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10 Best Car Water Heaters And Their Reviews For 2022

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Tim Rhodes

Want to know the best car water heaters while on the go?

Then keep reading to find out.

Have you ever been on a long road trip and suddenly had the urge to drink something hot without pulling over or rerouting your whole trip?

Or perhaps you can’t wait to drink your daily dose of a hot cup of coffee or tea, and you’re not sure when and where the next cafe will be.

Well, it’s a good thing we live in the age of rampant technological advances, and the most straightforward problems are either already solved or are currently being done.

Nowadays, car accessories are limited only by imagination and lucky for you, which includes a car water heater.

That long cold drive wouldn’t be as raw as one with these accessories, and surely this will brighten up the mood.



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10 Best Car Water Heaters Reviewed

Without further ado, here are the 10 best car water heaters and their reviews for 2021.

1. Fdit Portable Car Electric Kettle

Fdit Portable Car Electric Kettle Travel Car Cigarette Lighter DC12V/24V Hot Water Kettle Fast...

Simple, sleek, and clean; are the best three words that would describe this electric kettle.

As the name says, it’s a standard electric kettle that is portable and pluggable in your car.

Like any standard water kettle, it’s easy to use, plug it in and wait for 25 minutes, and it will automatically power off as soon as it boils and reaches 100℃.

But let not the simplicity of things turn you away from this one; in fact, it is one of its best qualities.

The Fdit portable car electric kettle is equipped with the latest electromagnetic heating technology.

You won’t have to worry about it blowing up or overheating.

An indicator light will tell you whether the kettle is heating or not, a yes or no function indicates if it’s working.

It has a straightforward, elegant design, combining the food grade 304 stainless steel outer appearance and the black anti-slip and heat-resistant handle.

This portable kettle can carry up to 750 ml, which fits most car cup holders, and it has a sealed lid.

This prevents spills and keeps the liquid warm, ideal for hot water, coffee, tea, and other beverages.

It’s as durable as it looks without sacrificing elegance and functionality; this portable heater is right, designed for car use.

If you want an elegant looking straightforward electric kettle for your car, the Fdit Portable Electric Kettle might be the right one for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a plug and plays setup without any complexities
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Cleaning is a breeze

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2. Spardar Water Heating Cup

Spardar Car Kettle 12V Portable Car Water Boiler Stainless Steel, Quick Boiling, Auto Shut-Off, Leak...

Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s not a kettle but a cup.

Calling it a water heating cup is an understatement, but instead, you should call it a tumbler that can heat its content.

It has all the capabilities of a good tumbler: 348 ml capacity, a high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel on both inside and out.

Scratch-resistant, and of course, it’s very safe to handle whether the content is cold or scalding hot.

This water heating cup, or this tumbler that can heat things inside it, is effortless to use and can be handled like any other bottle on the go.

The power mechanism, of course, to be plugged in your 12 or 24-volt car, is not attached to the heating cup itself.

This way, you can carry this tumbler anywhere you go.

Both the tumbler and the power supply fit perfectly in a standard car cup holder, so there is no actual need to add accessories to fit this into your car.

Also, it has a digital temperature display, not only to show you how hot your beverage is and avoid potential tongue burning.

Besides, this also serves as a temperature control so you can enjoy the right coffee or tea at the pinnacle of its flavor timing.

And as far as boiling things goes, it does it under 16 minutes or less, depending upon the amount and the set temperature.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very portable and you can carry it anywhere
  • It has a temperature control using a digital display
  • The cup base and the device fits car cup holders

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3. Wagan EL6100 Travel Mug Stainless Steel

Wagan EL6100 12V Stainless Steel 16 oz Heated Travel Mug with Anti-Spill Lid, 1 Pack

Unlike our earlier entries, this travel buddy of yours goes back to the traditional way of drinking hot beverages and, of course, the mug.

It is made up of stainless steel BPA free material inside and out, which keeps your beverage hot for long periods while protecting your hands from being scalded.

The best thing about this is that your hot cup of coffee can stay up to 2 hours without the need to reheat it, and this travel mug heats up pretty quick in less than 30 minutes.

This saves energy without the need to replug it again and again for the whole duration of your road trip.

The handle and the lid are made up of ergonomic plastic, which keeps things heat and spill-resistant.

The base of the mug is anti-slip and, of course, a standard size for the cup holders of cars.

The travel mug comes with a detachable 12V cord that perfectly fits any storage compartment without taking up much space.

This makes it ideal for long drives with the cozy ambiance of cafes on the go.

When it comes to simple things, the price shouldn’t be so complicated, that’s why the Wagan EL6100 Travel Mug is an affordable staple for long trips on the road.

And it also looks cool when you signal the car next to you that you are enjoying a cup of coffee while in traffic, just don’t get caught since it’s mostly illegal in some states.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can keep your drinks warm for the whole duration of the trip
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean

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4. PUNCIA 12V Smart Electric Heated Travel Mug

PUNCIA 12V Electric Heated Travel Coffee Mug For Car Smart Heated Coffee Mug Warmer With LCD Temp...

Things are getting smarter nowadays, even your travel mugs can attest to that.

What does the LCD doing on your travel mug, you ask.

Well, for starters, the PUNCIA 12V Smart Electric Heated Travel Mug has temperature control and displays the current temperature accordingly from 10℃ to 90 ℃.

You can dictate how warm your beverage is by simply pressing the + and – buttons, and it is readily flashed on your LCD screen, and the best part is that you can keep it at that temperature for a longer duration.

The LCD will go red when it is in its heating mode, and the LCD will go blue on standby or keep it warm.

Say goodbye to winter’s bitter taste and the hot scalding face of summer, with this smart electric travel mug.

You can keep it warm on the right spot, whichever works for you, of course.

The outer material is made of food-grade PP+ safe plastic material, and the inner material is made of 304 stainless steel.

It’s highly portable and can contain up to 380 ml, which fits without any problem to standard sized car cup holders and has a detachable cord that can be easily stored in the car’s compartment.

You can also personalize the color choices of your mug’s lid and body since it can be bought with the colors red, green, orange, and blue.

It is safe for your beverage, for your car, and of course, ultimately safe for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has a keep warm mode
  • Mix and match colors for your style
  • Portable

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5. PUNCIA 12V Smart Electric Heated Travel Mug

2019 New 12V Electric Smart Travel Coffee Mug for Car Shelf Heating cup On The Go with Temp Display...

Next on our list is yet another travel mug from PUNCIA.

It wouldn’t be fair if its not so distant cousin came up on the list and not mention PUNCIA’s variant when it comes to heating technology for travel mugs built for cars.

This is the next step from the earlier version of PUNCIA’s travel mug, with a little step further in comparison to their prices.

When futuristic design meets the elegance and functionality of a heat capable tumbler, you get the PUNCIA Smart Electric Heated Travel Mug -2019.

Right of the bat, the color choices are a stylish, sophisticated black and a graceful yet straightforward white.

This travel mug comes with a 12V cord, which you can plug in your car whenever you need to heat its contents.

It has a temperature control with well-styled buttons on the sides with a digital 2 digit output, which also matches the color of the buttons; this enables you to control how hot you want your beverage.

The outer material is made up of “Tritan,” a high-level baby feed bottle material, which is both safe and durable and is approved by the FDA.

The inner material is highly insulated with 304 stainless steel but with a sophisticated mechanism that doesn’t allow heat to escape.

It keeps your beverage hot as long as it should while not endangering your hands from the outside.

A 380 ml container that is easy to handle and the best part is that it has an anti-spill lid, and you can actually toss it around and even put it upside down without risking spillage.

The travel mug fits perfectly in your bag, your car’s cup holder, and you can carry it wherever.

It’s not just for cars, take it out of your car and go wherever you need to go, it just so happens that you can also heat it in your vehicle.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Elegant color and model design with matching digital display
  • Has a keep warm mode
  • You can put it upside down without spilling

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6. Gulrear Intelligent Car Electric Kettle

Gulrear 12V Car Kettle Boiler 280ml Portable Heated Travel Water Boiler For Car Double Layer To...

Do you often find yourself staring at the boiling liquid, as it shakes about while waiting for your electric kettle to finish?

Do you see yourself as a neat freak and want things clean like a mad scientist in a well-controlled lab you are?

Do you like the transparency between your relationships, much like towards the contents of your water bottle?

If you answered at least one yes to those questions, then the Gulrear Intelligent Car Electric Kettle will never let your expectations down, whichever you said yes to those.

This car electric kettle is unique since it looks like a very sophisticated transparent water bottle.

You’ve read it right, the bottle is 360-transparent, unlike the previous entries where the material is made of stainless steel.

As transparent as it may seem, this electric kettle has a double layer structure for heat protection and heat insulation.

The outer material is made out of PC polycarbonate, followed by a vacuum blocking heat next to the high borosilicate glass liner.

It has a charging base right around the size of most car cup holders, and the purchase comes with a bracket installation kit.

This means you can opt to install it anywhere in your car that would seem optimal.

Much like the earlier mentioned smart electric kettles, this also has a temperature control with a digital display to keep you posted whether your drink is ready.

You can see the bubbles forming from the constant heat applied, and what’s cooler than that?

Pros & Benefits:

  • Transparent bottle
  • With bracket installation kit
  • Digital display and temperature control

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7. EAST MOUNT Electric Heated Travel Mug

EAST MOUNT Smart Temperature Control Travel Coffee Mug Electric heated Travel Mug 12V Stainless...

Smart electric heated mugs are trendy these days, with all the techy things surrounding our lifestyles, this creative travel mug goes along with the trend.

It is a standard digital display with the right buttons for its temperature control, good quality of 304 stainless steel in its interior, and an anti-slip bottom with a safe and durable.

“Tritan” made exterior and a lid that perfectly fits for a leak-proof ride, everything that a smart electric heated mug need is here.

It’s perfectly safe, with its smart temperature control.

Thus there is no need to worry about dry heating or overheating for that matter since it stops at the right temperature and maintains it for as long as you need.

With a 385 ml capacity and a slender body that can fit in your hand as well as in any cup holders for cars, you really can’t have a reason to part from this drinking gadget.

It can function as a simple water bottle that fits any liquids you may want to enjoy anywhere with its portability.

Power-wise, it has a 12V cord that’s designed for cars.

It’s very stylish with its simplicity, and you can have 5 choices for its color: red, blue, orange, black, and green.

It’s easy to clean as well since it has a removable interior that separates the circuitry if you need to wash everything.

If you really can’t decide which smart electric mugs or kettles you wish to have, I suggest you go for style, in the case that their functionalities are all the same.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Digital display and temperature control
  • Detailed LED display indicator
  • Portable and easy to use

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8. Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug

Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug with Temperature Control 16 Ounce, 12V Adapter - Stainless Steel

Amongst the smart travel mugs mentioned, this entry here is the most popular so far.

Like all smart travel mugs, it comes with a display monitor and some temperature control mechanism.

A double layer of 304 stainless steel heat insulator is separated by a vacuum layer for protection against heat.

Keeps it warm for more extended periods, a 12V car compatible power cord, and the portability like any other tumbler.

The lid also seals perfectly, providing spill protection and giving you ease as you drive through a long road.

So why is it popular?

It is popular because it’s affordable compared to the others while still offering the same benefits for a standard smart travel mug.

Maybe because it has four preset temperature controls, very hot, hot, lukewarm, and room temperature, which you can easily set with a simple button push.

It’s effortless to use with the presets, unlike the other travel mugs, which you have to manually experiment with the right temperature for you to get it right.

What’s unique about the Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug among its cousins.

It has a handle like a teacup, a straightforward difference that has a significant impact on comfort and use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has four presets for temperature control
  • Detailed LED display indicator
  • Portable and easy to use

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

9. ALEKO CARKT12V Portable Travel Hot Pot

ALEKO CARKT12V Portable Travel Hot Pot Electric Car Kettle 12V DC Coffee Tea Espresso Appliance

Ok, we’ve seen high-tech designs boasting their digital displays and their sleek portability sizes.

But let me digress for a bit, and I don’t mean regress, just a simple step back to see what the classics are and prove that the functionality can never go out of style.

The Aleko Carkt12V Portable Travel Hot Pot may sound fancy for its extended name, but it’s merely the old electric kettle that you can plug in your car.

You’ve read it right; it’s an electric kettle instead of a 120V or 220V plug, you have the standard 12V DC plug for your car.

The innovation might be as simple as that, but people seeing this can still boggle them up.

Like the old-fashioned electric kettle, the heating material is metal, and the rest of the covering is heat-resistant plastic.

I wouldn’t recommend heating it during the driving trip but once you’ve got to the location without any other electricity source but your car.

This electric kettle will seem to outshine the rest of those smaller mentioned ones.

It can heat water or any beverage to 1L, for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the outside temperature, which is perfect for camping, school trips, travels, or any road trips with family or friends.

It’s not just for beverages; you can cook things like instant noodles and boiled eggs.

The classics are easily still one of the best car water heaters out there.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Large capacity up to 1L
  • Affordable
  • Can be used to cook instant noodles and boiled eggs

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. RoadPro Beverage Heater

RoadPro RPBH-012 12-Volt Beverage Heater, Black

Don’t let the picture confuse you; this is a water heater.

Why doesn’t it have any exterior you ask, only because it doesn’t need one.

Yes, the RoadPro Beverage Heater is a simple device that doesn’t need all the intricacies of all the smart mugs out there.

A straightforward heating mechanism that works as soon as it is plugged into your 12V car socket.

All you need is a cup, mug, or any beverage container that is safe for hot liquids, the actual beverage you need to heat.

And, of course, a car so you can plug the device and voila it heats your drink in a few minutes.

But isn’t it dangerous you ask, I daresay as long as you don’t intentionally play it with your fingers while it is heating, it’s completely safe.

It has a safety clip, so it doesn’t touch the cup or mug while it is heating.

Although it offers simplicity and versatility with your choice of mugs, you have to be mindful of using it since it’s not as smart as the rest of the nominations.

If you’re as clumsy as a kid, then go with the ones that have an extra safety feature, in this case, choose the ones with a liquid container that can heat things inside it.

But if you are in control of things and are attentive to potential mishaps, then a very simple water heater with all its versatility will be perfect for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You choose your mug or cup
  • Can be easily stored
  • Affordable

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Thoughts

There are many pros and cons to whatever your decisions are, but at the very least, we gave you an initial insight into what you are getting at.

If you want the most advanced mechanisms or features that can mystify any onlooker, enough for them to be curious and ask.

Or if you simply want a straightforward plug and play directly point portable boiling machine, it’s really up to you.

And who says you can’t get more than 1 car water heater?

Better yet, try it for yourself and see what fits your quirk.

In the end, it boils down to boiling things, and the rest are simply add ons for your comfort, style, safety, and of course, the items that balance the pros and cons of things, which is the budget.

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