Bosch Water Filters help to reduce chlorine taste, sediment, dirt, rust, lead, mercury, cysts, and turbidity up to 99% for safe drinking water.

Bosch carbon filters meet NSF/ANSI 42 standard safety levels to provide enhanced reliability on their products to their users.

They also provide a 100% money-back guarantee if in any case you are not satisfied with their products.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bosch products are environmentally conscious while being cost-effective
  • These filters are Gold seal WQA certified which meets NSF/ANSI 42 standard
  • They offer a 100% money-back guarantee as all products are hand tested
  • Best for clean, high quality, great-tasting water

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Why choosing a good water filter is important?

1. Water filtration helps to eliminate various harmful content in water, such as chlorine, dirt, lead, mercury, and other toxic substances that can protect you from many dangerous diseases.

2. These carbon filters help to remove such substances that contaminate water and make water suitable for farming, bathing, cooking, washing, and etc.

3. Contaminated water is one of the primary reasons for skin cancer in many people.

A good water filter provides you protection against such disease.

4. Removed odor and lousy taste also increase the taste of water and make it fit for consumption.

5. Cleaning water using a suitable filter also helps to keep our environment clean by reducing the chances of water pollution caused due to such dangerous materials.

6. Water filters, with carbon filters in them, also help to reduce costs to a great extent.

Buying a good water filter is a one-time investment, instead of buying bottled water daily, you can invest once in a good water filter.

7. Investing in a good carbon water filter for your home, garden, or business place has only advantages at a barely low cost.

Tips on how to choose the right water filter

  • Before buying any carbon water filter you need to analyze the quality of water that you are getting. There are different kinds of filters available for different types of water impurities
  • If impurities level in your water is high you need to go for the advanced level filter but if impurity level is low a lower end filter will be sufficient for you
  • The next factor which affects your choice of carbon water filter is water capacity. Different filters come with different water capacity range
  • Another major factor that you need to keep in mind while taking any decision is pricing. Water filters come in many different ranges depending on the brand and feature that they offer. The higher the number of features a carbon water filter provides, the higher the price
  • It would be best if you decided what features are most suitable for you and falls within your budget

Other important things to consider

  • The most crucial factor that you should check while choosing a filter is the certification received by the brand
  • Check for various certifications such as NSF, WQA, ISI, CE, and many more
  • Maintenance and after-sales services are also a major factor you need to keep in mind
  • These water filters require maintenance and regularly serviced to ensure their proper functioning. Still, if these are not maintained properly, there are high chances that they may stop working before their average life duration
  • Choosing a brand that provides a warranty is a wise decision. It gives you an additional assurance that in case of any fault or any problem, you can always look upon the company for replacement or repairs
  • And lastly, go through customer reviews online about the carbon filter before purchasing

Things to keep in mind after buying a water filter

Service your carbon water filters at a regular interval of time.

This increases the life duration of these filters, plus you continue to get clean water.

Keep track of when your carbon water filters require replacement.

As and when needed, change them so that you continue to get clean and pure water.

Always ensure that when you replace any part, always use original parts as a replacement else its useless to replace them.

If you decide to buy carbon water filters best place to buy them is online retail shops like

On such sites, you get information about a wide variety of water filters along with the full specification and at a discounted price.

Plus, they also provide the facility of installation at your place free of cost and warranty, and other facilities offered through Amazon are usually better than what you can get from local agents of water purifiers.

High risk of waterborne diseases

World Health Organizations reports such water-borne diseases are the reason for 1.8 million deaths annually all across the world which is ahuge number.

The needs and demands for water filtration have also increased over recent times.

Water filtration helps to clean impure water by removing all harmful contaminants like germs, bacteria, and chemicals which makes this dangerous water fit for human consumption.

Water filtration is also of many types but, rather than using simple, ordinary water filters, it’s better to use charcoal water filters as it removes harmful chemicals without having any direct impact on the natural minerals of water.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Inline Carbon Water Filters available out there in the market right now.

Finding The Best Inline Charcoal Water Filter For You

Every inline carbon filter has its advantages and disadvantages.

There are thousands of inline carbon filters to choose from, but it all comes to what you require.

Each carbon filter is unique, before making any decision, you need to analyze factors such as cost, size, durability, after-sales services, and much more.

So before you decide, do your research well and choose the correct inline carbon filter that suits you.

If you have any other recommendations for an inline charcoal water filter, do let us know in the comment section below.

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