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10 Best 65 Gallon Water Heaters And Their Reviews For 2022

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Tim Rhodes

In today’s society, it’s impossible to perform daily activities without 65 gallon water heaters.

As many people have experienced a faulty water heater!

One faulty water heater and everything is thrown.

A storage tank of a water radiator is manufactured to provide heated water.

As there are stoves, dryers, washers, and typical refrigerators in the same way you won’t find a house without one.



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10 Best 65 Gallon Water Heaters Reviewed

There’s only one use for water heaters – and that’s to supply a consistent flow of hot water inside the home.

A single-family home may use an average of 64 gallons of heated water for showering, laundry, cooking, and household cleaning chores for a day and that’s why you need 65 gallon water heaters.

1. 65 gal. Commercial Electric Water Heater, 10000W

65 gal. Commercial Electric Water Heater, 10000W

Rheem’s light-duty commercial 65-gallon water heaters are designed for applications needing moderate amounts of low-cost hot water.

These models reduce energy consumption in standby heat loss.

As there are Light-duty electric models which come in a range from 30 to 119.9 Gal.

As they are all available in 3kW through 12kW and in with different voltage 208-Volt, 240-Volt, 277-Volt, and 480-Volt.

These models are suited for a wide variety of applications.

Models are available in both Short and Tall sizes to fit your needs.

Models are available as either single-phase or 3-phase in either non-simultaneous or simultaneous configuration.

The maximum temperature on these models is up to 170°F.

As there is proprietary protective steel which helps in the formulation.

With this, a unique coat of high-temperature porcelain enamel thick foam has been made insulation for the minimal standby heat loss.

Long life heating elements are been treated to resist corrosion.

Automatic temperature control with a surface mounted thermostat automatically cycles on and off to maintain the desired water temperature.

The surface-mounted thermostat automatically cycles on and off to maintain the water temperature at a desired preset level.

It’s design certified by UL to meet UL standard 174 as an electric storage-tank water heater, meets North Carolina, and mass code.

It has a manufacturer’s warranty length: 3 yr. limited tank, 1 yr. limited parts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long-life tank design
  • Long life heating elements
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Brass drain valve

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This product is great for those looking to Commercial Gas Water Heater which has commercial tank capacity – plumbing 65.0 gal.

The Multi flue tank has both top and front-side inlet/outlet water connections.

Multiple magnesium anode rods resist corrosion.

The tank features fiberglass insulation.

Factory-installed T&P valves are AGA/ASME rated.

The direct spark to the pilot ignition system helps to save energy by igniting only when there is a need or call for heat.

As full insulation is used for energy saving sag.

Moisture-proof fiberglass insulation helps to surround the storage tank.

Due to its heavy mineral wool insulation surrounds the combustion chamber.

The strong tank design has been a universal proprietary for steel formulation, patented multi-flue design.

That is combined with 2 coats of porcelain enamel, and also which results in superior heat exchanger design.

This Commercial Gas Water Heater is Integrated and Self Diagnostic system control.

As stainless steel burners are used for precision burners.

To raise port design, and also to be formed from high chromium stainless steel;

In which each burner assembly is slid out like a drawer for quick inspection and maintenance of the water heater.

Strong tank design: universal proprietary steel formulation, patented multi-flue design, combined with 2 coats of porcelain enamel.

This results in a superior heat exchanger design.

Its vent type is standard and the ignition type is a spark to pilot energy factor.

Space saver designs are of short heights and they have narrow jacket diameters, with it on plus the top, as on the front and rear water inlets/outlets they offer the ultimate in the installation flexibility.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They are safe solutions for heating your water
  • Low profile automatic flue damper
  • You can easily buy a gas or electric conventional water heater, or you can have it fueled by propane or oil
  • There are two heaters also available mentioned as heat pump and solar water heaters

3. AO Smith BT-80 Tank Type Water Heater With Commercial Natural Gas

AO Smith BT-80 Tank Type Water Heater with Commercial Natural Gas

This product is great for those looking to Tank Type Water Heater Which Has Commercial Nat Gas 74 gal.

It is designed to fit into tight retrofit applications and has the features and capacity to meet heavy-duty demands.

The properties say the tighter the commercial retrofit is, the more you will like.

As well as appreciate how Universal’s compact size and the multiple water connections simplify the installations which are provided.

I would like you to note that this model requires a 120-Volt source of power.

The small diameters and it’s shorter heights makes the greater installation very easy.

Handhole cleanout is made mainly for easy maintenance to put the automatic safety shutoff if there is a pilot which is extinguished

It’s Completely factory-assembled.

As for this there only a necessity for water, gas, and vent connections that need to be made.

All the connections which are made have been located in the front or at the top of heaters which make the service as well as installation easy.

Draft Diverter has a Low profile diverter which is used to furnish the standard equipment.

Handhole cleanout is given for the easy cleaning integral automatic gas shutoff system which stops the excessive flow of high water temperature.

It Has Handhole Cleanout BT-80 and 100 And Has a Vent Size: 4.

It Is Conservationist BT-80 75,100 BTU input single flue model with the alum anode rod.

As the fully automatic controls are provided with safety shut off which are accurate and dependable.

As well as the control system requires no electric connections.

Fixed automatic gas shutoff device for added safety and is not recommended for 180°F sanitizing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • PermaGlas® glass lining prevents tank corrosion
  • Automatic safety shutoff if a pilot is extinguished
  • Handhole cleanout BT-80 and 100
  • Good Efficiency
  • Lower initial costs, heating time, and recovery rates

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4. 75 gal. Commercial Gas Water Heater, LP, 75, 100 BtuH

75 gal. Commercial Gas Water Heater, LP, 75, 100 BtuH

This product is great for those looking to Commercial Gas Water Heater Which has a tank capacity 75 gals.

It has a proprietary steel formulation with a unique coat of temperature porcelain enamel to maximize corrosion resistance, magnesium anode rods which are Installed for longer tank life.

The automatic controls system is designed to shut off the gas if the pilot is extinguished.

This medium-duty gas commercial water heater features a compact design with short height and narrow jacket diameter for installation in tight spaces.

As the space-saver design has the shortest heights as well as narrow jacket diameters.

At plus the top, as the front and rear water inlets/outlets provide the ultimate to the installation flexibility.

Need a different configuration, no problem;

Our universal line offers water heaters in 75 Gal.

As there are different models available which are in a range of BTU/h in natural gas and also liquid propane.

Commercial Gas Water Heater has a 3-year warranty of tank and 1-year warranty of parts.

The unique Blue diamond glass performs an infernal superior coating.

This makes it corrosion resistance compared to the different industry-standard glass lining which other companies use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They can be mounted on a wall
  • They produce minimal standby energy waste
  • They have an average energy factor (EF) rating of 0.75
  • It has additional durability which is the main benefit of purchasing this water heater
  • It Also has faster draining and servicing

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5. Rheem G75-125 Natural Gas Universal Commercial Water Heater

Rheem G75-125 Natural Gas Universal Commercial Water Heater, 75 Gallon

Universal Gas Commercial 65 gallon water heaters are specifically designed to minimize the difficulty of replacing failed water heaters and are versatile for new installations.

These water heaters are specially designed for applications that require large quantities of hot water.

Precision burners are unique made raised port designs that are formed from higher chromium stainless steel.

Each burner is assembled in a way that each slides out like a drawer for an important quick inspection and maintenance.

As it provides an exclusive diagnostic system, with which glowing LED lights, verifies system operation sequence by sequence is done or not.

Low profile damper minimizes overall product height.

As per the heavy-duty vent, hood supports have been designed in a way to withstand the rigors of heavy installation.

Full-port and Full-flow Drain Valves are Factory installed brass drain valves that allow the tank for faster draining and servicing of the water heater.

The tighter the commercial retrofit, the more you will appreciate how Universal’s compact size and multiple water connections simplify installations.

Choose from 80% thermal efficiency models that range from 98,000-399,900 Btu/h and have a maximum temperature setting of 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stainless steel Incoloy elements with low-watt density reduce the chances of element burn out and provides longer service life versus conventional elements.

Directs cold water to the heating element near the bottom of the tank and minimizing mixing of cold water providing long draws of hot water

This product has a 3-year warranty on tank and 1-year on parts.

Warranties are only valid if the unit was installed by a properly licensed technician

Pros & Benefits:

  • 125,000 BTU
  • Universal tank design
  • Universal space saver design
  • Patented multi-flue tank design
  • Low profile automatic flue damper

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6. Westinghouse 80 Gal. Lifetime 4500-Watt Electric Water Heater

Westinghouse 80 Gal. 4500W Lifetime Warranty Electric Water Heater with durable 316L Stainless Steel...

The Westinghouse high-efficiency electric water heater has high recovery rates, low standby heat losses, and features an aesthetically pleasing faux stainless steel exterior.

The special 316L stainless steel inner tank provides superior corrosion resistance and is performed by laser welded for precision.

It has the best limited lifetime warranty when you register it online.

High-quality construction, as well as energy-efficient operation, are combined, and by this Westinghouse has an 80-gallon residential electric water heater.

This helps in providing hot water for everyday applications when they need it.

It pulls long draws of hot water while minimizing energy consumption.

To make a direct connection between the cold water unit to the element which is heating up near the bottom of the tank using the stainless steel to mix up the cold and hot water both reduced.

This water heater is equipped with durable components, low standby heat losses, high recovery rates, and a strong warranty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It offers a large amount of hot water without excessive use of energy
  • A 240-Volt connection is highly required for good installation
  • It’s a laser-welded 316 of stainless steel tank which highly resists the corrosion
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 98% thermal efficiency

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This product is great for those looking to Light Service Commercial Electric Water Heater, made in the USA.

DynaClean diffuser system reduces sediment buildup which extends tank life.

The COREGARD™ anode rods which are provided are made of a stainless steel core that helps to extend the life of the anode rod.

This allows superior tank protection for a longer time than any standard anode rod is for.

Enhanced-flow ball types are simply made of brass drain valves which makes the maintenance as well as service easy.

The thermostat is made adjustable in a way that they give a range of 120° to 181°F with a manual reset of high-temperature cutoff when there is a need.

The non-simultaneous for single-phase operation are made wired for the heater.

It meets the standby loss requirements of the U.S.

Department of Energy and the current edition of ASHRAE/IES 90.1.

It has a blue Diamond glass lining that protects against leaks.

80-gallon sizes are designed for light-duty commercial applications with intermittent hot water loads.

Meets the standby loss requirements of the U.S.

Department of Energy and the current edition of ASHRAE/IES 90.1.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extending tank life
  • Protection against leaks
  • Tank protection
  • Good efficiency
  • Lower initial costs

8. Stiebel Eltron ACC300 Accelera 300 Electric Water Heater, 80 Gallon

Stiebel Eltron ACC300 Accelera 300 Electric Water Heater, 80 Gallon, White

This product is great for those looking to The Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300 is a heat pump water heater that operates on either 240 or 208 volts.

When the 1-watt amount is used then it equally proud 35 watts of hot water in the same amount.

The 80-gallon amount of water heater tank design will give you easily 50 gallons of uninterrupted hot water.

Before it simply needs to activate the builtin for the backup heating element.

This allows for 5 people to each take a shower of 10 minutes.

It also depends upon what type of weather you live in which also helps to find the perfect place to install the Accelera 300 in your home where you need it.

If you live in a warmer climate the optimal place to install this unit is either in your garage to allow it to draw warmth from the outside air or inside your home to help with a load of your air conditioner.

If you live in a cooler climate it is best to place this unit in your basement where it can help by performing the duties of a dehumidifier which allows you to have a drier basement.

The beauty of heat pump water heating technology is that the amount of electrical energy needed to create hot water is greatly reduced compared to a conventional electric tank-type water heater.

The Accelera’s compressor and fan consume the only 1kWh of electricity to generate the heat equivalent of 3 – 5kWh.

The efficiency of the unit goes up with increasing ambient air temperatures.

This groundbreaking efficiency redefines what a water heater is capable of.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 80-gallon storage capacity
  • Reduces hot water costs by up to 80%
  • Cools and dehumidifies the air around it
  • Sacrificial anode rod
  • 2.5 energy factor
  • Powering electric water heaters with solar panels

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This product is great for those looking to ‘Electric Water Heater, Commercial, Price For Each Item: Electric Water Heater

The factory-installed temperature-and-pressure relief valve enhances your safety and offers peace of mind.

The unique thermally-fused upper element helps to protect it against going from dry firing.

Use in multifamily, hospitality, and institutional facilities when there are applications that want high volume peak amounts or demands for hot water.

Long-life tank design: proprietary steel formulation with high-temperature porcelain enamel to maximize corrosion resistance resulting in superior tank design.

The minimum distance to combustibles is 0 in. from the jacket and 18 in. from the access door.

The control box is located at the front of the unit for easy wiring during installation with multiple knockout holes to accommodate a variety of conduit sizes.

Factory wired has 3 phases, which have been approved for field conversion from one phase to a single phase.

Screw-in stainless-steel elements that resist burning out and corrosion.

2 anode rods are installed to ensure long life and corrosion resistance.

Full port, full flow brass drain valve reduces time to drain and service tank.

Factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valve.

There’s no assembly required for this water heater and it has 208.0 super powerful volts.

Manufacturers’ warranty length: 3 yr. limited tank, 1 yr. limited parts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They’re typically inexpensive to purchase and install
  • They have a good average energy factor rating of 0.67
  • They provide a virtually endless supply of hot water
  • They have a big life expectancy which is more than 20 years

10. American Standard D-100-199-AS 100 gallon

American Standard D-100-199-AS 100 gallon 199,000 BTU Heavy Duty Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater

This Heavy Duty 65 gallon water heaterwhich is produced by American Standard Water Heaters is mostly recognized throughout the world for high-quality plumbing.

This product is great for those looking to the American Standard water heaters commercial gas “D” series models

It is designed to deliver large quantities of hot water economically utilizing only the most advanced energy-saving techniques.

Precision burners raised in the port design are formed from high chromium stainless steel.

Each burner assembly is made in a way that each slides out like a drawer for easy and fast inspection and maintenance as well as service.

Our special diagnostic system is provided with glowing LED lights which helps to verify system operation sequence by sequence in a good manner.

This Commercial Water Heaters engineered for energy savings, extended tank life, and easier installations.

Front, rear, and topwater connect models are made in a way to reduce installation costs.

Flue dampers factory-installed and wired for additional installation savings.

It’s required by higher applicants which include schools, motels, hotels, laundromats, car washes, hospitals, restaurants, industrial buildings, and developments of multi-housing which are made up of 25 double baths or 35 single bath units.

Manufactures of this product give a 3-year limited tank warranty & 1-year limited parts warranty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Inner Dura glass-lined tank fired at 1,600°f for optimum protection from the effects of corrosion
  • It saves energy and reduces fuel costs
  • It has extended tank life and reduce corrosive effects
  • There is reduces in operating costs during standby periods

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Final Thoughts

The list above shows the top 10 picks for the best 65 gallon water heaters available on the market.

These are the best products so far we’ve found on Amazon with great reviews and with efficient prices.

There are so many things to think about when purchasing a specific gallon water heater.

We hope that this list has helped you make decisions easier and you’ve enjoyed reading this article.

Have you managed to choose your favorite one yet?

Let us know in the comments below.

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